Your Says of the Day: Liverpool owners need to sell up

Date published: Friday 29th January 2016 12:41 - Rob Conlon

John Henry: Liverpool owner

Also, Chelsea are in a win-win situation with Alexandre Pato, Manchester City’s captaincy cure, and your club’s worst transfer deals.

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Time for FSG to go

if they don’t have the finances to help us compete for top players (or won’t spend it),then they should sell the club to someone who can and will. I’m sick and tired of seeing our club sign the calibre of players we sign,walk away when we have a chance of signing a top player,and end up finishing around the 7th/8th/9th mark in the league. When they bought the club,they promised we’d be challenging for top players (we can compete with anyone for players they said-don’t make me laugh) competing for trophies (we’ve won 1,and have a chance of a 2nd) and they promised we’d get a new stadium (we’re getting a new stand instead). So basically,they fed us a load of bull,and are now running the club like we’re an inconvenience to them,while they throw the majority of their money at their favourites,the Red Sox. Am I right or wrong?


Chelsea have “everything to gain” with Pato

Harry is no longer a manager and so has to come out with comments just to maintain his profile, maybe get the odd shot on Sky and generally try to retain his image. I would not read to much into anything he says

30k is a drop in the ocean these days. The player is saying all the right things for the management and the fans, i.e. wants to play, keen to show he is still capable etc.

Only time will tell but it is clear that the Club do not have faith in the current crop of youngsters and so we have to do something in a transfer market not renowned for providing great deals

A calculated gamble with (IMO) little to lose and everything to gain. Only time will tell how it works out but here’s hoping that Pato really still does have a fire in his belly and he can use that to great effect; remembering there is the potential of a permanent move which you assume would bring an increase to his low wages..? KTBFFH


Only one man for City captaincy

With Kompany out till whenever.Now Zaba’s fit again.He’d be my captain
all day long whenever he plays.Not Yaya or Silva likeagainst Everton.

I noticed signs of the old Zaba returning on wednesday night.Those two
last ditch tackles at the end,and in an attacking sense.Especially the
second half.

Ohh and give him another two year contract please


Your club’s worst transfer deals

Tomas Brolin 4.5m, Roque Junior on loan, still too much.

Johnny Utah

i’ve been waiting for the right time to get back in to posting and i couldnt look away from this thread. having supported spurs for around 25 years, the list of shocking players i have seen play, that somehow managed to command any sort of fee, is quite endless.

alan hutton is one of my favourites. the most reckless player i have ever watched. then you have the likes of thimotee atouba, paolo tramezzani, mauricio tarrico, chris perry, ben thatcher, paul konchesky, mbulelo mabizela (did score an absolute screamer to equalise against leicester in a 4-4 draw), gilberto, ryan nelsen, fazio – and these are just the defenders!

fun times indeed!


“Lucky” West Brom

Derwent, we have 28 points but I can think of at least six of those that were undeserved or lucky – as in playing Stoke who were reduced to 9 men after 30 minutes (1-0), as in beating Villa 1-0 when if the ref had played the advantage rule (which all refs now do), Villa would have equalised, as in beating Sunderland in a dreadful game 1-0 when Saido committed a clear foul on their goalkeeper before the winning goal. There’s six lucky points. No doubt we can both point to occasions which are less clearcut where we could have won or lost points but has not as clearly lucky as those. If luck hadn’t been with us in those games we could now have 22 points and be right down among the strugglers where in reality we should be. Only Sunderland are almost as bad as us and they play under another neanderthal manager – although I doubt whether even Allardyce has made nearly as many strange, irrational, anti-football decisions as Pulis has.

sarky parky

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