Your Says of the Day: Mkhitaryan has no weakness; Mane ‘erratic’

Date published: Wednesday 29th June 2016 12:44

Henrikh Mkhitaryan: Linked with a host of clubs

Our readers discuss Sadio Mane’s transfer to Liverpool, Man Utd’s imminent capture of Henrikh Mkhitaryan and the next manager of England.

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And…. another Southampton player goes to Liverpool

I wish Liverpool would just recruit Southampton scouts would save us millions every year!!!!!



Don’t know what to make of it anymore. I had big hopes for Lovren, Lallana, Benteke but they have all disappointed. Mane looks good and, as always, I’ll give him a chance but I’m not getting excited about our signings anymore. We’ve done nothing right since signing Suarez Sturridge and Coutinho.



Jesus – Another season and another club takes you to the cleaners for one of their players. £34m – Really?? What the hell does a world class player cost nowadays then?? The entire football world has gone completely mad. Just goes to prove that there’s way too much money swilling around today. Utter madness.



Not a fan of Mane. I think he’s pretty wild and very erratic. I simply can’t accept that he is the best we could expect to get for £30m. But if he comes, as seems likely, I hope he proves me wrong and is a massive hit.

What I would say is that I do prefer him to Lallana as he will provide speed and goal-threat. I was hoping that Klopp would have a more worldwide view and not just repeat the previous failed raids on Southampton. We still need a LB and a CM, so hoping that once the jigsaw comes together, it functions a lot better than it currently sounds…Peace



Mkhitaryan would be superb business for Man Utd

I am allowing myself to be positive regarding us getting “Micki”. Armenian, very difficult name and being very humble and down to earth has put him under the radar of most people. Though different as players, this guy will instantly be taken to heart by most United fans in a similar manner to Scholes.

Make no mistake, if we sign him, he will instantly be the best player in our books. Yes, he is that good. Possibly the worlds most underrated player. He can and is highly capable of playing on either side due to decent pace and intelligence, but ideally his place is behind the striker.

As things stand, we seem to be after Zlatan, Pogba and Micky – which shows he is mainly intended to take a wider role for us. I see no problem with this, though his cutting inside will demand us having an attacking minded right back. Maybe that is why Mourinho sniffing on dependable Azapilicueta (sp?) might have some merit to it. The reason why I am hyping him so, is that unlike almost every other inside forward/ attacking midfielder, he basically has no weakness. He does not get out-muscled like Mata can be, incapable of running or dribbling past players like Rooney or not tracking back and actually help defensively, like Mata/ Ozil. He is the complete package – hardworking and direct in his playstyle. I bet Mourinho rates him as highly as I do. He will be a fan favourite and possibly signing of the season.



£26m for a player approaching his peak years, who has been a standout and consistent performer for a long time, and who bagged 20-odd goals and assists is absolutely superb business! He could be a star player (so long as he isn’t forced out of position to accommodate Shrek). Considering you have the likes of Palace bidding £30m for players with potential and Liverpool paid £34m for hot-n-cold performers this is a bargain deal. I’m anxiously waiting to see Micki in a Utd shirt.

theMartial Art


England’s next possible manager?

Laurent Blanc: Commiserates Guus Hiddink

Woy has fallen on his sword (rumors are he missed but at least we surely appreciate the gesture!) and the search begins for the next.

So, any thoughts here? I’m really struggling to be honest, quite like Shearers idea of having a Southgate/Hoodle double act. Hoodle may have been a prat of the highest order but he wasn’t sacked for footballing reasons alone and Southgate certainly knows the system under which to work within the FA. I could see that working, but that could also be down to the serious lack of alternatives around. Pardew? No thanks… err…that’s about it? Tempt to get Fergie out of retirement perhaps? Bloody hell, I’m getting desperate… ?



Pax – I think the FA should not make another blunder in the appointment of the next England manager. I think Blanc would be an ideal candidate for the England job. He has vast experience as player and manager. In his first assignment at Bordeaux, he not only won the league and cup in his second season at the club, but took them to the quarter-finals of the UCL. It was Bordeaux’s first league title in 10 years, and they haven’t finished in the top four since his departure. He has won the League 1 in the last 3 seasons with PSG (domestic treble in the last 2 seasons). Criticisms that PSG are so much better than everyone else in France is partly thanks to Blanc for keeping them so far ahead of the competition. The lack of depth within Ligue 1 is certainly a concern, although this accusation is often used to detract from the success of other top European clubs including Barcelona and Bayern Munich. In the UCL, PSG have reached the quarter-finals for the last three seasons. The argument that PSG’s seemingly unlimited wealth has given them a huge advantage could be aimed at a number of clubs across Europe including Chelsea and United, but neither has reached the same level of accomplishment as PSG in the last couple of years. United have arguably regressed with investment.

Money isn’t a guarantee of prosperity, and Blanc should arguably receive credit for maintaining stability within a dressing room with so many huge personalities. With so many quality players at his disposal, Blanc prefers to concentrate on his own team’s strengths rather than adapting too much to the opposition – unlike Van Gaal’s reactive tactics. Despite the riches available at PSG, Blanc has promoted youngsters Adrien Rabiot, Kingsley Coman, etc to the first team, while also recruiting youngsters Marquinhos and Lucas. Blanc has also managed to get the best from Angel Di Maria once again, after his ill-fated time in Manchester.

Blanc is used to big clubs, and playing for Manchester United will have done him no harm when it comes to handling the media and supporters.

I don’t think there is anyone better than him for this job. My shortlist of options for the England job would be, from best to worst –

Laurent Blanc
Eddie Howe
Rafa Benitez

I wish I could include Louis Van Gaal here. Oh, and no, I do not consider Van Gaal to be the answer to England’s problems.

Do you think it would be a problem for the FA to get work permit for the national team manager?

 theMartial Art

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