Your Says of the Day: Reds takeover warning; United ‘taking title’

Date published: Monday 22nd August 2016 12:49

John Henry: Takes to Twitter to deny claims

Liverpool fans are sceptical about the possibility of Chinese ownership, while Arsenal fans demand change, and supporters try and predict the title winners.

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Mixed views on Liverpool ownership

The Chinese would like a total takeover, FSG are reluctant to sell the whole club, but there is dialog between the two parties. FSG did not go seeking investment or a sale, they were approached by the Chinese.

There are three possible outcomes: 1) They buy the club totally and they have offered FSG £800m. 2) The buy a stake in the club and offer investment. 3) FSG refuse any kind of deal, which would see the Chinese go for another club, likely to be either Spurs or West Ham.



I knew FSG were reluctant to sell outright, but money talks doesn’t it? If they were offered a big enough sum, I think they’d seriously consider it. The stand is near to completion, and I always said that when that was completed there’d be movement on the ownership front. Fingers crossed!



If I was a Liverpool fan I would question the involvement of the Chinese Government and other than investment in infrastructure whilst FFP still it exists and it does having a very rich owner has no real benefit.

Overall I think the Chinese buying up our clubs is probably not a good thing for football.

nine nine nine


Three horse race for the title?

Obviously a mere two games into the new season, but already (with no crystal ball at my disposal), I simply see Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea battling it out for the League Championship.

I really wish my beloved Liverpool had more of a financial clout to compete with these guys but for now, it is what it is.

Notably, it’s the newly Managerial appointments at these clubs in Guardiola, Conte and Jose that excite me and I wonder how it will pan out.

Great to see and I do feel the head-to-head between these sides will play an important part to how the leadership at the top will shape up.



United are taking the title back this season, Chelsea and City can have at it for second.

We’ve had three terrible years to endure and now we look a proper squad. Reminds me actually of when I first started supporting United in ’03, didn’t win the league but were rebuilding for three years, then won the league in ’06.



Think it’s still a bit early to see who the real title contenders are – a good signing or one or two injuries to key players can change the complexion of title challengers nowadays, such is the close competition. I still think Arsenal and Liverpool will sign new players and improve in the near future, and Spurs will come into their own once their usual early-season low form period passes.

With that said it is hard to see past Chelsea and the Manchester clubs – still think it’s early for us as we’re lacking a top class right back and right winger and the insistence to play Rooney will probably come back to haunt us.

Chelsea also need a signing or two – if Hazard gets injured I think they’re in real trouble. I’d go for City if I had to be a betting man as they’ve shown in the past that they can still get goals without Aguero.

Sympathy for the Devils


Time for change at Arsenal?

I have supported Arsenal since 1984 and never have I felt so deflated as I do now. For me I rather now see Wenger fail than Arsenal win and that’s how far down he has taken me. Yes I agree it seems strange and awkward to feel that way to be honest but I see no way out of this unless Wenger fails miserably this season.

Will it all change if he leaves? Not sure it will entirely since the problems run deeper than him. But every time I see his smug face in press conferences, saying the same tripe he always does, year in and year out makes me wanna puke. The fact that fans still back him is to me also strange but it’s their choice and I respect that view even though I don’t agree with them.

I don’t think we will see any major signings in this window and I actually don’t care if we do. Maybe it’s better that Wenger fails big time with this squad and then leaves. We will have a new manager with more money to spend then. Because to be honest a lot of the players he buys nowadays are in the desperate folder of Squillacci types anyway.



I still can’t get on with this notion that Mahrez or Vardy turned us down because we aren’t a big enough club.

Henry used to continually turn down advances from Barca, while Bergkamp was never linked with anyone. I highly doubt that no other club was interested in the Dutchman – he was simply happy at Arsenal. I’d wager that if Barca or Madrid thought they stood a chance, they would have been in.

On the other hand, you have a players like Cashley and Vieira who were angling for moves immediately after our record-breaking season, because they wanted more money.

Point being that players do exist who are happy where they are and who don’t feel that £50k pw (or whatever) isn’t enough to live on.

Imagine the atmosphere and camaraderie there must be at the moment in the Leicester dressing room.

No one knows what’s going on in their heads, but sorry mate, things are bad enough without trying to convince ourselves – with no foundation whatsoever – that Leicester are now as big an attraction as Arsenal.

If Chelsea, or one of the Manchesters, or Barca or Madrid now come in and buy Mahrez for the same money as we were offering, then you’d have a point, but lets not make ourselves more depressed than we need to.

Al the gooner


As I said on another thread, there were many fans yesterday calling for Wenger to go according to reports on another blog. If we all did this at home games, Wenger would have to acknowledge that he had lost the fans, the team’s performance would suffer, this would make news across the Atlantic and he would have no choice but to step down. BUT, this does require everyone to boo him and shout out “Resign” for it to have any effect, rather than the limp protest last season when we played Norwich.



I would be seriously surprised if Wenger stepped down midway through this season. He always, ALWAYS honours his contracts, and he is not a guy who has found many good reasons to betray his principles over the years. I doubt the ire of the fans counts as a good enough reason for him – they have very little regard for the fans for that to happen, and we’ve already bought the merch and paid for our season tickets. We’ve outlasted our usefulness for this season, and there is no need to pander to us until the end!

As far as I am concerned, any noise by the fans is and should be in relation to Wenger not being given a new contract. I have made my peace with the fact that he will be here for another year, but the key objective has to be making sure he doesn’t get a renewed contract.


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