Your Says of the Day: Pep could ‘unite dressing room Jose divided’

Date published: Friday 13th November 2015 1:12

Pep Guardiola & Jose Mourinho: Head to head in China

Also why Jack Wilshere holds Arsenal back, the Ballon d’Or 1,2,3 and why Liverpool fans will always be doubters.

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Guardiola ‘could unite the dressing room Mourinho divided’

Appointing Pep Guardiola as Chelsea manager will be a dream come true as I admire his style of management. He is not as dramatic as our Mourinho is.

If we can’t get him and the choice is between Diego Simone and Carlo Ancelotti, I would pick Carlo over Simone any given day.

But this can’t go on longer, because the longer it goes the more disastrous it gets.

My question is will Mourinho agree to end his off field issues and focus on the football issues? He has himself to blame for this difficult period of his managerial career -and he deserves no sympathy.

Make no mistake he isn’t a volunteer like I and you. He is an employee and got no loyalty to this club like I and you got. £10m+ isn’t a joke ! He can’t abdicate his responsibility and blame Eden Hazard and Nemanja Matic. They only work with the instructions they are given.

I think the next 5 games will make or break our season. If Mourinho is serious about that he is in this club for the longer run.

He should make a statement of intent by dropping the under performing players except Hazard, Costa, Terry and Cahill, who are all struggling for form.

We needed to sign a CB in the summer, but still we went to sign Pedro who has brought nothing in to the table, apart from his debut game.

At this moment Mourinho is the dividing figure in our dressing room because there can never be a pro and against the manager. The sooner he focuses the result the better for both parties.



No matter what Klopp says, all Liverpool fans are doubters

Jurgen Klopp talks about fans turning from doubters to believers. I will always be a doubter no matter who is charge. I just cannot chnage my mindset and its annoying.

when we were going for the league two years back, i aired caution before we had to play chelsea while so,me fans thought the league was already won. What a huge disappointment that was. When people startred getting carried away after gpoing 13 games unbeaten last season, i knew were one game away from everything going wrong. It seems to be our mantra these days. Then we beat chelsea who are in poor form and people start talking winning the league. Maddness

People talk about injuries etc being a problem. I have always said we are cursed. I don’t mean itliterally but we have seemed to use up a lot of our luck in 05. Theres always one problem after the other with players not performing or our best players being injured. I was very sceptical about Klopp coming in. I didn’t say anything as i would have been jumped on and called negative as usual. The worry is we have a genuine top class coach in but people are believing he is a miracle worker. He did really well at dortmund but it doesnt mean he will do great here. I’m always cautious but i wish i could change my mindset and be more positive. Everytime we think a corner has been turned we take two steps back.

The man needs time. He needs his own players in and we need to learn how to defend.The hype of him coming here was just way overboard.Its like we being set up for a big fall already. I hope i am wrong and Klop is the saviour people make him out to be. I like listening to the man. I think we have improved in 4 weeks under him and we are enjoyable to watch again. Do people really think he can change our fortunes around this time?I know no one can predict the future but history always has me doubting. I hope to he is the man to really bring us forward. No doubt the club has had a lift but people/media etc will all turn on him if things turn sour. I think he has this season for teething problems and it doesnt matte were we finish. Then hopefully he can get his own players in and we can push on but i just have niggling doubts abou tit all.

Apologies for the negative post as i know the man is only here amonth and has genuine class but i just cant shake that bad feeling that no matter what, we will always take one step forward and two steps back until we start getting the right player sin.

Sean the Sailor


Injured quartet hold Gunners back

Jack Wilshere is good as an advanced midfielder getting involved in attacks but he is bang average when it comes to tracking back and helping out the defence.

Its all moot though as he is never fit for long enough periods. You cant build your team around a player you cant rely on to be fit. In the end its counter productive.

Is it just an Arsenal problem though? On paper they have one of the strongest attacking squads in the league but how often are all the players fit to choose from?


