Your Says of the Day: Lukaku will flop at Chelsea; £500m Pogba

Date published: Wednesday 3rd August 2016 1:14

Paul Pogba: Left for just £800,000 in 2012

Our readers discuss why Romelu Lukaku will be an expensive mistake, how Paul Pogba will eventually be worth £500million and why Liverpool will fail to make the Champions League again.

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No fears for United’s start

I’m not sure of the value of pre-season friendlies. Most agree we can’t read anything into them. What do they offer that fitness training and practice games dont?

As for the gaping holes comment, I’m not sure replacing too many players in one window works. In my view that was an LvG problem. It became a team of strangers that needed time to play with each other.

I have no fears about the season start, and even if we got off to a bad start, so what. United are famous for poor starts and strong finishes. As Sir Alex Ferguson always said, just so long as we are in the frame at Christmas.



Lukaku another expensive mistake

Romelu Lukaku: Everton value him at £75m

Seen the article on the top five most expensive mistakes? Three of the five were signed by Chelsea, and a fourth (Robinho) was almost signed by us (didn’t we even get the shirts printed?), but were saved at the last minute by Man City desperate to splash their new wealth.

Adds further weight to the article posted above that states Chelsea have made too many costly mistakes over the years and it is hindering us now. I’ve said for a long while that ever since our first wave of signings in the Abramovich era that brought the success for Jose’s first reign, the club has been run less than spectacularly.


Seriously folks, the figures and stories on Lukaku have to be the press playing the silly season game, I would not bring him back for £30m. Leave him at Everton, and what other club are in for him? A big fat zero, he was useless at the Euros hence why no other club has even bothered, think I’d rather sign Andy Carroll.


Carroll may be a bit of a donkey but he has presence in the box due to his height and scored some good goals last season and is a useful foil,  as a sub he is always a danger from set pieces.

Badfella type

If Costa is staying we do not need to buy a striker. However, and these rumours will not go away, if we do lose Costa then we have to look to bring in a top striker (assuming that a top four finish – if not the title – is the paramount goal)

Lukaku goes missing in games and yet he scored 25 (I think) last season in a weak Everton side so he does know where the net is, and you have to believe he would get a better service at Chelsea. Rumours today indicate we will not go higher than £68m but lets assume worst case scenario and we have to pay £75m – obviously an extortionate amount of money

I have already stated that I am not convinced by Lukaku and agree he did nothing at the Euro’s to enhance his reputation

Would also agree that a fit Andy Carroll would offer us someone who could closely resemble the Drog. Not a bad option to come on to change a game either, but I don’t think he would want that role.



Mahrez v Draxler

Draxler has decided he wants out of Wolfsburg. Now given that there seems to be little to nothing happening with Arsenal transfers at the minute, I thought I would put it out there as a poll to see who people would prefer as the attacking option…….

Mahrez or Draxler?

Personally I think I would actually prefer to see Mahrez come in. I think he would provide more of an instant improvement to our attacking resources, having already settled into the intensity of the PL. I also think he is the bigger goal threat than the German at present. Draxler has bags of ability but I found myself getting a bit frustrated by him during the Euros – its only my opinion but I feel he sometimes over complicates things and Mahrez just has that direct style that I think we lack in our forward play.



Pogba to be worth £500m

Someone asked, with the current market, who will be the first £500million footballer signing. I can tell you Paul Pogba will be that £500million footballer. In 4 years he will be 27 years old, at his peak. At that time Real Madrid will need to replace their old players with another galatico. Make no mistake, they will want Pogba… except, by that time, Pogba may not want them.



Liverpool pessimism

Jurgen Klopp: Discusses new Liverpool deal

We will finish 6th this season. And think to ourselves knowing those five teams likely to finish above us, can we really visit their ground and come away undefeated?

I desperately wanted a change in our keeper, but we’re stuck with Mignolet. Unless players are brought in and drastic changes are made in the defensive area, I can’t really see us improving a great deal – really wish I felt more optimistic.



I expect us to challenge for the top 4, but I can see us finishing 5th/6th. The more optimistic side of me thinks that having no European football will be a help to us, but we just concede too many goals. LB should have been the first position we strengthened this window. As it is,with a month to go before the window shuts,we are still no nearer to signing one.

Looks like Moreno will start the season at LB, while Flanagan (a better defender) is off on loan to Burnley. Added to that we currently only have 2 fit CB’s,and it appears that we will be starting the season with a patched up back 5 travelling to Arsenal on the opening day. Not ideal. Also, if we sell Lucas and don’t sign a replacement (Grujic is a young lad, and we don’t know whether he will take time to adapt to the English game) that will be another position that needed strengthening that we will have failed to address. They should keep Lucas. Fingers crossed that Matip, Gomez and Sakho all recover pretty quickly. 5th/6th place in my opinion.


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