Your Says of the Day: Ox would thrive at United; Spurs draw thoughts

Date published: Tuesday 26th April 2016 1:20

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: Linked with Man Utd switch

Also, Liverpool fans welcome the Hillsborough verdict, while Leicester are finally starting to sense Premier League title reality.

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Justice, at last

Justice: Finally achieved

It’s taken a generation but at last we have justice for the 96 innocent victims of Hillsborough. There now can be no doubt they were all unlawfully killed. There can no longer be any blame attached to any of the Liverpool fans at the match on that awful day.

The unacceptable failings of those in control have now been exposed. There will be consequences for those people who now must face up to what they did. Will there also be an apology from The Sun? Somehow I doubt it. All Liverpool fans thoughts are with the families of the victims and their magnificent efforts over all these years to get the truth.

That day has arrived at last. Our thanks also to the club and all those who campaigned to bring us to this day. We have seen a disgraceful, corrupt attempt by authorities to cover up their incompetence. This was compounded by a slur campaign of lies to try and justify the unjustifiable. May all 96 rest in peace.


Justice has prevailed at last. Those fans who were wrongfully blamed have now been exonerated and now the families of those who perished on April 15 1989 can now get some sense of closure.

Whether the establishment and a certain newspaper will totally retract everything they have said over the years is anyone’s guess but the main thing is that the Jury have found that the fans were definitely NOT to blame. Y.N.W.A. JFT 96


Leicester close to the finish line

They could probably go for an attacking approach this Sunday, and probably be quite relaxed, although I think Ranieri will still keep them tied to the ground professionally until the job is actually done.

With Rooney rediscovering form, and one or two of their players capable in Martial and Rashford, I still think this will be one of Leicester’s hardest of games and could end in a draw.

Depending on how Tottenham fare at Chelsea a week tonight, even a defeat wouldn’t even matter, having Everton and Chelsea to play.



At no point this season have I allowed myself to get excited about potentially winning the league, only now do I really feel it though. I think I am like most Foxes supporters who really have had no expectations from this season. If anything it has always been about hope, not expectation. When we sacked Nigel Pearson and signed Claudio Ranieri I had already resigned myself to going down.

Then the magical 40 points came midway through the season and then the next goal was to make Europe, then Champions League, then top two. Now top spot is ours for the taking. I think that low level of expectation is also what has helped the players too. I can’t think of a single game this season where Leicester players have been complacent, none of them have gone out there expecting to win, they’ve gone out there with the desire to win and I think that has been the key to keeping the team grounded and taking each game at a time.

People have been asking me all season, “you’ll be gutted if you don’t win it”. My response all season has been that, sure I’d be disappointed, but never in a million years did I think we would be in this position and if we didn’t do it from here and still ended up in the Champions League I’ll be over the moon. But now, from this point I would be gutted.



Don’t even think Leicester require a win, a point will suffice, especially if Spurs drop more points against Chelsea next week. People are still debating about who deserves to win this league, it’s Leicester by a country mile.

Tipped to go down at the start, they’ve just kept on winning and grinding out results when under pressure. This is the arguably the greatest accomplishment in football history. Odds of 5000/1, imagine having placed a cheeky twenty quid!



Have Spurs lost their bottle?

Dele Alli: Confronts nemesis Claudio Yacob

No way have Spurs bottled it. They were never in the lead to bottle it. Arsenal in my opinion, threw the league away. Spurs have been excellent this season. They have a very humble manager but I do see the comparisons to Brendan Rodgers. This time two years ago, Rodgers was the future for everyone. He was being haled as a genius. Most Liverpool fans knew this was a one off and we would fail the next season.

I see Pochettino been touted for the Real Madrid and Manchester United jobs. It’s silly. I think Spurs will struggle to get into the top four next season as well. Lets see if Pochettino can really bring this side forward. Maybe i am totally wrong but it just seems very similar to Liverpool and Rodgers two seasons back. Poch needs to stay at spurs and show this season was not a once off.

Sean the sailor


Going to play devils advocate here, I see no reason to think (if we keep everybody!) we can’t repeat the same. We started of slowly, way too many draws at the start of the season and I certainly do disagree that all the “big” clubs will be back up there next season. Too many new managers and undoubtedly too many new players when the money clubs spend 100/200 million this summer. Don’t forget this Spud side is the youngest in the League…only going to get better in my humble opinion.


What a huge chance missed for Spurs last night. The way the fixtures have come out Leicester have a very tough finish which Spurs know.

Hard to say if they bottled it or not, nerves played its part last night but in some ways Spurs are in second position by default as the standard at the top of the league is so low this season, Spurs are of a much lower standard than what most second placed teams in other seasons so it is less of a surprise that they drop points to West Bromwich Albion than it would be for second placed teams most seasons. Spurs still have an outside chance as I don’t expect Leicester to beat United at Old Trafford.


United to raid Gunners?

I think both [Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain] need a change of scene to reignite their careers and United desperately need wingers/forwards. They can both do a job at United and are upgrades on Lingard/Mata/Depay. Being English is a bonus too.

The downside is that I doubt Arsenal would sell to us. Also, they’d probably want a bomb for the pair of them. Personally, I’d take both of them if given the chance as long as they’re not too expensive; if I had to take one it would probably be Oxlade-Chamberlain simply because of his age compared to Walcott’s.

Sympathy for the Devils


I don’t want either of these players. Walcott is a flop. He is 27 and has not done anything to earn a transfer to Manchester United or to justify his hype – he has no bottle and is quite simply average, ask Arsenal fans. Oxlade-Chamberlain I am not so sure about but I think there is a good player in there somewhere.

Either way I doubt Wenger would sell these players to United, he sees them as his children in a way. That is why he accepts their lack of actual results and they don’t get shipped off.

United need a a proper, proven right winger. Neither of these players fit the criteria.


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