Your Says of the Day: Mata must go, Chelsea can tolerate failure

Date published: Friday 20th November 2015 11:41

Juan Mata: Seeing if he's wanted by Jose Mourinho

Man Utd midfielder Juan Mata is “lightweight and slow”, Chelsea can tolerate one season of failure and Yaya Toure is not “intrinsically motivated”.

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‘We can tolerate one season of failure’, says Chelsea fan

First of all I have kept my silence in the last 3 weeks, but that doesn’t mean that i don’t feel for what is happening at my beloved club.

Sometimes people may post in the heat of the moment. The last time i did that was when we lost to Liverpool at Stamford Bridge. i posted “this is the best time to sack Mourinho” but after having a second thought i quickly withdrew those views.

I remembered there are no better alternatives to Mourinho in this mid season. Again i remembered this was the same coach who won the league 5 months prior. sometimes we need to show some form of appreciation to the manager, although i didn’t like his off field issue and feel they are contributing part of our problems.

I would still stand with him. we can tolerate one season of failure and build for 2016/2017. We can’t sack manager who has won so many in the course of his career. we need to stay behind our team.

My heart tells that Mourinho will soon turn the corner and some people will be in a hiding. Relax guys, sometimes clubs test defeat. We can’t always be at the top.

I know its testing times for us blues. but let us keep the faith. our patience and faith will be rewarded. In Jose Mourinho we trust.

# keep the blue flag waving. am not bothered to respond to some comments.


United ‘don’t have a finisher, but it is Watford’

We should win this game, it won’t be easy but we should have more than they can handle.

Rooney, Valencia, Carrick, Fellaini, Shaw and Martial are out which means I have no idea how we will line up. This is my team for Watford:

De Gea, Darmian, Smalling, Blind, Rojo, Schneiderlin, Herrera, Mata, Young, Memphis, Wilson.

If we keep the ball as usual without Schweinsteiger, surely Herrera and Mata can up the tempo to create something for Memphis and Wilson. Schneiderlin to sit back and Young to give width on the left with Memphis at no10 as a wild card.

We don’t have a reliable EPL finisher but it is Watford; we must impose ourselves on them if we have any type of title ambition, regardless of injuries.



Mata too ‘lightweight and slow’

The brutal truth is that we will take a massive hit if and when we sell Fellaini and Mata, which we should do sooner rather than later.

Neither are good enough and although I like Mata, he just doesn’t have anywhere near enough influence on games because he’s just too lightweight and slow.

Is anyone really surprised to hear Moyes has been sacked again!?



‘Momentum’ on Liverpool’s side

Of course there’s gonna be tough games left and we’ve dropped points where we shouldn’t have (mostly under Rodgers) but the advantage now swings to us.

Chelsea are dropping points home and away for fun and are well off the pace however Spurs are going strong and haven’t lost since opening day but they still have to do several tough aways including us.

I’m not saying “we are gonna finish 4th” I’m saying the opportunities there but it’s up to us to take it. I’ve already said Spurs have finished above us 5 outta the last 6 seasons so if you were a betting man your money should be going there but I think we are gonna have momentum on our side.

If we finish 5th so be it!



Yaya Toure is not ‘intrinsically motivated’

Here you go Huntr – my 2 cents on Yaya :

The “problem” with Yaya is that he is not intrinsically motivated, he sees football as a job as a good number of players from poorer African or Brazilian backgrounds tend to do.

You hear of so many young Brazilians who get that first big contract in Europe or Russia and never go on to improve as that is ‘job done’ for them, so its testament to Yaya in a way that he has continued to strive to improve. I read an interesting article on Yaya’s earlier career and relationship with his agent, and it was all about the next move, earning as much money as possible in the relatively short career of the professional footballer, taking in the Ukraine and Greece along the way

He therefore needs something from the outside to fire him up in order to go beyond the average level of performance, whether thats a perceived injustice from the opposition, fan support, manager motivation or public acknowledgment (being snubbed for player of the year when Suarez won it did affect him) as he is in it for the pay cheque and accolades I’m afraid … though perhaps the fact he has spent considerably more time at City now than anywhere else in his career, may mean he is starting to soften in this regard.

