Your Says of the Day: Pain and dysfunction – the Mourinho effect

Date published: Tuesday 1st November 2016 1:22

Jose Mourinho: Struggles continue at Manchester United

Jose Mourinho’s actions have once again divided Manchester United’s fans, while Liverpool supporters debate the most-improved player under Jurgen Klopp.

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Mourinho NEVER learns and isn’t in control of his emotions

Mourinho brings a lot of the criticism on himself with some of his silly antics and I can understand the negativity from opposition fans towards him.

But it’s foolish imo of opposition fans to let that cloud their judgement in recognising Mourinho’s abilities as a football Manager even if his style of play is not to their liking.

You don’t get to win multiple League titles in 4 different countries if you are not a talented Manager.

I’m a little surprised that Mourinho has embroiled himself in some of the controversies he has at United as I thought he would have learned something from last season and as I said in a previous post I do wonder whether he wouldn’t have been better taking a complete break from the game like Pep did before taking on such a massive role like the one at United.

Having said that if he can get his head right I wouldn’t bet against his managerial ability supported by United’s considerable resources making United a force again sooner rather than later. Cheers

nine nine nine


As a Chelsea fan, it was a massive relief when we finally sacked Jose last season, such was the pain and dysfunction he’d caused. However, many Chelsea fans still have some love for him from his first stint with us mainly.

IMHO I feel a little sorry for him as I don’t think he’s the same guy he was back in the early 2000s. I think the Real experience scarred him and he’s never been the same since – not in control of his own emotions now, which is bad news for any football manager.



Too soon to write Mourinho off?

All managers are hypocrites, the problem is Jose Mourinho is the biggest. He complains about Antonio Conte – yet he does the same himself. He just doesn’t help himself at all. He has continued on from were he left off last season. He had a meltdown in the tunnel on sat by the sounds of it and is in trouble again. I don’t see any Man Utd fans defending his behaviour.

If people are honest then United did get a raw deal on Saturday with some decisions. It’s no wonder he lost it – but he needs to keep his cool.

It’s far to early to judge Jose. As others says, let’s see where he and United are in 18 months time. He is still in the top three best mangers in the world. He has had a bad 15 months but its far to early to judge and rule United out of anything.

Sean the Sailor


Liverpool’s most improved player under Klopp?

Jurgen Klopp: Unhappy with Liverpool performance

I thought it would be interesting to examine who we think between us has made the largest incremental improvement since Jurgen has been at the club. By incremental improvement we have to look at where the player was, in our opinions, last year…

Lovren…Was – an accident waiting to happen. You could sense the nervousness in the crowd when he was on the ball. A long way from justifying his £20m fee
Now – notwithstanding his cock-up(s) on Saturday, he has developed in to a much more solid player who shows signs of developing a good partnership with Joel Matip. A leader at the back.

Milner…Was – a solid, unspectacular player who was struggling to find a role for himself under Rodgers. Jack of all trades, master of none
Now – where did this come from? A fine left back in EVERY sense. Unlike his predecessor, he can attack AND defend. Top penalty taker also!

Hendo…Was – struggling to adapt to life without Gerrard. Responsibility was too much. Too happy to always play the easy ball
Now – if not Captain Fantastic, then Captain Pretty ****ing Good. You sense he has grown in to the captaincy role, and is a real leader of this team. And scored a worldie at the Bridge! And added more assists to his game (wonderful ball for Bobby on Saturday)

Lallana…Was – capable of tying himself in knots by doing more useless Cruyff turns in one game than Johann did in his life. Crowd were getting on his back – no end product…or beginning or middle product!
Now – arguably the first name on the teamsheet. He epitomises Jurgen’s gegenpressing…and seems to have added goals to his game this season. Benefitting from one game a week.

Coutinho…Was – capable of brilliance, but only in one game in five or six. Has been our player of the year for the last 2 years, but that says as much about the rest of the team as it does about our little magician.
Now – has added consistency to his game. He also now sees that there ARE other options other than cutting in from the left and letting fly. A really intelligent footballer, and our jewel in the crown.

