Your Says of the Day: Mixed Mourinho messages; Ox needs chop

Date published: Thursday 15th September 2016 11:31

Jose Mourinho: Happy with impact of Zlatan

Jose Mourinho’s pre-match Europa League press conference confused one reader, while Arsenal midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is in the firing line.

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Mourinho message ‘contradictory’

I’ve just been reading some comments from Mourinho. TBH his message seems slightly contradictory in that on the one hand he says the Europa isn’t a competition he, the club or the players want to be in, but then says he’s convinced himself he’s positive about it and now has to convince the players of the same! Hmmm.

I suppose the Thursday match dates aren’t hugely helpful for any team with aspirations of winning their league title.

Anyway, I guess we’ll soon see how successful he’s been in getting everyone including himself up for the challenge.

How about the United lads here? Are you up for the Europa? For me as a Chelsea fan I was well up for it when we won it a few years ago.

If United were to win the Europa they’d join a very small group of four clubs who’ve won all three major European trophies (Cup Winners, UEFA/Europa, European/CL).


Europa League negativity puzzling

Dont understand the negativity about Europe league. Here the manager have the chance try new players on new positions and same with formations. This is a golden opportunity not the least when your a new manager at the club.

I am really curious to see the lineup tonight. With Valencia and Rooney rested this can be good to watch. On the other hand there is a chance we will see Carrick again=(…but the main question is who will play as number 10?


Phil Jones

P45 for Phil Jones?

It looks like our dear ol’ Phil “the next Duncan Edwards” Jones has picked up a medial knee ligament injury and will be out for at least a month.

It’s as if his knees could sense his opportunity to play in the Fenerbache game coming.

My money is on Bamby getting tonsillitis, mononucleosis, or stubbing his toe on the way to the physio – ruling him out for the rest of the season.

Can Mourinho just do us all a favour and give this fella his p45.



West Ham struggling to feel at home

There’s always a case for teams who play their ‘home’ games at another stadium, or club that moves into a new stadium, and finds it hard to make it feel like home. Arsenal had it moving into the Emirates. We had it moving into the CoMS. No one has really talked about West Ham’s move when taking into account their season. Could we see them struggle??



‘It didn’t feel much like a Spurs home game’

I don’t think you can underestimate how much the stadium change affects teams. For all the huge crowd at Wembley last night it didn’t feel much like a Spurs home game, and I’d guess that playing at Wembley motivated Monaco just as much.

I also think the Olympic Stadium is a poor venue for football and is going to hurt West Ham.

Good luck with your incoming sprog Mark. Remember to breathe mate ?



Oxlade-Chamberlain needs dropping

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

What does the Ox has to do to be dropped? Such a mediocre player getting so many chances, while one who was a little more impactful (Campbell) sidelined to the point of being pushed out. I would rather have Walcott tbh. At least he can score the odd goal here and there.



The Ox ‘doesn’t want to be on the pitch’

Ahmad I actually saw a smile from the Ox when being subbed against PSG. Maybe he thought it was the same old 60th minute sub again. The OX is out of confidence and it clearly shows and the reason he plays must to be to get him going. But it doesn´t look like he wants to be on the pitch to be honest.



 ‘If only Moreno could sort out his mistakes…’

Alberto Moreno

Nil – I agree, left back is an issue, if only Moreno could sort out his mistakes, and not dive into tackles in the box he would be okay, I don’t like Milner there, I think we often lose forward momentum with him cutting back onto his right foot so often, there still doesn’t seem to be a return date for Gomez yet, and even when fit it will take a few games in the reserves to get back to match fitness, it is what it is, we have these players till January, I have a sneaky feeling we will see Moreno back in soon, I doubt for the Chelsea match, but probably soon after.


Inconsistency problems for Liverpool

Way too early to start thinking about a title challenge or anything like that. Let’s just take one game at a time and see where we are around Christmas time. We are still too inconsistent,and until that is sorted,its very unlikely we will be challenging for the title


City football and movement a joy to watch


I just can’t believe how good football we are playing and with these players i for one called over-aged trash they are completely different players The way they move around the pitch making them self available for passes making runs and so on.

And all the transfers he have made John Stones well not so impressed by him and thought IT was to mutch mooney But what a player he is turning out to be not even missing Kompany, and thats a very good grade. Gundogan, Sane is going to be very good signings, Sterling a New player and he going to get even better with Pep, Kevin de Bruyne is developing like beast i think Pep is going to turn him to the best midfielder in the World even he has developed since last year.

Pep is the best manager in the World whithout a doubt.



Tottenham conclusions from Monaco defeat

Team selection:

Eriksen – good performance on weekend, so had to start.
Son – good goals on weekend, in form, so i can see why he started.
Lamela – kept fresh, so he had to start.

Alli square peg in round hole – he showed last season he wasn’t a holing midfielder and he is more effective further up the pitch. Poch sorted it second half but the damage was already done.

Also as much as us supporters tried it’s difficult to get an atmosphere going at Wembley, at points the game looked more like a friendly, added to that i think the players whether they admit it or not, the pressure got to them to preform in front of 85k spurs supporters.

I think 2 things Poch can take out of the game are Dembele has to hold and Alli behind Kane / Janssen. I say Janssen because I think Pocj should rest Harry now for the next 2 / 3 games, Harry is over thinking it when he shouldn’t and not thinking when he should. Times last night he just had to pop the shot off but decided to take the extra touch and make sure and chance gone. Then when Janssen squared to him, he popped it off when a cooler head would have said just slid it into the corner.

It’s the first game, 5 to go… Plenty lessons learnt from last night and I can see us qualifying for the knock out stage .


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