Your Says of the Day: ‘Vindictive’ Mourinho; Liverpool worries

Date published: Friday 5th August 2016 1:22

Jose Mourinho: Dictatorial style displeases fans

Our readers discuss Jose Mourinho’s negatives, why Manchester City should fork out the money for Stones and how Newcastle are hoping it’s seventh time lucky tonight…

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Mourinho on a power trip

There is no doubt Schweinsteiger was a disastrous signing. Obviously he was let do what he liked by LvG which was wrong. No one will be shedding any tears when he goes. But anyone who thinks that its anything other than a power trip by Mourinho, similar to what happened with Casillas at Real Madrid or Mata at Chelsea, are deluding themselves. As someone said before, Fergie would never have done that to a player with such standing in the game. He’d have shipped him out ASAP and moved on. But the public humiliation is classic Mourinho. Cant wait for the eye poking and name calling to start next week!



If the reports of Schweini’s treatment are true then it’s a disgrace as the man is a modern day football legend.

I have no problem with Mourinho making the decision that he’s surplus to requirements, but to make him clear out his locker and chuck him into the reserves is beyond contempt.

Sadly this type of almost vindictive action on Jose’s part is consistent with his self-destructive actions of last season with Chelsea.

Hes a top manager for sure, but there’s a price to pay for his services beyond his pay packet that United fans might find difficult to stomach as time goes by



Pay the money for Stones

John Stones: Antonio Conte doesn't rate Everton defender

We should just pay whatever they’re after. It’s only an extra £10m or so. Our defence is an aeging shambles which needs an injection of youth and class, Stones has both of that. I say stop trying to make a statement and pay the full valuation for a player Pep clearly wants. Jose wanted him relentlessly a few years ago so if two of the best managers in the world want him clearly the kid has potential.



Liverpool v Barcelona

I managed to watch some of the highlights from the game with Leicester. Barca for all their quality are weak at the back and the goals they conceded were soft. Going forward though they’re absolutely sublime. They just tore Leicester apart with one defence splitting pass after another. The precision of passing, speed of thought, the teamwork.. they operate at a level that’s out of this world. If we can press them high up the pitch we might just give them a real game but odds are our defence is going to be given a real runaround.



The match will give us a good indication of what the team will be against Arsenal.

It’s a huge pity that Matip or Karius will not be fit for the Arsenal game. It looks like we will only have one change from last seasons back four and that will be Kalvan. We can’t play Wijnaldum in a two man midfield. We were cut apart in midfield by Roma. Going to be interesting to see who our front four will be.

Huge test for our defence on Saturday .Barca will leave plenty of gaps at the back so we will get chances. It’s a huge test for us especially our defence

Sean the sailor


Frustration for Arsenal fans

Can you explain to me what I’m supposed to me interpret after reading this line “If you want to win championships then you would never get involved”. So If Kroenke hans’t come here to win trophies,what’s he come here to do. Oh then he mentions in the end that he has come to create a brand. On the contrary, nowhere is he actually quoted as saying anything close to the lines of he actually wants to win trophies for the club. I’m also really tired of mentions that we cannot compete in the transfer market with clubs backed by Arab Oil Money or Russian Oligarchs. Those clubs are not buying Messi’s, Suarez’s or Neymar’s every transfer window. In fact I can’t think of one transfer they’ve made that we couldn’t have.We can very much at least come close to matching their financial power in the transfer market.

Another indication of our board being non ambitious is their decision to keep Wenger season after season after disappointment again. I mean surely if the board’s objective for Wenger is to win the club trophies, and should he fail to meet the objective then he has to be sacked right. Then why is he still at the club!?!!??

Our whole management from top to bottom is non ambitious,and our fans are not passionate and passive which is what makes this club hopeless.

the specialone 

There is a MASSIVE difference between desire and intent. The former is passive – we would all like to be billionaires, to bag all the ladies, etc. That’s desire. Intent is a lot more active and proactive – what do you want and what are you willing to do to get it?

And that’s where Wenger pretty much disgusts me. There is a desire to win. Sure, we would love to win the league. Who wouldn’t? I’m sure Sunderland would love to win. Why wouldn’t they? But do they have the intention of winning? No. They DO have the intention of staving off relegation though, and that’s what their resources and energies go into! Our intention is top 4, and you can see how we go about things when we’re in danger of missing out!

Interestingly, Leicester’s intention last season was to stay in the league. The difference is that when they had achieved that, they continued to push their goals and objectives until it ended up in them winning the title. When do we ever do that?

We don’t show intent when it comes to winning. We do things, take stupid gambles and “see what happens”. We wait for the water to evaporate, instead of lighting a damn fire under it and forcing it to vaporise! A huge difference in mentality between Wenger and, say, Mourinho. And that’s why he won’t win the league until he leaves. Because if you don’t have the same hunger as your counterparts, and they have more resources than you, and you’re content to concede that rather than thinking about how to overturn the deficit by being more efficient and intelligent with your resources… You have no chance! WE have no chance!



Lucky number 7 for Newcastle

Liverpool v Newcastle United - Premier League

I know it’s In Rafa We Trust, but apparently the last six times we’ve played Fulham away, we’ve lost. Lucky number 7?

Joe Kinghere

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