Your Says of the Day: Mourinho’s masterclass; Benteke sale

Date published: Tuesday 5th July 2016 1:40

Jose Mourinho: Mentality questioned

Our readers reflect on Jose Mourinho’s first press conference as Man Utd boss, and discuss why Liverpool can’t keep Christian Benteke and why Diego Costa could shine under Antonio Conte.

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Finally  – a manager who knows Rooney ISN’T a 6 or a 8

This was the highlight of the prezzer.
The last 2 managers who Rooney tried to kid he was a midfielder are now in padded cells….

A message to Rooney. Score the goals or leave….



Interesting comments from JM. Wonder what Rooney thinks? Didn’t he say towards the of the season he wants to play in CM from now on and not as a striker? JM now saying its either number 9 or 10

Safe to say Zlatan will play upfront so Rooney as the number 10 has to score and assist. Lets see how long JM tolerates him as a number 10….



Rashford back on the bench

Marcus Rashford: Puts pen to paper on new United deal

Marcus Rashford will be on the bench as he should be, he’s 18 FFS! Always trying to find some issues!

Jose just delivered an absolute masterstroke of a presser. So pumped up for the new season after that. Loved his comments about youth as well. Basically saying people get credited for playing youth when a) they’ve got loads of injuries so have no choice or b) when they’re not challenging for titles so there’s no pressure. But he’s been in the title race every year since forever and has one of the lowest injury rates as a manager – but still brought through loads of youth players. Loved it!

He’s identified 4 players/positions to strengthen and he’s got 3 so there’s one more big one coming. Gotta say if you’re not well excited for the new season after seeing that then i’d seriously question what kind of satisfaction you get out of football!



Liverpool can’t reject improved Benteke bid

Can’t see us turning this improved bid down. What are your thoughts on this potential transfer? Benteke is a good player,but just doesn’t fit our style of play,and he seems unwilling or unable to adapt. With the likes of Zaha and Bolasie giving him ammunition,he should score a decent amount next season for you.

He should certainly give you more than the likes of Adebayor. To be fair to Christian,we don’t really have adequate wingers in our squad,so the service to him hasn’t always been there at times,but his lack of effort has been noticeable on a number of occasions,not showing for the ball,not giving the player in possession an option. I lost count of the amount of times I’d shout “You’re our only striker on the pitch,get in the bloody box!”

He’d be on the halfway line,or stuck out on the wing. He’s also missed 2 open goals,and 4 one-on-ones. Then,after that,just when you’ve had enough of him,he pops up with a goal and wins you the game. In a word,frustrating.

Anyway,just wanted to gauge your fanbases’ opinion on Benteke. Are u happy if this comes off? I think he’d fit in well at Palace personally,but he obviously needs the service. If he doesn’t get it,he’s anonymous.



Chelsea should keep Costa and not sign Pelle

Mousa Dembele: Banned for six games for Diego Costa incident

Seemingly Diego Costa wants to stay at Chelsea and play for Conte which is what Conte wants too?

If that’s the way it goes I still think we will sign someone like Pelle to go with Costa, Batshuayi and Traore with Abraham’s going out on loan. Playing with 2 strikers requires 4 quality strikers?

At least 2/3 players still to come in imo.

nine nine nine


Good news if Costa is ready to bang them in for us next season, as I said last time around, he needs to have the burden lifted off his shoulders and between the pressure to perform in every single game, he now has two other strikers who can come in and do their bit, two up top will require a fourth striker.

Reckon we’ll see a defender and hopefully someone added to midfield. other than that, it’s going to be interesting to see where Fabregas fits in and who will play alongside him. the signing of Batshuayi is a very solid one imo. him Costa will terrorise defences like will….. anyhow.



I am against signature of Pelle. He would not add too much to our squad. I believe Costa should stay and Michy Batshuayi and probably Alvaro Morata will complement him. But let’s see how thing goes…



Could Arsenal re-sign ‘traitor’ Van Persie?

I despised him too but as a backup player and considering that Danny Welbeck is out for a long term, he can still be useful.

I certainly prefer us to sign him back rather not having anymore striker as a cover for Giroud. However, being ambitious, signing Aubameyang would be good. I just hope Arsene doesn’t continue to rely on Giroud too much.



I think my sentiments on the Dutch traitor are well enough documented on here, but even if you can still stomach the sight of him, you have to ask yourself why Fenerbach seem so happy to let him go.

This isn’t a case of him forcing another move – they actively want to get rid.



Assessing Wales’ Euro 2016 semi-final chances

Wales: Celebrate their winner

The problem now is people expect Wales to win now.

It’s a very tough game but they have a massive chance. Ramsey is a massive loss though.

If wales perform like they did againest belgium they will win. If they play like they did againest england they will lose

Anyone read the daily mails article about 9 welsh players being English? Disgraceful.

sean the sailor


I hope they can do it but I fear that an awful Portugal side will continue to fluke their way through this tournament



The Welsh can do it, but they’ll miss Ben Davies as much as Ramsay. If they defend with discipline, I don’t see Portugal scoring against them. Then they have Bale who can win any match with his brilliance.
Although Wales have been brilliant, I’m afraid France vs Germany will be the real final of Euro ’16. They are by far the best teams in the tournament and my money is on the French as the Germans will be missing Hummels and Khedira.



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