Your Says of the Day: Liverpool should target Lucas Perez

Date published: Tuesday 15th December 2015 1:05

Lucas Perez: A recommended Liverpool target

Also, Bielsa would light up Old Trafford, Leicester are no fluke, says an Arsenal fan and Barca is not mission impossible for the Gunners.

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Liverpool should target Lucas Perez 

He’s not a very well known player, 2 years ago was playing in Greece and before that Ukraine. Last season he made the step up to La Liga, playing on the wing for struggling side Deportivo and made the difference as they escaped relegation by the narrowest of margins.

He was their top scorer with 6 goals and 3 assists in 21 appearances, in a side that only managed 35 goals all season. He was such an attacking threat this year they’ve moved him to striker, and he’s responded with 9 goals in 12 starts.
Only valued at 2m on transfermarkt he wouldn’t cost a premium. He’s also an aggressive fiery character, something we’ve been lacking recently.


Guardiola is no fraud

Pep a fraud? What a load of nonsense.

The squad he inherited at Barcelona was the same one that in the previous two years won nothing. He was the one that re-invented Messi from a RW to a CF. He “discovered” talent like Busquets and Pedro. He managed to get the best out of Henry, who had a shocking a first season. The style of play he implemented at Barcelona is now copied all over Europe, from the smallest to the biggest teams (before Pep, how many teams do you remember insisted in playing from the back?). His Barcelona team inspired the national team (who adopted the same style) that went on to win the WC. I could go on and on about what Pep has managed to achieve in such a short period of time.

At Bayern I agree he inherited a winning squad, but he has kept the momentum going and has managed to reach the semifinal every year, as well as winning the Bundesliga. Lets not forget no team has ever won the CL back to back, so it was always a tall order to win the CL again.

It would be interesting to see what he could do at a team like United, but I doubt he would go there simply because United doesn’t have the players he needs to implement his possession style football. Pep is more suited to the City squad.



Mourinho on the brink

I don’t see how many more games Mourinho should be given.Let’s be honest over here,the only reason Abrahmovic hasn’t sacked him yet is because he won them the title,so is trying to give him as much time as possible.

But you see a pattern here,some of the results should be unacceptable like losing to Southampton and bournemouth at HOME.

He has lost the players,he has lost the dressing room.I think chelsea would be better off with Someone like Ancelotti,and I’m sure many people would hate the club considerably lesser than now.



Leicester are no fluke

35 points within 16 matches for Leicester City. I don’t think it’s a fluke anymore, they are at least a top 4 contender for me. Granted they don’t earn many points against the bigger teams, Leicester 1-1 Tottenham, Leicester 2-5 Arsenal, Leicester 1-1 Manchester United, Leicester 2-1 Chelsea but they don’t disappoint against the smaller teams.

Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez have been a revelation, but N’Golo Kanté, Christian Fuchs and Marc Albrighton play a key role too. However Claudio Ranieri is the main reason for their success. Mahrez and Vardy are not new signings but Ranieri manages to play them to their strengths and brings in plenty of confidence in the squad but on the other hand also stay grounded. I assume the transfer window will be a good opportunity for them too, maybe they can bring in 1 or 2 players in as cover or even as reinforcements.



Riyad Mahrez Player of the Season?

Had the pleasure earlier this year in meeting him; a down-to-earth top lad.

This guy has spaghetti legs at it’s finest as his close control, pace in instinctive in changing direction with power and accuracy makes him a top top draw.


Barca is not mission impossible

Dear me, that’s the worst scenario, after having Bayern Munich in the group stages, now we have to face Barcelona.

I must admit it’s a very tough task, although not impossible, in order to get through we have to perform to our best within 2 legs. I must admit I can see Arsene setting out the team to defend and attack from the counter, they are better than us offensively but we can argue that we’re better than them defensively. However we can’t cope to be on the offensive without leaking goals, so I expect us to be on the defensive this time.



Gestede is a cart horse

Jackd you cant blame Lescott for the second goal surely?

He was 3 v 1 and if he was all at sea its because his team had thrown him over board! You praise our midfield but it was Guaye that lost the ball (to a foul I think) and then Sanchez and veratout that made zero effort tracking back.. their effort for the second goal was a disgrace!

Baker is not getting heaps of praise at Bristol city and got needlessly sent off last week.. your obsession with him over the years is beyond tiresome.. please move on as he has..

I do agree that Gestede is a cart horse though!


Marcelo Bielsa would ‘set Old Trafford crowd on fire’

I dont know in what way you like football. Is it just Man United or do you like to watch football in general?

I am a football romantic,some football turns me on,its a beauty to watch.

Much of this is dependant on that i have played football myself. My nickname Zico is taken from a real footballer,imo one of the best number 10´s ever in the game.

Now,some managers produces great football and some managers produces antifootball. I dont like the latter. If Marcelo Bielsa is coming to PL then i think football fans should be grateful for this. I dont know your age but a couple of years ago Bielsa was the manager of Herrera in Atletico Madrid and Man United was picked to meet them.

I have never seen Man United been so outplayed before. It was hard to watch being a United fan. I wished Man United could play this way. This kind of football would set OT crowd on fire,making people stand up from their seats.

Bielsa is a passionate manager,the right opposite to LVG. I want passionate managers bringing passion to the game. Not like it is now, players playing like robots with zero passion. In the end,isnt it whats it all about,paying money to get entertained.

I ask you this,are you entertained when watching Man United? I am certainly not. Cheers.



Time for Toon to wave good bye to Sammy

One last point. Not sure if others are following Sammy Ameobi’s progress but he is struggling to get a game in the Championship, and is only playing 20-30 mins most weeks. Unfortunately, it will be time to say goodbye at seasons end. This was his chance to show his worth, and it just hasn’t worked out.

Bigi, Sammy, Vuckic, Fergie all will be gone – a failed academy/development era you’d have to agree. Add Willo and Saylor and we will need some more bodies come Jan and July.

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