Your Says of the day: Liverpool’s potential under Klopp ‘scary’

Date published: Friday 4th December 2015 11:25

Jurgen Klopp: Set to make a move in January

Also, why Ryan Giggs is not Manchester United management material, Diego Costa’s unprofessionalism and why Leeds urgently need to get shot of Massimo Cellino.

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Liverpool’s potential under Klopp ‘scary’

Its obviously early days and the motivational boost the players will have had from the change in manager in itself will account for quite a bit of it, but if I were a Liverpool fan I would have no trouble getting carried away with myself so it is no surprise to me that so many are.

What would excite me most if I were a Liverpool fan would be knowing Jurgen Klopp will be able to bring in his own players in jan and the summer, I am pretty confident Liverpool will only improve for at least 12 months and that is quite scary.

The best thing about klopp, and why he fits liverpool like a glove right now, is that it is evident that he doesnt need the best players to produce the best team, whether frequently enough over a season, or even more frequently in one off games against teams that should be vastly superior on paper. He proved that with dortmund.



Klopp has Liverpool ‘daring to dream’

Nowt wrong with daring to dream, look what happened to us at Manchester City 6 years ago, that was beyond my wildest dreams.

I think Klopp has done a great job, if I were a Liverpool fan I would be really optimistic about the future.

The only thing that really gets my goat is the ott hype about Liverpool by the media, mainly driven by the fact that there are far too many ex Liverpool pundits. The bs that was spouted about the Stirling transfer and the hype over their title challenge 2 seasons ago are obvious example. Jim

Mancity Jim


Giggs – a legend as a player but not management material

I really hope Giggs is not the manager when LVG goes just because he was a legend as a player doesn’t mean he will be as a manager.

If I was Giggs I would go and build my credential abroad or at another English side.

I respect G.Nev for taking the chance and hope he succeed. I seem to remember Shearer spell at manager at his beloved Newcastle and I think the same might be true of Giggs. After LVG leaves we should be going for the very best in the world like Pep.

Liverpool has made the signing of the season with Klopp and I think a cup is coming to them sooner rather than later.



‘Clown’ Cellino needs to be driven out of Leeds

The sooner Leeds get rid of this clown, Massimo Cellino, the better.

It’s terrible what a bad owner can do to a club. We take plenty of stick as Chelsea fans over Roman Abramovich and although he’s made the odd mistake along the way they’ve always been made with the best interests of the club in mind anf what an owner he has been for us.

Can only wish you well buddie so sad to see a great club like Leeds and particularly the fans suffer like this on an ongoing basis. Cheers

Nine nine nine


He’s not just a bad owner, the guy seems to be utterly mental. The FA should never have allowed this lunatic to take charge. perhaps the Leeds fans should unite to buy the club?

Mr Makaveli


Only minor investment needed at Spurs

For once, i’m happy with the squad and don’t think we need that many players. Perhaps a back up out and out striker. That’s all. Thoughts?



Costa: A lack of professionalism

Talksport are running with a story that Diego Costa, Kenedy and Ramires were caught coming out of a London night club at 3.00 am this morning less than 72 hours before the Bournemouth game.

If true imo the club should drop them all from the match day squad and heavily fine them all. Where Costa goes from here is now very much open to conjecture!

Nine nine nine


Must admit that I have not heard or seen anything of that yet. For me, that would appear to be totally out of character for Ramires. Kenedy I can see being easily led if a couple of his mentors are going out.

Unfortunately from what I have read about Costa this sounds much more credible. In view that most posters and a lot of pundits were expecting Costa to start this weekend then it is either incredibly stupid of him or it could be seen as a deliberate direct snub to Jose/Chelsea.

If true then of course I would expect all 3 to be dropped and probably further disciplined and as you say – it would cast serious doubt and lots of questions marks regarding the future of Costa at Chelsea…? KTBFFH



Neville: Popular even among Liverpool fans

Monday Night Football was excellent with Gaz Neville. I really enjoyed it with him and Carra.

They spotted things no else would but Neville had another side to him that I didn’t think he had. He was up for a joke and banter. The two of them rubbed off each other well. Neville was the best pundit by a country mile. Pure passion for the game. Never in a million years did i think id like the lad lol.

Sean the Sailor


United mimicking WBA’s style

It is an interesting but dismal fact that our (West Brom’s) own approach to EPL football has become ever more popular.

‘Not losing’ is now the name of the game and even Man U have joined in this season? Given that fact the kind of players (if any) we are likely to see arriving are not those we would perhaps like to see but more of the same. High work rate certainly but creativity and flair – I think not.

Saido. Poco and Gamboa are all likely to wave goodbye and be happy to go which I find a shame as all three could do a job for us and recruitment since Dan’s departure has been rather less reliable. Hope to be proved wrong but my expectations are not high!


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