Your Says of the Day: Liverpool need new midfielder

Date published: Wednesday 18th November 2015 12:52

Lucas: Could Liverpool improve on midfielder?

Also, why Eric Dier’s performance for England deserves more plaudits and why James Milner is due a good reception at Manchester City.

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Alonso to Liverpool rumour welcomed…

I really hope these rumours are true. Xabi is still a top player, who still loves the club, and it would definitely add a touch of class to our midfield, if we were able to get him. For me, it’s a no brainer. If Alonso wants to come back, we should make it happen.


…but not by everyone

Hell to the NO!

It’s often forgotten but Xabi only had 2 good seasons with us, out of 5. His first and his final seasons. Even back then, the Prem was too hard and fast for him, so how an even older version would cope, I dread to think. Teams like Bayern and Real can afford to have a player like him because they have so much outstanding quality around him. Back at Liverpool, he would suffer and suffer badly – as would the team.

Luxury player with good passing and not much else.

Thanks for the memories but let’s just leave them there….Peace


Liverpool in need of new defensive midfielder

I really do think we have been missing a good DM over the past few years. Lucas, although great tackler, lacks passing skills (stats aside, look how he Always passes away the ball to someone under pressure) and does make a lot of ‘silly fouls’ around the box.

One DM thas has caught my eye is Swedens Oscar Lewicki. He reminds me a great deal about Javier Mascherano. He has football intelligence, makes clutch tackles, Always has an eye forward when intercepting the ball and…for being 175 cm…scored quite a few headers from set pieces (not very Masch like).

He has spent a few years in the Bayern Munich Academy (was offered a contract but with the BM2 team and decided to move back to Sweden).

He has everything a modern DM needs in my book and it would not suprise me if the big clubs comes after him this summer.

He is my prefered choice and would not cost more than 2-3 million Pounds.

What’s your choice? Sticking with Lucas? Another DM?


Reaction to Man Utd rumours

I’ve just seen on a ‘gossipy’ website that UTD have agreed to sign both Bale and Robben in January. The fees mentioned are £100m for Bale and £50m for Robben.

Both players are grossly overpriced at the figures mentioned.

Firstly, Bale. He’s a £60m player. Nothing more. I object to UTD giving RM more than any player is worth – RM have acute financial problems and UTD should not be financing them.

Secondly, Robben. He’s on the wrong side of 30, has recurring injury problems, and is probably worth no more than £5m. The figure of £50m is ridiculous and bears no relationship to reality. Personally I’d give Robben a big miss at any price and if UTD want a speedy, goal scoring winger then try for Anderson (Lazio). UTD offered £28m for him last summer; perhaps an offer of £33-£35m would seal a deal

But with six weeks to go before the start of the winter transfer window, it would be expected that at this stage, LvG would know what players he wants.


Should he stay or should he go?

It’s a tough one. In my heart I want Jose to stay and turn things around, but for me this is dependant on three things.

1. Keeping his mouth shut and stop courting controversy
2. Start bringing more youth through
3. Stop playing such dull, defensive football – let the creative players play.

Unfortunately though, thats a bit like saying “I’d like broccoli if it tasted like chocolate”. It doesn’t, and it never will.


Dier deserves share of Alli praise

Watched England last night. Don’t normally bother with friendlies as they are normally dull, turgid affairs, but the whole situation changed that last night.

Also, seeing the team sheet was intriguing as I wanted to see how Dier and Ali would get on. I have to say neither disappointed. I realise Ali got all of the plaudits but Dier was fantastic, the unsung hero. He just sits in, keeps it simple, and allows those around him to play. He shields the back four so dang well. His distribution is good also, albeit probably the weakest part of his game at present.


Milner due warm welcome from Man City fans

I liked Milner as a player and it’s a shame he moved on, but he did it for his own reasons and I have found the comparisons of the Milner, De Gea, Sterling, Schneiderlin and Delph situations to be very hypocritical.

Milner leaves with no ill will from City and I may stand up if he is subbed on/off – just polite applause really. People seemed to swallow the idea that he left for game time more so than Sterling leaving Liverpool to improve.

Reality is, the transfer fee we could have got for Milner went to the player directly and you could look at it as a financial decision, but people generally don’t – perhaps due to media and fan bias, but it’s not really important either way. You then consider Delph who avoided Villa being in a similar situation as us with Milner by signing a contract which meant should he move the club will be paid – yet he is a snake apparently.

De Gea doesnt play for Utd whilst his head is turned by Madrid, yet you hear nothing about it since. Same with Schneiderlin,  who threatened strike action to force a move from Southampton – again, no word. Main obvious difference is Sterling’s amateur league agent, but don’t underestimate LFC’s influence in turning the fans against the player so that they were free to make the sale without criticism from fans for losing what was previously regarded a top asset.

Either way, it’s all a side show, unfortunate that a young lad will get dog’s abuse, but it will just ramp up the support from the home fans.

Perhaps best advised not to do an Adebayor 100 yard sprint to the away end of he scores tho!


Wilshere close to Arsenal return

I want Wenger and Wilshere to be very patient. For starters, Wilshere isnt part of our best 11 at present. I think it would be beneficial if Wilshere takes it easy both in his recovery, and on the field. At times he can be too rash. I felt he tried too hard in his last come back in order to make up for lost time, and make an impression, as I think watching Ramsey surpass him had an effect on him.

He needs to pass the ball earlier, and not hold it too long, and he needs to stop trying to make unnecessary tackles. Those two issues are my biggest worry with Wilshere. Holding the ball and wanting to do more than he should (trying too hard), and sliding in at every opportunity. There were times when he would glide past his man, and rather than make the obvious pass, he would keep hold of the ball and try to do something spectacular.

So if Jack is going to fit back in, he is going to have to smarted up, because Ozil and Cazorla are making all the right decisions with their passing. Ozil in particular is playing like a dream. So if Wilshere comes in and wants to play his own game, then he needs to be hauled off. We all want Wilshere to do well. However he needs to understand his role in the team is not what it used to be. He needs to understand he needs to play for at least 12 months injury free before he can stake a claim as a senior player.


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