Your Says of the Day: Nani better than Depay, keep Coutinho

Ian Watson
Nani: Moved to Valenica

Nani: Moved to Valenica

The possibilities of Man Utd re-signing Nani and Liverpool selling Coutinho are discussed, while there is little love for Zlatan and Berahino.

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Come back, Nani?

Nani was our best player in 2011 and gave us some tremendous goals and performances down the years. Yes he was inconsistent but then again he was a constant thorn in many teams’ side despite having to play in Ronaldo’s shadow and very rarely playing down the right wing which was his preferred side.

Nani is and will always be a better player than Depay – forget the age, Depay is rubbish compared to Nani at the same age. Nani is another player that people underrated because they kept comparing him to the superstars we had in the past when, in reality, like Evra, Hernandez and RVP, he was better than what we currently have.

When Carrick, Valencia and Young move on people will realise this about them too – or they won’t because they can’t see it.

With all this said, I wouldn’t have him back at United, his time has come and gone for our club.

Sympathy for the Devils


Bored of Zlatan

The perfect clown for the Mourinho circus? All the stupid games about his future I think we have s match made in heaven. Everybody and their dog knows the ego will sign for Utd so enough of the childish crap please Zlat, you’re starting to sound like a tool.



Philippe Coutinho: Focused on ending Liverpool's trophy wait

Keep Coutinho

Say what you like about Coutinho but the reality is that he is one of our best, if not, best player. If we keep losing our best players we’re never going to improve. I’ve said before, if PSG want him we should ask for some players in return, if not tell them to take a hike. Either one of Verratti or Lucas Moura or both would add to our squad and both are players who fit the profile of what we’re supposedly looking for in new signings. Other teams play hardball with us so we should do the same.



Little hope for Belgium

Watched them over the last four years since they have had this exciting batch of players, they are seriously negative and boring to watch. They need rid of this manager soon as.



Bad egg Berahino

So, Mr Hammond would like to keep Saido Berahino. I would too if we kept the guy from two years ago, rather than the complete waste of space we’ve seen over the last 12 months! There’s no point using a valuable squad position for a player with no interest in putting any effort in. Would rather sell for whatever we can get and move on with a player that’s going to give 100% to the club. This MUST have an effect on morale no matter what the club may say.



Let Matic follow Mourinho

Matic never really impressed me. He had a good run the season before when everyone was performing but when the chips went down he did not have the character to find that form. I understand that applies to a lot of the team but towards the latter part of the season quite a few them did okay. Let him go to United. We need the money and he won’t be missed.