Your Says of the Day: LVG a conman, but Jose a bad actor

Date published: Monday 21st December 2015 12:33

Jose Mourinho: Linked with Louis van Gaal's job

Also, the inquest into Liverpool’s appalling display at Watford, Ryan Giggs’ audition for the Man United job and why Chelsea were right to dismiss confrontational Jose Mourinho.

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Klopp played the wrong team

For me Klopp played the wrong team yesterday, that team played so well against city and Chelsea they don’t play the same way and try to play football. Watford rely on pace, power and directness. For me at least Origi should have started but personally I would’ve played both Origi and Benteke.

One thing to say our midfield was terrible yesterday, Lucas constantly got out battled, can offered little and Henderson tried to many diagonal balls and little incisiveness.

People having a pop at Benteke yes he hasn’t played very well in all games but he has scored. I know he isn’t a striker but what does lallana really offer apart from some running and the odd flick. Add to that coutinho and firmino being very good players but a little light weight – I am not surprised by the result with watfords strength and directness.

Clearly Klopp is the right man and I am sure he will learn from this but he needs to be able to buy his own players!



Liverpool lack leadership

It is genuinely hard to be optimistic; put aside the fact that we can’t win either home or away.

We’re not even playing well; especially with fluidity. There are still no natural wide men to pump crosses in vigorously and we’re got into this silly habit in trying to walk the ball in whenever we reach the penalty area.

It’s hit and hope with no definitive and purposeful penetration.

Nobody’s willing to take shots and I hardly see anybody playing with a smile on their face.

We seriously lack leadership too out there.

Really hope we can put it right against Leicester and end their 9 month or so unbeaten run (away from home).

Sensible S7


FSG, Rodgers and fans must all share blame

FSG have to take full responsibility for this ongoing fiasco. Appointing a Championship manager is one thing but giving him 3 years and many millions to spend may have ruined any chance we have had to rejoin the elite within the EPL never mind Europe. Their management of the club has been atrocious from the off and appointment of Klopp may be too little too late.

Some of the fans on here who supported Rodgers and the owners throughout need to think long and hard about their commitment and sense. You are as much to blame as the sorry owners. I hope Klopp turns us around but its already looking like a long haul



Chelsea left with no choice over ‘confrontational’ Mourinho

No doubt Jose Mourinho is one of the best managers of our era in terms of success, but he is far too confrontational and divisive and has shown nothing to illustrate that he can stay at a club long term and build, rather than buy.

I’m as disappointed as anyone else he is gone, but not so much as to absolve him of any blame as to our current predicament, both him and players have let us down this season, now all we can do is move on and try and make the best of this season.



Abramovich still cares for Chelsea

I don’t think any Chelsea fan should be criticising Roman of course he has made mistakes but I honestly believe every mistake he’s made was made with the ultimate objective of it being in the best interests of Chelsea FC.

Take a look in today’s papers at the picture of Roman celebrating one of our goals yesterday he cares for this club as much as any Chelsea fan does.

Also if the reports are to be believed in his speech to the players he told them that he didnt want to sack Jose. It was the only choice he could make though other than getting rid of some of the players.



Giggs’ audition for United job

I disagree with those calling Ryan Giggs’ touchline actions that of a snake on Saturday. I simply think that was the first chance he’s had of showing his colours.

LVG has made it clear you can’t disagree with him or speak against him, but I wondered if someone has said to Giggs, “you’re future is safe enough. If you want the position still, get out there and show yourself, don’t worry about LVG, he’s nailed his coffin!”.

He has proven to LVG and the board he will dance to any tune they put in front of him, now he wants the chance to be the band leader.



‘LVG is a conman, but Mourinho is a bad actor’

Some Manchester United fans are wetting themselves for Jose Mourinho. Really? Jose Mourinho? I thought they have had enough of boring football? Chelsea have a better squad than Manchester United in terms of quality and depth, do they really think Jose Mourinho can do better than LVG? What about it then, by the time Jose replaced LVG, give him £250 million to spend on and it will definitely be an improvement? LVG is a conman whereas Jose Mourinho is a bad actor.

What Manchester United really need is a proven manager. Guus Hiddink would suit them if Chelsea decide just to have him as an interim manager until the end of the season. Carlo Ancelotti would be a proper candidate as well but not sure how much interest he has towards Manchester United because it is rumoured that he’s looking to sign for Real Madrid if Rafa Benitez can’t fulfil the expectations of the fans and the board of directors.



Hats off to Poch and the Spurs boys

Have to say that at the start of this season I would never have dreamt that we would be we are now at Christmas:-4th (with a plus 13 Goal difference) as well as being top of our group in the Europa league.

So, from me, Hats Off and Thanks to Poch and the Boys!. Past experience has taught me never to be unduly optimistic (after all it was our club gave birth to the adjective “Spursy”) but if we managed to land a capable striker in January, our top four (or even better) hopes might not look so unrealistic.

Wish all of you guys a wonderful Christmas.



Benteke to Chelsea rumours gathering pace

Considering how the transfer policy has been in the past it wouldn´t surprise me to see Benteke sold if Chelsea would submit a bid.

Hopefully the board has turned the page though, Benteke is a target man, a target man rarely scores that many goals. Most of the time they linger around the 10 goal margin, so yeah Benteke might cost the penny but he is delivering like his usual self.

I rate him but only as a 2nd or 3rd striker, we need a fit Sturridge or a new striker to lead the line. We are not going to be challenging until that happens.

Origi is too raw, he got potential but he needs to find his level and be consistent and its much too much to ask him to lead the line.
Ings is out until next season and he will need a few months then to get match fit, which is a crying shame because his guts and determination is what we need at the moment.
Balotelli is a option but he can only work as a 2nd or 3rd striker, he will never be the first option for any team until he faces responsibility.

ps. WTF? is Markovic doing out on loan? I would love to see him in the team right now, as a attacking midfielder. There is no creativity here.



Benteke not good enough

It hasn’t worked with him. He doesn’t suit Klopp’s style of play, has looked lazy and disinterested at times, and consequently, he sits on the bench most weeks. He just doesn’t get in the box enough. Now,we mostly play without a striker,or Klopp turns to Origi instead. Take him back! Lol


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