Your Says of the Day: LVG any better than Moyes?

Date published: Wednesday 9th December 2015 1:12

Louis van Gaal: Defends United's achievements this season

Also, how keeping Jose Mourinho can benefit Chelsea, joy for Manchester City, and why Dejan Lovren is still a problem for Liverpool.

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Has Van Gaal improved Man Utd?

Has the team improved since the ill-fated Moyes season? There are many aspects to look at. We have definitely improved in league position, our defence, goals conceded, playing in UCL, results against big teams, etc.

But a lot of fans are still very disappointed because we compare the current team with SAF teams. Perhaps LVG will get things right by end of next season? I don’t know. Does he deserve another season?

LVG is a very good coach who has succeeded in Germany Holland and Spain but he seemed to be struggling here and definitely needs more time. We still need to see progress from him in terms of winning percentage goals scored, attacking play, buying better players than what he has done over two seasons, struggling for qualification in UCL and so on. Does he deserve another season, will he make United title contenders again?


A comparison of where we were under Moyes as to where we are under Van Gaal.

Community Shield
Moyes: Winner
Van Gaal: N/A

FA Cup
Moyes: 3rd Round (Knocked out by Swansea 2-1)
Van Gaal: Currently in the 3rd round

League Cup
Moyes: Semi Final (knocked out on penalties to a premiership team – Sunderland)
Van Gaal: 4th Round (Knocked out on penalties to a Championship team – Middlesborough)

Champions League
Moyes: Quarter Final (Knocked out 2-4 on agg to Bayern Munich)
Van Gaal: Group Stage (3rd in an average group winning only 2 matches)

Premier League (After 15 games)
Moyes: P15 W6 D4 L5 F22 A19 Pnts22
Van Gaal: P15 W8 D5 L2 F20 A10 Pnts29

Moyes had a hard act to follow in Ferguson and also had an aging defence and a lot of deadwood to shift out. He was slated for his results. Van Gaal has had it easier having to follow Moyes and spending £300 million. Are we really any better off than where we were 2 years ago under Moyes, is Van Gaal getting better results than we got under Moyes?


At least the Blue half of Manchester is happy…

Wow, what a game of football – I thoroughly enjoyed that. First half was interesting and I agree that Clichy and Kolorov were exposed, but that was largely due to the two conflicting systems (City were very narrow and BM were very wide with two players hugging the touch line). The end result was exposing our full backs to 2:1 but also leaving them very exposed in the gaps between full back and centre half.

What a great second half – Silva was a masterclass and have to say I thought Yaya was excellent as well as Sterling. Suspected BM would really tire towards the end and the final 10 they were dead on their feet.

Hoping for a kind draw in the next round and a little bit of consistency


Five benefits to Chelsea keeping Mourinho

1. It sends the players that its no longer the manager that pays the price for a poor season.

2. It gives the impression that the club will be planning for a long time thus breeding confidence for the manager.

3. It gives the manager the confidence to try different things, i.e. young players from our academy could be given a start in the big matches finally solving this academy question.

4. It gives the club a stability in the longer run thus deterring the media from scrutinizing the club any more.

5. It will give the manager the power to implement his vision for the club without being under pressure to deliver as traditionally been the case for our managers.

Left-back and striker targets for Liverpool

What about Ashley Cole? He’s out of favour at Roma, and for me would be a massive improvement on what we already have. He’s a world class LB, and he could help Moreno to improve the defensive side of his game.

Strikers wise, I think he will be looking at someone like Aubameyang. Yes, he’s going to cost us, but with Sturridge out again and Benteke misfiring, we need to act in January


Lovren still a problem for Reds

I urge you guys to look at the goals conceded and then challenge me on Lovren’s role in them.

From my point of view, the first goal, Lovren was out of position when the attack started, i.e. he was on the corenr of the 18 yard area. He then runs back, gets in Skrtel’s way, the attacker goes in the opposite direction, Lovren is slow to react and allows the attacker to get a shot off on goal. Skrtel appears to be the culprit because he actually gets something on the ball.

The second goal; Lovren shows the attacker towards the line first, then opens up his body towards the middle of the field giving the attacker time to pick his pass.

There was an incident in the first half that Lovren tries to win the ball about 20m into Newcastle’s half, misses the ball and Newcastle counterattacks nearly resulting in a goal.

These are schoolboy errors. I tend to reserve judgement against our other players, but Lovren I don’t because I am clear in my mind that he is error prone and frequently gets his positioning wrong placing pressure on the defence. I.e. a liability and accident waiting to happen.


Leicester for the top four?

Come tomorrow the EL could include Chelsea and Arsenal as well as Spurs Liverpool and LVGFC. That scenario would mean a nightmare for those five clubs when it comes to pursuing the PL.

Playing Thursdays every week would mean almost half the PL fixtures being on a Sunday or Monday.

Some of the teams left in the EL are also strong such as Napoli, Sevilla and other third-placed CL sides too. Perhaps better to make a quick exit rather than struggle on in the faint hope of qualifying for CL?

All of this could make Leicester a better bet for top four as Citeh might be occupied with CL campaign. Interesting changes this year and in 2016??


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