Your Says of the Day: Neville wrong to pick Owen over Fowler

Date published: Friday 14th October 2016 11:25

Gary Neville’s preference of striker in the best Liverpool XI he faced has caused some debate, but Michael Owen is rated elsewhere as world-class…

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Gary Neville’s best Liverpool XI

GK: Reina
LB: Carragher
RB: Babbel
CB: Henchoz
CB: Hyypia
LM: Barnes
RM: Gerrard
CM: Mascherano
CM: Alonso
ST: Owen
ST: Torres

A few surprises in there for me. I’m surprised he didn’t pick Fowler, as Fowler scored a lot against them at his peak, and made Neville look a mug a few times. I’m surprised he didn’t pick Riise as well. He says that “I don’t think Liverpool have had many good full backs”. Riise was certainly a good full back. What about Rob Jones? One of the only players who ever gave Giggs a tough game. Steve Finnan? He was top drawer. Glen Johnson was pretty good as well. Neville’s talking s*** re the full backs. He also said he would have picked Suarez over Torres, but he obviously never played vs Suarez.

What do you reckon to his team?


Gary Neville Michael Owen


Why England struggle

English players don’t get the game time in the Premier League, the don’t get the chance to learn on the job, make mistakes, gain experience and bounce back. 20 years ago we were a better side than Spain, football changes very quickly and whilst right now England are incredibly poor and have been for 10 years we do have a footy-mad nation and kids still love booting the ball around on a weekend and whilst that’s still happening we will produce a few decent kids. I still think the last world class player England produced was Michael Owen.




Salary caps for kids

It’s about time, the FA and the PL should make it mandatory. No doubt clubs will find ways around it, like buying houses for families coming in from overseas etc. Still, it’s a step in the right direction at least.

There is too much money in the game but to be fair, the money is there because of the players and it’s only right that they should get a share of the cash but not until they earn it. I’ve no problem with big name players getting 100k a week as I’d prefer to see it there instead of lining the likes of Glazer or Abramovic’s pockets.


Lucas Perez: Struggled on Arsenal debut

Look at Lucas Perez against Swans

Not sure on the validity of the information, but it was being reported in Chile initially, that Alexis Sanchez won’t play this weekend due to the international fixture/travel. Not ideal when you consider that Giroud is not fit either but hopefully its a chance for Perez to come back in and show us what he can do. It also means Theo needs to continue to step up and take on even more responsibility in the absence of the other two.

I think its a good game to give Lucas a chance through the middle, at home against a struggling team who are currently in something of a transitional period. Obviously we know he likes to roam and sometimes adopt wide areas and move inside. Hopefully a front three of Lucas, Theo and Iwobi can be nice and fluid. Plenty of pace between the three of them and lots of movement for Ozil to work with.

I hate international football as much as the next man and these breaks can often be so disruptive to momentum. Chelsea, Spurs and City all have tough games this week and obviously so do United and Liverpool, squaring off on Monday. Its absolutely vital we win this game and keep the pressure on. Its an absolute must.


Chelsea Courtois

Courtois on the slide

Aindro – I agree with you that in his first season I thought Courtois was exceptional which kind of validated the decision to bring him back. Since then I think he has gone backwards

I do not think he has been the same since his injury the other season and I will agree, to a degree, that many goals were unstoppable but not all of them

However, equally I would also agree that last season and still this season we can all see our defence is nowhere near as strong as it historically has been meaning more shots coming at Courtois and so the odds obviously move in favour of conceding more goals – so possibly a combination of the defence and the keeper…?

I would argue that when the defence has confidence in their keeper then they tend to play better and with more confidence, This season the individual errors are exceptional and I wonder if any of these could be attributed to the fact that the defence now has less confidence in the keeper…?

Bit of a vicious circle possibly..? KTBFFH


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