Your Says of the Day: Liverpool playing like a Rodgers team

Date published: Monday 14th December 2015 12:47

Liverpool: Reds drew 2-2 with West Brom at Anfield on Sunday

Also, which English side has the best chance of winning the Champions League, the Value for Money League and why Arsenal still need reinforcements.

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Reds Rant

After thinking it over last night,I’m just going to be brutal here,no sugarcoating anything. At the start of the season,I was bored at what I was watching. I wanted Rodgers out,as we were just boring to watch,and I wasn’t looking forward to games. Then,Klopp comes in and brings a wave of optimism and self belief,gets a decent point at Tottenham in his first game,a decent draw in Europe,then come the Chelsea and City results. Amazing,then 6-1 at Southampton,brilliant. Since then,it appears we’ve become a Brendan Rodgers team again. Like I said yesterday,it’s the same players doing the same things wrong. The amount of draws we’ve had this season has been ridiculous. They’re killing our season domestically. Man United are 4th,and are in ‘crisis’. We’re 9th. What does that make us? Hardly worth a mention. Mid table fodder. A team with no balls,who cower and hide when the going gets tough. The frustrating thing is,when we want to,we play great football. But we don’t do it often enough. When are these players going to realize,that to get top 4 or win something,we need to win most weeks? We can’t be having teams like Norwich and West Brom come to Anfield and take points off us. We won’t get top 4 like that. So where are we? It’s the T word again,the one we’ve been having rammed down our throats for too long. Yes,we’re in ‘transition’. And why are we still in transition? Because our owners keep making the wrong decisions. Because they didn’t sack Rodgers in the summer. Because they didn’t give Klopp a transfer window before the season started. Their ‘Moneyball’ (sorry,trying to win on the cheap) strategy is failing. The committee have taken their money,and largely pissed it up the wall. The squad is weak. We may have a decent sized squad,but have we got a decent number of quality players in reserve? No. And why’s that? Oh yes,the strategy is wrong. Yet FSG,who know nothing about ‘soccer’,are stubbornly refusing to acknowledge that. People will say “we’re doing well in the cups”. Great. What about the league? No? Where are we there? 9th. Doesn’t look so good now does it? If these players don’t start performing,then play the likes of Connor Randall,Cameron Brannagan,Joao Teixera,Sheyi Ojo,see how they do. Something needs to change. The players need a reality check,because they haven’t been good enough so far. Rant over.


Can City win the Champions League?

Great draw for City , a tough draw for Chelsea and a very tough draw for Arsenal.

City have always been the most likely team to do the best of the PL clubs this season and once you get I to the Qtr Finals and if you get a bit of lucky you just never know.

Be surprised if Arsenal can navigate their way past Barca and Barca was definitely the toughest draw Arsenal could have got, similarly Chelsea drawing PSG was aboutthe toughest draw Chelsea could have got.

If the Chelsea v PSG tie was to be played now I don’t think Chelsea could progress but by February/March Chelsea could be in a better place and the squad might have been strgthened too.

Good luck to all of the PL clubs though in progressing into the Qtr Finals of the CL we desperately need the co efficient points to maintain our 4th CL Place.

nine nine nine

Value for Money League

VFM League, calculated on Net spend over the last 5 years, divided by 5 for net spend per year divided by points this season to give £’s per point. So maybe the gooners should stop crowing.

1 Tottenham
2 Watford
3 Everton
4 Swansea
5 Leicester
6 Southampton
7 Bournemouth
8 Crystal Palace
9 Stoke City
10 West Bromwich Albion
11 Arsenal
12 Norwich City
13 West Ham
14 Newcastle
15 Sunderland
16 Aston Villa
17 Liverpool
18 Manchester City
19 Manchester United
20 Chelsea


Arsenal still need to sign

There is no question of whether we need players or not. We need a DM have done for 2 years, Flamini is still a headless chicken and has been lucky that his last 3 games have all been against teams we should be beating. Lets see how he plays against Silva and/or Debruyne next week. We need a striker, Giroud has been great in last 3 games but ask yourself where he has been the rest of the season…. this is his purple patch and is coming at the perfect time for us, with Sanchez out. Then comes the defence personally i would like to see us bring in Hummels, a powerhouse defender. There is no excuse for not signing all 3 and by signing just those 3 players we would have one of teh strongest squads around. Hummels, Carvalho, Aubamayang/Benzema. I would possibly look at someone like Greizman or Rues instead of an out n out striker as these guys can play up top as can Sanchez, Walcott and welbeck. All can also rotate positions up top. I dont see the need to bring in bench players we have enough of those with enough qwuality to fill in a few games here and there, we need top talent and we have the funds the funds.


Villa resigned to relegation

i cant see a way out now .

even if we continue to improve , and even if there are important january signings , its too big an ask .

most of our peers are improving and getting wins.

we have such big defensive shortcomings, and lack of firepower up front , and absence of management action , relegation is now inevitable .

and i dont think other prem clubs will be queuing up to buy our players , —

except grealish of course , and okore.


Guardiola yet to prove himself

All I hear is “what a good manager” Pep is.

Lets get a few things straight here, he is NOT a good manager. The guy has managed 2 clubs, both of which had an insane squad. The Barca team he had was beyond belief, and Bayern Munich, where his nearest competition at the time (Dortmund) was stripped (by his club) of their best players.

For me, he is yet to prove anything, Sooty and Sweep could of managed the teams he had and won silverware.

I think should he take the Man Utd job, which while they do have a pretty good list of players, it’s by no means the best in the country.

For me all he has done so far is had ready made squads that even Bungle Bear could manager.

Fair play to his track record but for me when you have the best side on the planet it should not be to difficult.


Jimbob Gray

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