Your Says of the Day: No great need for Arsenal to spend

Date published: Friday 11th December 2015 11:31

Jack Wilshere: Only a reserve player for Arsenal?

Also, why was Louis van Gaal ever allowed to change Manchester United’s style of play? Plus reaction to the Europa League…

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Do Arsenal even need to spend in January?

In July I said that unless there is a player who is world class and would improve the first 11 like Cech has the squad is strong enough. I still believe that to be true.

With all the injuries we have, players are stepping up – Flamini and Campbell two recent good examples. We also have world class players coming back. Wilshire is back in training and Welbeck will be soon too. Also we have many young players in reserve that will need to be given a chance – our squad is very strong.

So for me possibly the first 11 can be improved and of course we should always look to improve. I have a feeling Wenger might bring in a centre midfielder, but I really don’t believe he needs to – unless they are like PV4 of course.


Champions League can help Gunners in title bid

I think we’re all still buzzing from last night’s result, but up until kick-off a major topic amongst us Gooners was how good or bad qualifying would be for our title ambitions.

I think it’s gotta be a good thing, hasn’t it? The players will be buzzing too and we all needed this lift after ‘Nightmare November’.

Hopefully, they can start building some real momentum now. Villa won’t be anywhere near as easy as they had been. Remi is still waiting for his first win, but it’s coming and I’m sure he’ll be psyched up for his first game against his old boss. Then it’s City.

I know Olympiakos aren’t exactly Barca, but the feel-good factor could well be enough to get us six points from our next two, which would in turn be a great way to go into the Christmas programme – I definitely think we stand a much better chance now.

I think that win has done our PL hopes a lot more good than harm, even once the knock-out rounds start.


Why has Van Gaal been allowed to change Man Utd style?

Does anyone else think it strange that Man Utd have allowed their style to be changed at all? After 20 years of domestic domination, why change?

I’m trying to imagine how the conversation went with the board and LVG.

‘Hi, welcome to Man Utd, we’ve won 13 league titles since 1992 and the way we’ve done that is by playing fast, attacking football with great wingers and fantastic goal scorers. Obviosuly we’ve had a fairly solid defence at times also, but the attacking part is much more important because we like to keep the fans entertained.

‘LVG – Ohhh right, well actually what I like to do is get a load of players who are comfortable on the ball and who can keep possession. Then we keep possession and we keep the ball with us always and then the other team can’t score. And then eventually we get a breakthrough and score a goal at the other end. So we win the game.’

‘Wow, Louis – you’ve done a fantastic job here today, your philosophy sounds incredible and we really think you’re the man to take us back to the top!’


Another positive night for Tottenham

A very nice 4-1 win with a only 3/4 first team players. I was very impressed with Onomah and Njie. Wimmer looks ok as back-up. Carroll showed signs, and a nice goal. Trippier, why did he never go outside, he had ample opportunities?

And the negative..Bentaleb, Flashy and Stupid. He has got some skills, but does not know how to use them. Was partly at fault for the goal, and needlessly gave the ball away several times. He is miles behind Dier in my opinion.


But less so for Liverpool…

Firmino – a firm no for me. Brad Smith did OK; entire midfield played sloppy football, but the pitch was awful. How can you host European football and not have under soil heating? It was like the dark days of away ties in the 70s and 80s.

Not a great performance all in all. Highlight of the night was Sion’s celebrations. Great night for them.

Relieved we qualified top after the Rodgers debacle. Well done Jurgen for giving us a glimmer of hope and putting clean sheets back on our resume.

St Etienne

A worried Liverpool fan

Our record in matches after European nights is poor. Take into account our last two recent performances/results and I’m very worried about the match this weekend.

I imagine our back five remains as normal with Migs, Clyne, Skrtel, Lovren, Moreno.

I was very surprised by the inclusion of Can last night as he’s been our best midfielder so far (Lucas?) so I thought we’d have kept him fresh for Sunday.

I imagine our midfield will be Lucas, Can and possibly Allen as he featured at the weekend but not last night. That leaves the inconsistent Benteke to start up front with Coutinho and maybe Ibe or Lallana behind.

We need to grind out a win on Sunday. 1-0 will do it. If we can put in a performance too then brilliant but it’s all about the three points after playing away in Europe. Considering the players are still not back from Sion, it’s gonna be tough.


Things are looking up for Chelsea

I agree with others that our defense is certainly getting better. Iva is improving, and Zouma, Cahill and Terry start to gel. Azpi should start more often too; bench Baba until he’s solid enough defensively. Matic and Ramires together, we should build on that.

I believe with the defense improving, the attack will slowly gain confidence too. Hazard has to step up, he’s certainly improving compared to the beginning of this season. I have feeling that Costa will score against Leicester, let’s see.

Hope that we’ll win against Leicester – I hope lady luck be with us this time. And again, I’d like Oscar to start ahead Fabregas as he offers more than Fabregas attacking and defending.


Reaction to Bolton Wanderers problems

It’s hard to be anything else but both shattered and angered by the sorrowful situation there now. The blame game needs to be suspended for now and a real effort made to get the club sold before administration kicks in.

One thing I would say, though, is that regardless of league, be it Championship or League One, we are all lovers of our club and we would support them come hell or high water.


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