Your Says of the Day: Liverpool’s LB solution; Man Utd concern

Date published: Monday 8th August 2016 1:51 - Rob Conlon

Alberto Moreno: Being phased out by Liverpool

Our readers discuss who should play left-back for Liverpool, their worries about Manchester United, and the arrival of Paul Pogba.

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Retired pundit > Moreno

Carragher was on Sky this morning, again stressing the need for us to sign a LB. I’d try to coax him out of retirement, and I’m deadly serious. At least he can defend, and he played LB in 2001,when we won the treble. Whisky Nose brought Scholes back. Send Carra an SOS Klopp, you probably wouldn’t even have to pay him


Man Utd’s ‘elephant in the room’

The pre-season is over now and though it has been far from perfect, we have an idea of how the team is shaping up. While refusing to get carried away with all the excitement that comes with New Players, new managers because I’ve been burnt before under LVG, i’m basically watching trying to see signs of progress.

From what i’ve seen so far, Jose is setting himself up with the same issue as LVG. Its the elephant in the room. They both have a big Rooney Problem which is massively impacting tactics and formation. Looking at the current midfielders we have, they are all suited to play 433 formation with 4231 badly exposing the team. 433 takes Rooney out of the team, while 4231 bring him in as number 10. Watch Rooney, he is not the best striker, he is not the best number 10, not the best midfielder yet he gets to mess up the whole flow.

Now we have Pogba, brilliant midfielder who is also best suited for a 433 formation. His worst performances for France was playing in a 4231 formation which limits his attacking instincts. Pay 100m for a player and use him ineffectively.

My worry about us going into a new season is more about formation than anything else. For now i’ve not seen any coordination but seen the players trying to get away from LVG rigidity. But we need to solve the Rooney conundrum.


Pogba has the X-Factor

It’s obvious that Manchester United have overpaid for Pogba but it’s also obvious that he adds the x-factor in midfield which has been missing for nearly a decade now. He’s got pace, power, and guile in spades. At 6ft3 he has no right to be as skillful as he is.

His pricetag will definitely make or break him though. The attention on him will be intense.


Old habits die hard

As a Chelsea supporter I was gutted when we sacked him for the second time, and I looked at everything through Jose tinted spectacles, not ever really wanting to admit he was ever wrong. That is the problem with success I suppose, a bit like looking back on summer holidays when I was at school …. it never rained … so I seem to remember, because your memory has a way of blanking out negatives. In his last tenure at Chelsea we did get a reminder of how negative and frustrating his football could be at times, but hey it didn’t matter because we won more trophies.

I am not doubting he has the ability to bring (real) success back to United (I never count the Season Curtain Raiser as a proper Trophy), but I also am concerned that as with last season Jose has started his fights early, with digs at the opposition managers including Ranieri who is an out and out gent, and his public humiliation of now two players at United. Jose does not seem to learn that this type of treatment will resonate with other members of the squad and backroom staff and has the potential to be damaging. Nobody really knows what went on at Chelsea, but the stories of the rift in the squad being attributed to his public humiliation of Eva refused to go away all last season, and as they say…… the rest is history!

This type of behavior was seen in his last season (contract wise) at Real, with his public humiliation of Casillas, public rows with Ramos both Real Legends, not to mention fallouts with Pepe and Ronaldo and last season employment wise at Chelsea. I think maybe Sir Alex may need to have a word in his shell like to try to prevent Jose from hitting the self destruct button all over again!!!

All the best for the incoming season which I reckon will be the tightest in years, may the best team win!!!


Chelsea’s defensive problems

Sorry, but I will never be convinced, Ivanovic was never a RB, and correct me if I am wrong it was only when Mourinho came back that he was deployed purely as RB, and we know why that was.

And it was not only last season, there were games previous season he was targeted and was found wanting.
Why can we not just of got a LB that was wanted, out of the last three after Cole, two were brought and sold and one left go who was good enough for England.
Then we have Azpi at RB, all seems quite simple to me!!!!!!!!!!


Top four challengers

I’m not sure about the top four but I think that it will be another season where only about 73-75 points will clinch the title.

I don´t think anyone will run off with the title and there will be about 8 teams fighting for the top four. It will be really tight this season.

Chelsea will be stronger this season, they got the same lax schedule as we. United look good this season but Mourinho is having some problems with his squad, that might come back to haunt them as too many players will be unhappy over there.
Arsenal are pretty f****d right now, they only have one centre-back ready for the opening fixture. Then Ozil, Wilshere and I think Giroud are not ready yet. Man City will be better but they still got a problem with their defence as they are reliant on Kompany who is suffering from injuries. If they can keep him fit they are my bet for the title.
West Ham are stronger this season and could hit form, they have the squad for a top four challenge. Leicester are not as good as last season, especially if they lose Mahrez as well and they need to cope with being in the Champions League so I expect them to drop down a level.

I think anything above 60 points this season will go a long way into securing a top four finish.


Let’s get down to business

Can’t believe the over-excitement from some of you over pre-season results. It’s like you’ve never experienced pre-season games before or how little they relate to the season in general.

Two seasons ago, Arsenal beat City 3-0 in the Community Shield. It bore little relation to the following season and City still finished above us, so some of our Man U friends are beong just a tad premature.

And if Liverpool were in the CL and met Barca, does any ‘Pool fan honestly think the result would be 4-0 in their favour?

Arsenal’s 3-2 win against City was meaningless – City looked well short of match-fitness, while we fielded at least half a team that will be lucky to get bench time next season, let alone a starting place.

The real business starts next week and while I think my team could well come undone against Liverpool, that is purely down to our manager’s trademark inaction in the transfer market – nothing to do with any pre-season results.

Al The Gooner

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