Your Says of the Day: LVG tactics bordering on stupid

Date published: Tuesday 10th November 2015 11:50

Louis van Gaal: Delivering a 'poor brand of football'

Also, is Dele Alli the next Jermaine Jenas, why David Moyes was never suited to a job in Spain and taking aim at ‘mentally fragile’ Chelsea.

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LVG tactics ‘bordering on stupid’

With the amount of money Louis Van Gaal has spent you would have expected a better brand of football.

He had quite a few shocking decisions which are bordering on stupid. One is when he benched Herrera and played Rooney in midfield. Now he is playing Martial on the wing to once again accommodate Rooney, now as a striker. A good manager should know better than to do this.

Another thing who upsets me is he says he needs more pace on the wings. While he is right on this one he persists with playing two holding midfielders in Carrick and Schweinsteiger, the masters in slow play. It just doesn’t add up at all. You could have Usian Bolt on wings it wouldnt speed up our game anyway with these two slow holding midfielders.

I think he talks a lot of rubbish and is about to be found out by the fans and he knows it. As soon he loses the fans he is toast – hence why he subbed Rooney on Saturday just to win a few back around.



Dele Alli: just the next Jermaine Jenas

I’m just not sold on Dele Alli yet.

He reminds me of Jermaine Jenas a bit, same kind of build/ability. Jenas unfortunately never did reach his early potential.

I hope Ali has more drive about him and doesn’t follow a lot of young English talent by fading into obscurity.

(Editor’s note: ‘Same kind of build’? Really?)


Moyes was never suited to Sociedad job

I am not sure why David Moyes thought he was right for Real Sociedad.

Not only was it a Spanish club competing in La Liga but it is a Basque club to boot and Moyes couldn’t speak a word of Spanish and as I understand it still pretty much can’t.

On the brink of Illarmendi returning to Sociedad, Moyes stated he didn’t know very much about him which probably wasn’t the smartest thing he could have said about such a big signing for Sociedad that was also a favoured son of Sociedad and he was returning from Real Madrid.

Where Moyes goes from here is the big question it is unlikely that he will get a big job in the PL he might pick up a lesser PL club who need saving otherwise he might have to try rebuild himself like McLaren did at Derby.

Feel for him though and can only wish him well.

nine nine nine


Chelsea are ‘mentally-fragile’

Chelsea’s current failures are more than partially down to Jose Mourinho.

He claims that everyone is against them – and it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Jose claims everything is against them and builds a siege mentality and has now convinced his players of it so they are mentally fragile under pressure.



Reus link encouraging for Liverpool

Encouraging to see the name Marco Reus linked to Liverpool in Tuesday’s Paper Talk.

This is the player WE should have signed, summer 2014.

One thing I have no doubt of is Klopp’s going to be able to attract better and more higher profile names.



Urging Arsenal to sell Debuchy

I really hope that Mathieu Debuchy leaves Arsenal.

He has to get used to the fact that Hector Bellerin is ahead of him and when he does get the chance then to really stake a claim.

I have not been that impressed with him in the last 3 games. Instead of being down, he should be working harder to regain his spot.

The jury is still out on Joel Campbell though. He seems to work hard but in the last two games as well the defence being poor, players like Campbell and others have not closed down the opposition quick enough.



Vieira a future City boss

Good luck to Patrick Vieira.

What a great opportunity for him. To move from coaching our youth setup to an MLS side, plus the chance to live in NY is a great career move for him.

I am sure he will do a fantastic job there. Maybe one day he will be back, but this time manager of our first team!



United ‘should go for Barkley or Reus’

I’d like to see Manchester United following the Anthony Martial plan and investing in young players who will develop at the club.

I’d say we need an attacking midfielder who can run through a packed midfield and a pacy winger, therefore my two preferred January signing would be:

Ross Barkley (Everton)
Marco Reus (B Dortmund)

Both expensive, granted, but both might see United as a good step in the right direction.

Sympathy for the Devils


Wishing Garde ‘all the luck in the world’ at Villa

Good start for Remi Garde at Aston Villa, but we have another tough game against Everton after the international break.

But if we are hard as to break down as we were against Man City, then we have a shout. One game at a time we need to grind out results.

If we have another six or seven game run of defeats it is all over for us.

I wish Remi all the luck in the world he has a massive task to keep us in the Prem. UTV


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