These 4 are always injured. Add to that Welbeck who never had any major injury issues at Utd yet suddenly now at Arsenal cant seem to stay fit. If you add the constant long term injuries to these players on top of your average injuries for a premier league squad its no wonder there has been no league title for over a decade.



Neymar to finish second in Balon d’Or

I was talking to my colleague about the best players in the world this year. I’ve said 1. Messi, 2. Neymar and 3. Ronaldo.

He laughed at me and insisted Ronaldo will come second at the end of the year at FIFA’s next World Player gala.

Well, I think Neymar is the second best player behind Messi, for what he has done over the past season till now. If FIFA gave out a Ballon d’Or every month instead of once a year – and let’s face it they could afford the gold – Neymar would have scooped October’s and be well on the way to winning November’s prize too.

Neymar is already at the level of Messi and Ronaldo. He has already scored 183 goals in 317 games aged 23. At the same age neither Messi nor Ronaldo had reached such heights.

theMartial art


Liverpool to take Chelsea’s top-four place

After 12 games we are just about a third of the way through the season. The table is not fully settled but there are some safe assumptions that can be made. Personally, I think it is shocking that Paul Merson has predicted that Chelsea will close the 13 point gap between themselves and the 4th spot. It would be an unbelievable feat, they would have to go on a run of championship winning form AND they would need Manchester United, Leicester City, Liverpool, Spurs, West Ham, and Southampton to play way below their potential.

Here are my predictions:

1. Manchester City
2. Arsenal
3. Manchester United
4. Liverpool
5. Tottenham Hotspur
6. Leicester City
7. Chelsea
8. Southampton
9. West Ham
10. Everton
11. Crystal Palace
12. Swansea
13. Stoke City
14. Newcastle United
15. West Bromwich Albion
16. Norwich
17. Watford
18. Aston Villa
19. Bournemouth
20. Sunderland

Villa for the drop.



Deja vu from Wenger over spending

De ja vu anyone. Arsene Wenger is not lying. What we know is what he said. Not what lurks behind it. He treats the clubs money as if it was his own. Thats his words.

He does not want to bankrupt the club. His words.

Spending a portion of whats in the bank, will it bankrupt the club? No. Will it harm the club? Like all things potentially it could.

He may buy a player who does not fit into the dressing room. Equally it could push us onto the title. He does it his way. Thats fine, thats what he is paid to do after all.

When it works great we hail the man as a genius, when it does not fans have the right to ask questions of why.

What gets me most is that everyone on the boards says for example this summer he should have purchased more outfield players.

If we had we would have had a stronger pool of players no doubt but then who makes way?

For me we could have lost 3 mids in Flamini/Arteta/Rosicky. If Flamini went would we then have been in a position where we had not beaten Spuds this season. Who knows. I suppose it all comes down to what was available. In our eyes we saw players available that would improve our team/squad.

Wenger did not see that and part of that most surely would have been down to the transfer fees the way that they are now.

We have had a few bad games but we are still lying 2nd in the league. I cannot remember the last time that happened. It may be due to other teams getting poorer results or it may very well be that other teams are improving their ability.

At present for me the 1 player who has lit up our league so far that moved this summer is Payet for Hammers. On reflection of that for me would he have made our team in place of Ozil? I leave it to others to discuss.



Amavi blow ‘horrendous news’ for Villa

Horrendous injury to Jordan Amavi. What a shame.

Our best player pretty much this year with a fantastic future but it’s a serious looking injury. I doubt he’ll be the same player if he comes back.

What a blow to an already demoralised squad.



City’s best centre-half combination

Nicolas Otamendi has won me over, but to be honest I do prefer the left and right foot combination that Kompany has with Mangala.

I think now Mangala might stay.

Not sure whether there’s a language problem though as we have two Spanish speakers, one Portuguese and one French. Does this explain Otamendi and Managala not doing as well? We know Vinnie and Demichellis speak English, plus Demichellis has a wise head.
A bit long winded but if Mangala is third choice behind Demichellis, he will be looking to leave in the next window.



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