Your Says of the Day: Mata should go; Mustafi not good enough

Date published: Tuesday 16th August 2016 1:30

Jose Mourinho: Manager sold Juan Mata at Chelsea

Our readers discuss why Juan Mata should still consider leaving Man Utd, Tottenham’s link to Danny Drinkwater and why Shkodran Mustafi isn’t good enough for Arsenal.

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‘Third-choice’ Mata should still consider Man Utd exit

I still think he’s our 3rd choice RW/CAM for the season, even though he started our first game I fully expect him to drop back to the bench for our first game at home vs Soton.

It was the only story being spun negatively by the press and JM made sure he put a stop to it by starting him.

He is however too good to be a 3rd choice for any club, a world/euro champion with Spain, a top top player at Chelsea but is as strong as a toddler and really slow to go with it and that’s why he can’t play a disciplined role on the wing.

All in all I would love it if he stays happy and doesn’t leave even though logically for his sake he probably would be better off elsewhere considering this should be his peak.



Conte will prove himself very popular

Antonio Conte: Happy with Fabregas

Another thing, if Conte keeps celebrating like that he’s going to be VERY popular with the Stamford Bridge crowd! I think he is probably the perfect manager for Chelsea at this particular moment in time. Exactly what we needed.

And the claims are right, Ivanovic probably played better last night than he did at any point last season. I don’t want to get carried away, but there seemed to be a real determination and togetherness in the team that has been sorely missed. Yes, wasn’t a perfect performance but it was the first game of the season.



Chelsea should have won by more

Very happy after last night – good all round performance and we should have put them away by a couple of goals by around the hour mark, so that would be my only criticism. I haven’t see game on TV yet, but it looked to me like we stepped off them in the second half, defending deep and letting them have the ball, whereas at the start of the second half we were pressing high, and were all over them like a rash, and they were not prepared for it.

Also, good tactical switch to 4-2-4 which bought about the winning goal. Loved Conte’s celebration. I dont know if anyone else on here was in the MHU last night, but another bonus is I will be making a huge saving on wrapping paper this Christmas!



Could Liverpool experiment with new formation at Burnley?

Burnley are going to sit back so it may be better to go with 2 up front.

I’d go 3-5-2 which would make it easier on Matip to integrate into the side as well. Moreno won’t do as much damage with 3 centre backs supporting him either. Some reports are saying Milner might be back for this game which can only be good news. Mignolet, Clyne, Matip, Lovren, Klavan, Milner, Henderson, Wijnaldum, Coutinho, Mane, Firmino. We can easily revert to 4-2-3-1 with those players on the pitch. Don’t expect use to slip up here but it’s us so you never know. My money’s on a 3-1 win.




Time to go, Moreno

Alberto Moreno: Defender unpopular with Liverpool fans

Why anyone would wish to play that bafoon Moreno is beyond me. He’s completely incompetent and epitomises Brendan Rodgers no trophies term at LFC, his tattoos can defend better! They should loan him out to Everton. No surprises that BR’s biggest fan wants to play him….



The real reason behind Bolasie’s Palace departure

Bolasie has said he didn’t leave Palace for money, but for a club who showed ‘more ambition’. I’d like to put on record that I don’t believe him about the money.

He was linked to Spurs last year and it was reported he was on about €40k per year. He has a new contract double that now and at 27 years is not getting any younger. The players need to pull their socks up and start putting in as well for they too along with Pardew must shoulder the blame.



Drinkwater an improvement for Tottenham

Simply put if we sell Mason and Carroll then sell/loan Bentaleb and bring in Drinkwater I think that would be a definite improvement. We have an excellent young team but he is definitely a leader on the pitch, something we lack. He isn’t the most technical player in the world nor is youth on his side but he is an improvement on Mason and Carroll and it’s not about quantity it’s about quality. If Chadli leaves and N’Koudou is brought in I feel that we will see Dembele played further up the pitch but we would have a midfield duo of Dembele/Drinkwater with Dier/Wanyama and I would consider that to be strong options for any game.



Is Mustafi good enough for Arsenal?

Shkodran Mustafi: On Arsenal's radar

I have massive doubts about Mustafi for Arsenal because of his pace and how he’d fare in our high back line (he’s actually not that quick!). He is more of a natural sweeper and seems more comfortable when playing deeper. He’s intelligent and physical enough to adapt and figure it out, though, but we should expect the odd mistake when he’s rushed or beaten all ends up. He’s very easily pulled wide out of position as well… Like I said, I do have niggling doubts about him and he wouldn’t be my first choice.

However, once again we’ve left it too late that we’ve given up our right to have our pick of players or to negotiate from a position of strength. He’s better than many out there in the market though, Mustafi, and a 25m price-tag on a 24-yr old German international, offered to a club of conspicuous desperation AFTER the start of the season is hardly robbery – there’s clear value there.

But perhap our problem is that Wenger is actually looking for defenders and strikers for “Ibrahimovic-type money” – free! If after that whole “money is not a problem, but qualiteeee” BS we end up with dross like Evans or Mathieu…

I’m just too tired to be furious anymore – it was a loooooong journey home after the game! The man has completely killed the joy of being a gooner for me, and I can never forgive him for that personally!



Barbosa for United?

I’ve seen a bit of him and, whilst not as good as Neymar was at his age, he can definitely be a top player (more or less Lucas Moura level).

I’d honestly really consider selling Rooney and buying Gabriel – Martial is technically a winger these days which would leave Ibrahimovic (1 or 2 years at the top at most), Rashford and Gabriel up front, Mkhitaryan and Mata as No.10s.

Sympathy for the Devils


We don’t need a new striker, we should concentrate on an experience defender, when we buy a new young striker, its only holds back the future of Rashford. In Zlatan we have a great striker who will teach the young players at United to grow even stronger. We have the youth coming through with the experience players to help them a lot. Fonte from Southampton is a great option to help the defends, not a new striker.


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