Your Says of the Day: No Mourinho miracles; Pep getting a pass

Date published: Thursday 20th October 2016 12:33

Jose Mourinho: Doing things his way

Pep Guardiola is escaping the level of scrutiny other managers are subjected to, while Jose Mourinho is delivering to Manchester United exactly as one of our readers expected.

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Guardiola getting away with it

He drops Aguero, I haven’t heard anyone on here questioning that decision? The new GK Bravo doesn’t seem the magnificent GK everyone was raving about when he was bought and oh can you please remind me when last City won a game? If it was Jose I’m sure he would have been slaughtered around here. I can’t imagine the reaction around here if he fields a team with no recognisable striker against Chelsea. Same old Pep.



Bravo bother

Frankly as a keeper he is less than ordinary. This is a serious blind spot and it is going to cost us dear. Clearly Pep wont have it. Yesterday he basically cost us any chance in the game. Willy is barely adequate as a substitute.

Some of you should remove the rose tinted specs. Bravo is simply a liability.


Claudio Bravo: Nervy start for Man City

…Joe must have watched that last night and p*ssed himself laughing at Clownio Bravo ! Pep has dropped a major b*llock with this fella, total accident waiting to happen.



Hiddink & Droga: Reports duo are to work together at Blues

Another return for Drogba?

So allegedly Drogba is coming to the end of his contract at Montreal.

Earlier this year he was seen with Roman Abramovich in his private box igniting the rumours that he was on his way back to the Bridge in some capacity.

No doubt the same rumours will start again soon enough, however could we realistically expect to see him return in a coaching role? Especially if we had the likes of Abrahams back in the squad.

Just throwing it in there for debate!



Jose Mourinho: Insists he'll pick the players he wants

What else did you expect?

I know it is early days, but I remember creating a thread a while back mentioning why some wanted Mourinho considering the football he is known for. I do not mind his tactics, it is a results business and if he parks the bus during the match to get a result against an in-form side, then so be it. People will mention transfer fees and wages, but football is not all about that. Barcelona were pummelling Real Madrid half a decade ago with a team that cost a lot less than Real Madrid’s. Liverpool beat United four games on the trot 15 years ago with a team that cost a lot less than Manchester United etc.

I am happy with Mourinho, but it seems like some were expecting something miraculous to happen as soon as he walked through the door judging by some comments.



Henrikh Mkhitaryan: Picked up an injury playing for Armenia

Europa interest

Do we have absolutely zero interest in this competition fellas?

I reckon this is a good game for United to get a feel for the squad. I want to see Memphis, Martial, Mkhitaryan, Schneiderlin, and Fosu-Mensah on the pitch today. These players need an opportunity to show what they can do against a moderately difficult opponent in Fenerbahce.

It also will be good to see the reception RvP gets from the fans which I am sure will be warm.



Mesut Ozil Arsenal


Rio’s selfie stick

Apparently, Rio Ferdinand is upset that the Arsenal players took celebratory photo last night and posted it on Twitter. He thinks they should wait until they win a trophy.

What the f*** has it got to do with him? People take pictures of what they had for breakfast and post them on Twitter. I don’t do Twitter myself, but I know that Ferdinand does and, if his on TV persona is anything to go by, I’d wager that he posts a lot of nonsense that few other people could care less about.

Tell you what Rio. If you don’t like what Ozil posts on his Twitter account, don’t follow him – muppet!

Al The Gooner

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