Your Says of the Day: LVG to move upstairs; football lookalikes

Date published: Friday 13th May 2016 12:16

Louis Van Gaal: Tipped to stay at Man Utd in new role

Also, why Daniel Sturridge is second only to Sergio Aguero, why Jon Toral deserves a shot at Arsenal and why one fan is 100% certain Rafa Benitez will walk out on Newcastle.

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The best Premier League season ever?

The end to what has been the best season in ages, in my humble opinion, comes on Sunday. It may not have the last day drama, but overall it’s been brilliant for obvious reasons and long may it continue. I’m certainly hoping for more upsets next year!



Was it really the most exciting season in a while? Yes it was unpredictable in terms of what each individual team was doing compared to the pre-season expectations, but in reality was it actually exciting? It was good for a couple of months when Arsenal and Spurs were close to Leicester and Arsenal beat them 2-1 at home – at that point for a neutral it was an exciting time; but in reality Leicester never really looked like losing the league, mostly because the other competitors were highly uninspiring. Spurs looked like they MIGHT but even then you never really sensed they’d push Leicester all the way. I think bar West Ham, Spurs, Sunderland and obviously Leicester, it wasn’t really that exciting for supporters of individual teams, and I think as a neutral is sort of just cruised along as a season with the only excitement coming from which teams were doing well and which were doing very badly.

I dunno, it may just be me, but looking back I can’t really remember that many super exciting matches that I’d want to re-watch again like I have in past years…. maybe the 5-4 between Liverpool and Norwich or the 2-5 of Leicester and Arsenal… but besides those nothing else. And even then I don’t put either of them in the same bracket as Spurs v Chelsea 5-3 from last season, or Liverpool v City 3-2 towards the end of the season when Liverpool were in the running, as examples. I thought the season when City, Liverpool and Chelsea fought out the season (even when United came 7th) to be much more exciting overall.


Sympathy for the Devils


Bit-part Terry has to stay at Chelsea

If John Terry can accept to be a ‘bit part’ player (Cahill & Zouma could be the partnership, or more likely, Antonio Conte will buy a new CB too), then I think he’ll accept happily and stay. Chelsea would be foolish to let him leave and not extend his contract. We still need a motivator like him.



Lookalikes thread

David O'Leary

Macattack and JC on fire with some of these


Why Rafa is leaving Newcastle. Fact!

No way on Earth is Rafa staying at Newcastle – why would he feel the need to play against Huddersfiled when he could be managing against the biggest teams around.

To top it all, Chrome Dome (Lee Charnley) apparently forgot to insert standard wage reduction clauses in the event of relegation on the more recent signings… so these duffers will be even more reluctant to move. Can’t wait to see the back of the whole lot of them though, apart from the keepers and Lascelles.

Joe Kinghere


….And why LVG could stay on for his final year

I have the feeling that LvG won’t be sacked nor will he resign, but that JM will be the manager next year.

How come?

I suspect that LvG might be given the job as ‘Director of Football’ or some such other title. His role would be to source new players, both for the first team and the junior teams. He would carry on all the negotiations and salary discussion and complete the signing.

I expect these announcements to be made in the week following the Cup Final.



The prevailing thoughts here are that LvG will stay in the job for various reasons. All conjecture just like mine.

My argument is built on the logic of the board having high expectations and ruthless KPI targeting so I reckon on the balance of evidence it is weaker than the Macs counter argument.

I don’t think, however, that my points are without merit at all. Perhaps the top 4 spot will end up deciding his fate.

We will all know soon.



‘Sturridge second only to Aguero’

Sturridge came to Liverpool as a young man with an attitude problem, according to who? Sturridge has never had any attitude problems in his career.

Bob, Paxman, some Liverpool fans have this incorrect opionion that Sturridge is a selfish individual, not a team player, not strong enough to overcome injuries etc. Add to this that outside football he is heavily into music, likes joking around in training etc. and they jump to the conclusion that he is not a serious football player, and slate him quite viciously whenever he has a bad game for Liverpool, or even ask for him to be sold.

To me that is all rubbish, a fit Sturridge in my opinion is second only to Aguero as the best striker in the Premiership. And he is a true professional and team player. Cut through the joking, dancing etc. and you will find an ice cold lethal striker, 52 goals in only 90 games for Liverpool (so far), an excellent strike rate.



Jon Toral deserves Arsenal chance

Jon Toral (right): Feels he is ready for Arsenal first team

Would anyone else like to see this kid get his chance next season? Just been named Birmingham’s player of the season. 38 apps and 8 goals to his name. Not too bad at the age of 21 in a rough and tumble league like the Championship. Reading some comments from B’ham fans about the kid, he is partial to a tackle as well even playing in the number 10 role.

We all know we need to add something in midfield and that seems to be Xhaka at the minute. We also know we are losing 3 midfielders with Arteta, Flamini and Tommy going.

I would like to see Jon get his chance in the cup competitions maybe and get to spend a season working with the first team. He joined the club at 16 so he knows what Arsenal is about. He recently spoke about seeing Bellerin and Iwobi break into the team and how he feels he is ready for his chance.

Let’s face it, the form of Hector and Alex have been 2 of the positives in this season, so who is to say it couldn’t happen again.



Eriksen v Firmino debate

Stats will tell you any story you want. the one you have provided it gives a specific date that the analysis started. a week either side and it could be different. its like when arsenal fans (mainly their trolls) used to claim they were the best team because they acquired the most points in a calendar year. i’ve actually just done a comparison of eriksen and firmino (just for shits and giggles) on the squawka site – which i must say is very impressive – and the stats have actually surprised me a lot.

looked at a number of key stats for playmakers over the whole season.

Games Played
Eriksen – 34
Firmino – 31

Minutes Played
Eriksen – 2846
Firmino – 1982

Total Score
Eriksen – 1015.12
Firmino – 560.00

Pass Completion
Eriksen – 81%
Firmino – 77%

Successful Passes
Eriksen – 1411
Firmino – 761

Total Forward Passes
Eriksen – 1000
Firmino – 503

Key Passes
Eriksen – 97
Firmino – 41

Eriksen – 13
Firmino – 7

Chances Created
Eriksen – 110
Firmino – 48

Goals Scored
Eriksen – 6
Firmino – 10

Total Shots
Eriksen – 96
Firmino – 63



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