Your Says of the Day: Liverpool transfer policy ‘pathetic’

Date published: Thursday 7th January 2016 12:18

Tiago Ilori: Defender yet to appear for Liverpool first-team

Also, Adnan Januzaj needs to be given a chance at Manchester United, Chelsea should target Christian Benteke and why Manchester City don’t need Lionel Messi.

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Ilori sums up ‘pathetic’ transfers

I just don’t get this whole saga. Why did we chase llori for 2 years then spend 7m in him and never give him a chance? What was the point in him, Aspas and Alberto for 22m. It just sums up how pathetic we are at transfers. Who scouts these players? Surely if you are not sure about a player, you don’t buy him.

Sean the sailor

Van Gaal needs to give Januzaj a chance

Looks like Adnan is coming back for the remainder of the season. On face value I am happy to hear this. I would put him straight back into the side for Mata.

My worry is how LVG will use him. Will he confuse him with many different positions or will he tell him to hug the touch line and run at players like I want him to??

It’s make or break for Adnan now. I hope he gets a good run in the side.


Benteke a good fit for Chelsea

What do people think of making a move for Benteke…?

Must admit I thought he was a good striker while he was at Villa and was actually younger than I thought. I feel he can hold the ball up well, was great with his head and had the ability to score spectacular goals – not in the same league as Drogs but apart from Lukaku possibly the closest to him (maybe Carroll as well)

Personally, I do not think he has done well at Liverpool and there are rumours they want to cut their losses but my feeling is that Klopp does not play to his strengths at all

I would not expect to pay the 32m that they paid for him but feel he would suit our system better and would make a change in our style of play compared to Costa…? KTBFFH


Manchester City don’t need Messi

I am only an occasional City watcher but from what I have seen of them recently I would think that defence and midfield are the two areas that need the most attention.

Obviously Messi would add to any team but at 29 in the summer he’s probably only got another two or three years at the very top of his game and even at 29 the fee and his wages would be astronomical but if it the fee and wages are affordable and can be offset somewhat by the commercial benefits to the club why not?

Having said that I’m a bit like you at 25 yes but at 29 I’m not so sure. Cheers 999

nine nine nine

Bournemouth beating Spurs to signings

I really like Bournemouth, watching their rise through the league and a couple of the old Spurs lad coming good in their side is fantastic. Even the signing of Iturbe on loan is very impressive. However, it looks like they are about to secure El Shaarawy on loan as well, why are we not in for him? He has always looked good, had notable dips in form but performed well against us too. He would be a minimal risk signing to replace Harry at the end of games, cup fixtures or against smaller teams. If it doesn’t work out then he’s back to Milan in the summer, surely worth a punt.

With Fulhams Dembele, surely he is worth the quoted amount of £6million too, Monaco are interested. Let him stay on loan at Fulham for the rest of the season and bring him in the summer. Surely an investment at his age?


TV Replays

So apparently, the football lawmakers are getting together today, to discuss how TV replays can be used to check a referee’s decision during a match.

Maybe it’s just me, but this seems to have happened pretty quickly. The talk has been going on for years but – like the 3rd runway at Heathrow – it seemed like something that they were far too busy talking about to ever get round to doing.

It is long overdue, but I doubt many of us will want to see games constantly interrupted. We’ve all seen games where the number of controversial decisions has reached double figures but then one fan’s ‘controversial decision’ is very often an opposition fan’s ‘100% correct call’.

The biggest question seems to be whether it should be a case of the ref asking for a replay to check his own decision, or a ref in the stands calling for a replay if he thinks the match ref has made the wrong call.

Personally, I think there should be two independent refs in the stand and that for a decision to be reviewed, they both have to agree that the match ref might have made the wrong call. At the same time, if the ref isn’t sure himself and his linesmen can’t help, he should be able to ask for the review.


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