Your Says of the Day: ‘Mahrez arrival to spell the end for Alexis?’

Alexis Sanchez: Finding London stressful

Our readers debate Man Utd’s treatment of Anthony Martial by giving Zlatan his No 9 shirt, while Arsenal fans fear the signing of Riyad Mahrez could spell the end of Alexis Sanchez.

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Martial right to lose his cool over losing his No 9 shirt at Man Utd

It’s always a bad decision imho to make players give up their number for an incoming player. Sends a negative message to the existing player. Seems to me that Jose is telling Martial that Zlatan is more important.

When Didier returned to Chelsea, Oscar had the 11 taken away from him, and I didn’t like that either. However, Drogs had worn 11 for many years previously for us so there was at least some logic. I still didn’t like it though.

Zlatan has no such reason to take the 9, and it seems Martial is right to not be a happy bunny.



All about the merchandising opportunities

Ed Woodward and his merchandising team would much prefer to sell Zlatan shirts with no 9 on the back methinks. It’s only for one or two years so Martial will just have to suck it up if he’s so upset.

Either way he should take it like a man. In the real world we understand things don’t always go to a perfect plan. Martial plays on our left wing anyway so it makes sense that he is number 11.

If it becomes a big issue then I guess Martial is not quite as mature as I thought he was. I’m sure they will hand him the no 9 shirt on a silver platter at Boro.


Anthony Martial: Injured in warm-up


Double standards from Man Utd fans

It seems Utd fans want to have a go at Martial for not being happy about his number being taken away, saying it I only a squad number man up and take it. So if it is only a number and not important then why aren’t they on here having a go at Zlatan for demanding the No 9 shirt. Double standards or what.



Origi and Ings input is crucial to Liverpool


I feel that our season somewhat rests on these two boys, not an obvious way as they are both young but, their input or lack of will affect the team success regardless.

Origi has proved he can be a killer striker whilst I’m loving that we got Danny Ings the tiger fighter back on board.

If we can get 10 goals each from these boys then I will be happy. I expect Sturridge and the rest to make up the other bulk of the goals.

The reason why I say that their input will be important is because if you look at the other top teams they all seem to have at least 1 “dangerous” striker. If Sturridge breaks down we can’t really afford to Qrigi and Ings having bad seasons. They need to contribute in some way whether that be goals or assists.

I believe they can do it, in fact I would love to see Ings and Origi both playing…Wow they would both give defenders a nightmare game with their pace, strength and workrate.



The world’s gone mad – but is £60m Cavani ‘a bargain’?

Edinson Cavani: Being chased by Chelsea

Given the fact that the Pogba transfer is now being projected to cost Man United £130m and Higuain at a similar age to Cavani is going to Juve for £79m the alleged circa £60m that PSG are said to be looking for Edinson Cavani could almost be considered a bargain.???

nine nine nine


Do Arsenal want Mahrez to replace Alexis Sanchez?


A slight worry I have is Mahrez is being lined up as a replacement to Sanchez – if the Pogba to Man Utd comes off Juventus are going to have bags of cash to spend. Hope I’m wrong Sanchez, Ozil ans Mahrez would be great together.

Although I would welcome Mahrez we will still need a new CF and I think undoubtedly there will be more signings – I have never read the offical arsenal website stating to check back as we are very much in the market. Anyway things are definitely looking up!



I agree! I also have a sneaky feeling that Juve were looking to cash in on Pogba to fund a raid for both Higuain and Sanchez. That’s why they were trying to play those games in the media to turn his head and force a lower fee.

I would have been more concerned if Alexis had one more year left on his contract because we would DEFINITELY have sold him rather than believing we could make him sign later on (a la de Gea). But with two years left… I think the fans would have a genuine right to be p!$$ed if we sell him. Assuming we are in for Mahrez, we have to give that Mahrez-Ozil-Sanchez 2nd line a chance to play together for a season at least (a few “z”s in there!). That is seriously special!

I reckon we should play hard ball and even if Sanchez doesn’t re-sign, we could still get similar money next year to what Juve is offering now. On the other hand, if we handle our business this summer and do well this season, I don’t see why Alexis couldn’t be convinced to sign.



Pogba money better spent elsewhere by Man Utd

Am I the only one that feels very uneasy about spending £100 mil + on a player who is clearly dragging out the deal to see if his first choice of Real Madrid will come in for him at the last minute…that money could be better spent elsewhere



Arsenal the biggest rip-off – and it’s now official

KPMG have produced a report showing what most of us already knew – that Arsenal give the worst value-for-money in European football.

Our cheapest season ticket is over £300 more expensive than the next nearest club (the Tiny Totts) and well over £1,000 more expensive than Barca, RM and Bayern.

What’s really interesting is that KPMG didn’t factor in the respective trophy hauls and transfer spending of these clubs, because that’s where we’re truly being ripped off.

I’d find the price of my season ticket a lot more palatable, if the club were pulling out all the stops to be successful.