Firmino…Was – struggling bigtime to justify his £29m fee. Couldn’t find his right position, and so the fans were left wondering ‘What’s the point of Bobby?’
Now – has forced Sturridge out of the team. Supremely talented footballer whose game has everything…goals, tricks, a phenomenal workrate…and a stupid haircut!

Origi…Was – a lightweight player who looked as though he didn’t believe he was good enough to be playing at Anfield. Looked like the player who was voted in the worst team in Ligue Un while he was at Lille
Now – has bulked up…looks a goal threat and has the confidence to run at defenders, and is providing Sturridge with some very real competition to be Jurgen’s ‘go-to’ substitute

So, sorry it’s a little long-winded, but would be interested to know who you think has shown the biggest improvement. I know who I think, but I’ll keep that to myself for now. Over to you, fellas!

hightown hope


Chelsea’s winter business

Antonio Conte

I think Chelsea should not buy anyone in January. Better to save the money for summer and assess better the situation as some youngsters will return as most posters stated.

I mentioned Griezman as he is a great player and I think exactly the one who can complement Hazard, but I understand perfectly that Atletico would be reluctant to sell.

I am happy that the youngsters at the club start to get opportunities, hope that they’ll improve. Chalobah looks promising, he may be the main backup for Matic and Kanté. Aina will be the main back up for Moses. The problem is RLC, he does not get that much opportunity at the moment. Does Conte trust him? Seems no.



Spurs fans fearing Arsenal clash

The biggest, and from my point of view, and I’m sure others Arsenal v Spurs is the most uncomfortable game to watch of the season.

Arsenal are going into this on fire, and scoring for fun, and we are looking defensively strong; and that’s about it. However, despite our poor form we have gone so long without a win that maybe, just maybe, we might nick one on Sunday; as we know, the form goes out of the window in these fixtures, and you never know, an Arsenal player may score an own goal to win it for us, as our players seem incapable of scoring.

Also, please drop Erikssen and put N’Koudou in place as the former can’t even be relied upon is set pieces now.



Liverpool’s front three among world’s best?

Philippe Coutinho Sadio Mane

Chris Waddle says that Mane,Coutinho & Firmino are the Premier League’s Suarez,Neymar & Messi. Some praise that….

Anyone care to rank the top five best front threes in world football…?



Credit to Hughes and impressive Stoke

Well played Stoke fans concerned after what started off as very difficult. Always have the respect for SPARKY and KUDOS if anything in him sticking it out and graduallly finding his way through the gears; top man and congrats on the win tonight against Swansea ?



Man Utd need to strengthen central midfield

Over the past 2/3 months some of us have bemoaned the lack of player quality in the MF, and the failure to convincingly strengthen this part of the team during the summer.

Granted Pogba was signed then, but it was obvious that 2/3 others were required, depending on the style of play the new manager was going to bring.
Hopefully this will start to be addressed during the January window, and by the end of next summers window there should be a formidable MF in place.


Morgan Schneiderlin: Could be rested by Manchester United

I don’t believe this at all. We’ve invested massively in the Central MF over the last couple of years, massively!!

Schneiderlin, everyone seems to have forgotten, was one of the first names on the team sheet for a portion of last season and our win ratio was fantastic when he started in the middle. We’ve got Herrera who’s come on leaps and bounds since Mourinho took over and we’ve got the most expensive player in football history who plays there as well. That’s 3 top quality players for 2 positions.

As cover we have a world cup winner who’s recently come back into the squad, Fellaini who isn’t good enough and TFM coming through as well as Carrick who still has a lot to offer. We’ve got Pereira out on loan too.

The last position we should be buying in is Central Midfield. Pogba, Herrera and Schneiderlin with Carrick/Schweinsteiger covering and TFM building up his first team experience. Even Blind can play there!

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