Your Says of the Day: Man United should go for Germany star

Date published: Friday 25th March 2016 12:23

Mario Gotze (l): Should be a United target

Also, international friendlies should be banned in season, and patience with Arsene Wenger is running out.

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Manchester United should go for Gotze?

So what do you guys think about the possibility of  Manchester United signing Mario Gotze, given that he doesn’t seem completely satisfied at Bayern Munich? Where would he play? How much should we pay for him?

Personally I’d love him at United as he, along with Marco Reus, Julian Draxler and Thomas Muller, are at the very top of the young German footballer charts. I think if we can get him for anything under £40 million would be a good deal and can see him playing on the wing or behind the striker.

Sympathy for the Devils

Van Gaal and Memphis can’t handle the Premier League

I believe Louis Van Gaal’s attempt to adapt the Premier League to his style of play has been the biggest problem instead of adapting to the Premier League. Dutch football has been based on possession for years now and Louis Van Gaal has tried to bring that here.

In every national squad, there was always at least one player who was given the freedom to do something unexpected, Memphis Depay for one example, and if they lost the ball it was forgiven as long as they didn’t concede. That was okay in he’s national squad and throughout the Eredivisie but the Premier League does not allow for that kind of game and mistakes are dealt with swiftly and severely.

Memphis Depay has come thinking he is outstanding and no-one can get near him and he has been given a rude awakening, so has Louis Van Gaal. He has never been able to handle the Premier League and that is why I think Memphis Depay has been failing. A different coach could bring the best out of him, I feel.



Liverpool should go after big-name strikers in the summer

Would Romelu Lukaku fare any better than Christian Benteke at Liverpool? It’s fair to say Romelu Lukaku is doing the business at Everton, but then Christian Benteke did the business at Aston Villa. Liverpool finds players out. Luis Suarez, Fernando Torres and Daniel Sturridge (when fit). Our record for buying world class strikers is patchy since the days of producing the likes or Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler.

Manchester United are lucky to have one come through their youth system this season, but we have to buy because we don’t. The pressure of having to score only brings out the best in a few. I’m thinking we should go for a big name like Antoine Greizmann, or the cheaper alternative of Mauro Icardiwho have played at the highest levels in Europe. It can only mean progress. No guarantee of goals, but if the hunger is there like it was with Luis Suarez and Fernando Torres we should be okay.



No more friendlies in the middle of the season

I’m gonna state now. I’m a Scouser, and England’s results will always take second place behind Liverpool’s results for me. I’m just not arsed about international football, and care even less about the England national team.

The timing of these friendlies is ridiculous. Clubs are fighting for titles, top 4, and escape from relegation and need all their players available, not jetting off to here there and everywhere to play fucking friendlies. It’s nonsensical.

That meeting they had a while back, where there was a representative from all 20 Premier League clubs, and they promised to stop scheduling these friendlies in the middle of the season, was obviously just a token gesture, as they’re still being scheduled. People will say “well, the Euros are coming up in the summer”. Well, worry about the Euro’s when they happen.

At the moment the Premier League season is still going on and should take priority until May. If an international manager hasn’t got a good idea of the squad he will take to the tournament by now, then that’s his fault. He shouldn’t need these friendlies to help make his mind up. It wouldn’t be as bad if Liverpool had two injuries in different positions, but obviously Divock Origi and Christian Benteke play in the same position, and this news has basically knackered our strike force, for how long who knows? Two injuries and the games haven’t even started yet.



Patience with Wenger running out

I want to give Arsene Wenger another chance but I really am coming to the conclusion that we’ll really struggle next season if he’s still in charge, whether he spends or not. We got very lucky this year, with all the usual title-chasers struggling themselves, but I don’t want to rely on that happening again next year.

He’s shown this season that even when you take the usual title-chasers out, he’ll manage to screw it up somehow and, as you say, he’s had at least four seasons to prepare for this point.

I really like Danny Welbeck, for example, but you just know that if he keeps up his recent form until May, Arsene Wenger will decide we don’t need another striker.

The other thing is that on top of the £70 to £100 million that’s meant to be available, we can raise a lot more by selling players where their cash value could be put to better use. It would take some really tough decisions – decisions that Arsene Wenger isn’t tough enough to make.



Man City overpaid for Sterling, but Pep can improve his game

Raheem Sterling out is another loss for sure. But not as big as losing Keving De Bruyne. Raheem Sterling is an enigma, like most I thought we had overpaid for him. I thought £20 to £30 million but the scousers held out for £44 million fair play to them, of which they got £32 million after the sell on. If you look at his stats his goals and assists per game are as good if not better than when he played for them.

The fact is he has had an average season for us but when he was at Liverpool and played like that he was one of their best players and they raved about him. He just needs to be consistent, as some games he does go missing. The bitterness from their ex players was and still is pathetic, without doubt he has moved to better his career and win things and I am sure Pep Guardiola’s coaching team will improve him.

Mancity Jim


Too many seats for West Ham’s new ground

60,000 seats. Are they kidding? Can West Ham really get that many in there? I remember when the move was first announced and a lot of us were wondering how we could go from 35,000 to 54,000 and whether there would be large areas of empty seats in the OS. Amazing where all these extra Hammers fans have come from, just goes to show what a bit of success on the field and some decent football can do. I wonder if West Ham realizes now what most of us were complaining about last season.
60,000… still can’t get my head around it. That’s Arsenal size and more than those mugs down the lane. 60,000 Jesus.



R.I.P. Johan Cruyff

Absolutely devastated to hear the news that the greatest footballer of my generation in my opinion, Johan Cruyff, has passed away. Legend is often a word used and misused when it comes to icon’s of either a sport or other walks of life, but in Johan Cruyff’s case legend is a very apt way to describe him. R.I.P. De Meijster.


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