Your Says of the Day: Liverpool’s Mignolet ‘next level dodgy’

Date published: Wednesday 6th April 2016 12:44

Simon Mignolet: Worst ever Liverpool keeper?

Also, why Louis van Gaal is doing half a good job, thoughts on Dortmund v Liverpool, why Chelsea have no centre backs, and how Arsenal can’t get better under Arsene Wenger.

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Mignolet must go…

Razor,I’ve just said on another thread that Mignolet has to go. Watching those clips back is a painful reminder of some of the dumb,nonsensical things he’s done over the years. I’ve just seen a clip where he literally kicked the ball straight out of play from a goal kick,and then kicked the ball out for a corner,under no pressure at all. That’s just horrendous. Sander Westerveld made some howlers,David James was awful,but for me,Mignolet is the worst of the lot,along with Padelli,remember him,the lad who played one game and knocked the ball into his own net? We’ve had some dodgy keepers over the years,but Mignolet is on another level. Sh*te, simple as



Wenger never learns…

Erik, I appreciate how it might sometimes look to an outsider, but Wenger has complained about how hard it is competing against the big-spending clubs and yet, when you take those clubs out of the competition, two others step in to the void that, in comparison, make us the big-spending club.

He’s had years to prepare for this point and the time to build a squad that no other manager gets these days, yet he’s failed again. Even worse, every factor in this season’s collapse is repeated annually and Wenger never learns from it.

Our squad doesn’t need a huge amount of work done to it and the money is there to complete it. I think there’s a lot of managers out there who could have taken the squad that ended last season and made the necessary additions to it to have made us Champions this one. Instead, our season was more or less over by the end of March.

Yes, he’s done some great things for our club, but he’s been paid very well for doing them and now it looks as though he’s taken us as far as he can. I’ve no idea whether the next manager will fair any better, but it really doesn’t look like this one ever will either.



LVG doing a half decent job…

I applaud LvG for following a Utd tradition in trusting youth however he has failed in another tradition of playing fast paced attacking football.

Injuries did force his hand but we don’t know if he reduced the size of the squad with the belief that if we had injuries he’d rather give a youngster a chance rather than turn to a squad player.

On Sunday he had a choice at half time. Rojo was coming off and he needed to replace him. His choices were Fosu-Mensah or Valencia. He went with the former so you have to give him credit there.



Don’t write off Liverpool against Dortmund

Only a fool would write Liverpool off in this tie and whilst Dortmund are a very good side too much is being made of how easily they dispatched Spurs when Spurs were obviously focussed on the PL title race and fielded less than full strength sides in both games.

The difference now is that Dortmund will face a full strength Liverpool side and Klopp knows preety much everything that needs knowing about Dortmund too.

A score draw would be a fantastic result for Liverpool and a Liverpool win even better but even a 2-1 defeat with the 2nd leg to come at Anfield wouldn’t be a disaster.

But Liverpool will have to be at their best, Messrs Mignolet, Moreno and Sakho will have to be on top of their games and Liverpool will have to take their chances to score something they didn’t do v Spurs.

This game looks like it could be one of the most interesting of the European ties this week and it’s one I’m really looking forward to.

Best of luck to both Liverpool and City this week. Cheers 999

nine nine nine

Chelsea don’t have three CBs for Conte

The system that Conte intends to play will play a big part in the positions we try to recruit,as 1905 rightly says there are question marks against Cahill form wise, Zouma fitness wise and JT’s age and whether he is destined to stay and if Conte is contemplating 3 at the back we will need a number of c/backs comfortable in playing that system which may also include a ball playing sweeper comfortable with bringing the ball out and setting up attacks.

nine nine nine


Is Toon relegation fight over?

I certainly agree the it is not over yet. Far from it.

The thing making me think it is over, is the way the players approach the games. Look at Sunderland and Norwich. They may not have the same ability as our players, but they are all fighting their hearts out on the field.

Sadly I can not say the same for our players. So it is hard to believe that they will all of a sudden wake up, when the occasions at the Derby and at Norwich was not big enough. Then what is? Away against Southampton? Man City? Spurs? Liverpool?



All hail Rangers promotion

Congratulations to Rangers who have made it to the top league in Scotland. It’s even more impressive as the club is only 4 years old. There must be a real chance they can win their 1st ever league title long before the club reaches 10 years old.

Jonny Utah


In reply to TEAMtalk’s Top 10 wasteful finishers article

No surprise to see Fabio Borini on that list. Terrible footballer,nowhere near good enough to play in the Prem


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