Your Says of the Day: Media ‘vendetta’ against Mourinho

Date published: Tuesday 3rd November 2015 2:52

Jose Mourinho: Media have a "vendetta" against manager

Also why Tottenham are a different proposition this season, who should be the next Arsenal captain, and tempered expectation at Liverpool.

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Media “vendetta” against Mourinho

Well I am back at last. And what a sorry state it is to see some genuine fans getting sucked in by Mail and the Mirror who are out to murder us. Don’t tell me that that this is just an attack against Jose. The constant daily rubbish that they print is a veiled attack against every one of us supporters, our players, our club and our world class manager. The witch hunt against us is not normal, and it does not take an Einstein to know why it is going on. We won two of the four major trophies last year because we have a manager who these guys fear and want him out so they can knock us back down to where we were after Jose left last time. Now stop the nonsense, stop reading the vendetta in the media against us, stand up together, fight and support your team and that includes the one guy who I am confident will soon turn the poor start around. It is no wonder Jose doesn’t want to speak to the media. They are trying to trip him up at every interview and focus on any negativity that they can. And as for some of the refereeing decisions we are seeing, well. Yes it is becoming laughable.



“Steely” Spurs

I don’t think we played particularly well yesterday as a team, and when Vila made their 20 minute comeback, I thought we were going “Spursy” again and would surrender 2 points but the bright side is that there is a bit of steely resolution about Spurs these days and Harry did take his goal beautifully after some great work by Lamela. Sunday’s game worries me. The Gooners are playing very well these days and we will need to lift our game a lot higher than yesterday to get something out of it. Wow 3 London derbies in succession coming up! Will be there for the West Ham and Chelsea games and look forward to those.



Captain Kos

Long term topic. But with Arteta surely leaving at the end of the year, and not having had a steady captain since RVP (the last two captains have been bench players), I really want a proper captain next season.

For me it comes down to two choices. Immediate term is Koscielny due to the fact he is our most important player holds it all together. Second is Ramsey, for the reason he could captain the team for the next 5-7 years.

Although im leaning toward Koscielny.



Kop not getting carried away about Klopp

He has been manager for 3 league games, and yes I have been impressed, very impressed, but I would say after 3 games, saying he has us playing something close to total football, and that he has a lot of Shankly in him, is I’m afraid going over the top.

Listen to the Anfield Wrap this week, they are going no where near as far as that are still apologising for going over the top, and saying it like it is, it was one game against a poor Chelsea side, and this is 1 game after a dire performance against Southampton. A few more results like this and I might get carried away, but I am also wary that if we play like we did vs Southampton we could come away from the Palace and City games with no points.

It is these same supporters that get carried away after a good result that also post the doom and gloom after the poor ones.



Good luck, Garde

Our new manager has a huge task ahead of him…..I wish him good luck cos he surely needs it !

As far as the team is concerned….Based on the performances…the only players who deserves to be in the starting 11 are Hutton, Sinclair, Gana , Richards, Bacuna, Gil & Ayew !!

Agbonlahor is CRAP… is Clark….he makes too many mistakes for a centre-back…both Championship players at best !

Awami, Veretout, Okore, Traore, Grealish have talent…& if these players can get going by our manager….we have a making of a good team!



Coutinho vs Ozil

Coutinho is nowhere near the level of Ozil and Silva. He is not consistent enough.

If there is a coach to get the best out of him it’s Klopp but I think it’s disrespectful to compare Coutinho to Ozil – they are not cut from the same cloth.



Newcastle’s goalkeeping crisis solved?

Valdes anyone? He is currently rotting away at man u, and i would think he would relish the chance of coming up here to prove his worth, if Ashley means business he has to get him in, I don’t know much about the rules of emergency loans but are we even allowed to go get him?
Anyhow, good game this weekend, we should have won that by 2-3 goals, we’re just not clinical enough, good thing mitro kept his cool, I know I wouldn’t, shawcross and wolfscheid we’re trying to get him off all of second half, he made so much trouble of himself up top, and i enjoyed every minute of it, love the link up play he and perez has developed, you can all see that the will and skills is there, you can all see what McLaren wants, and I for one like it, this is the first time in years we actually have a gameplan, we just need everything to click. If we can keep a hold of those 2 on top we have 2 star strikers many years to come.



Honesty not always the best policy

I have no idea what school of football management Steve Evans went to and sometimes it is necessary to call it like it is. However, surely it is better to keep any home truths that he has about the players behind closed doors and foster positive aspects like confidence, camaraderie and trust in the team whilst endeavouring to get the very best out of them. It worked for the great Don Revie and should be the template for success.
As it is here we have a guy who has literally just got his foot in the door – was it only last week? – putting the boot in and seemingly getting his excuses in saying that none of these are players he has signed. Boy are they all raring to get out there and give us their blood and sweat.

Lots of wind but needs to show that he has the trousers to suit!!

At this rate I can’t see him lasting until Christmas!


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