Tactically, he has almost made a conscious decision now not to track back, and so we need to tweak the formation to actually get something from him. He has a bit of a chip on his shoulder for better or worse, seeming to truly believe that if he wasn’t African he would have won more awards, and also that he wouldn’t be expected to defend if he were European, referencing Xavi and Iniesta in this regard.

From a sport science point of view, the European games against top teams really show up his frailties in the current system, however they also highlight how important he is in the Premier League even when not standing out. Against the likes of Juventus, Barca, Bayern, they close down Yaya who effectively plays like a “quarterback” picking the ball up from the back 4 and starting the attacks, in the Premier league, opposition players don’t close him down quickly as they don’t truly believe they will get the ball off him, in Europe these teams do it and stifle our attacks from there, causing us to look disjointed.

This could be a danger in the Liverpool game if Milner is fit and Klopp employs a high press. For me he can only play in most games with 2 of Delph/Fernando/Fernandinho and should be considered a Silva like player in the attack/defence balance of setting up the team, although home games with 70% possession should still allow him to play in a midfield 2. We can still be in for one more vintage season from him, if handled correctly



Media the ‘biggest problem’ for managers

I think a managers biggest problem these days is the media. I just dont get the fascination with sky and Klopp? Why are his conferences being broadcasted live on sky app? The chap is here 6 weeks now. It wont be long before they turn on him when he hits a bad patch.

The sunday supplement is a infuriating show. Half us know more then some of these lads. One week bigging up a manger/player then two weeks later slating them when results have gone wrong.

Look at gary monk at the moment. Being slated by a Swansea newspaper. The chap has done great job. Moving from player to manager in the pl is a huge step and now after a bad run the media are all over him, heaping more pressure on him.

Look at the media with the england managers over the years. I know the media are a huge part of football but at least try and be be consistent over a period. There is just no patience left in football. Its sad. Mangers who are 12th in the championship getting sacked. Fairplay to chelsea for sticking with jose in a bad period. I hope swansea do the same.

Sean the Sailor


England could cause an upset at Euro 2016

David James has said that the England team is not good enough to win the European Championship next summer. While I think he has a point, he’s also the same David James that said, back in October, that Sergio Romero should start ahead of David De Gea at Man Utd.

Roy Hodgson received a lot of criticism for a negative approach at the last World Cup. That criticism had some merit and I believe had there been an obvious candidate to replace him, the FA would have done so.

But Hodgson got lucky and did well in qualification, especially in bringing in new young players like Barkley, Kane, Alli and Shaw. I think these young players should go to France and be the backbone of the team.

The biggest problem England have had in the past, has been the constant negativity and criticism in the media. This pressure the media builds up and hands to the team on a plate right before a major tournament has often been it’s downfall. This was the case in Euro ’96 when England had a very good team and could have and should have won it.

Sometimes young players are unfazed by this pressure and that could be England’s greatest strength. If you look at the qualified nations, only the Germans and the Spanish should be automatic favorites in a match against England. Both those teams were uninspiring in their qualifying, with Germany losing to Ireland and Spain losing to Slovakia.

I think England could cause an upset, but that is only possible if they have the media and the fans backing them.



‘England have no chance’

England have no chance.

Don’t have the players, don’t have enough technical ability, don’t have belief as a team, can’t handle the pressure, penalties, no world class footballers, overhyped, afraid of the big teams.

If you ignore all that, England can win it. I don’t t even think they can do a Greece and get lucky, win by defensive discipline.

They would be picked apart by the big boys.

Johnny Utah


Pick your all-time favourite Spurs team

Let’s try get this forum a little more active!
Simple really, pick your fav spurs player in each position.
I’m personally going to try stick with players in my life time! (32 years old)


Carr alderweireld King Vertonghen

Anderton Gascoigne Modric Bale



I think its tough because we’ve had some woeful fullbacks, Austin, Edinburgh, Lee and Edman were ok!.

Alderweireld is still early into his spurs career but he is very solid and appears to be injury free (which puts him ahead of the likes of woodgate)

Ignoring the injury record for Anderton as I cant think of any other right wingers of note.


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