Your Says of the Day: Pep doesn’t fancy the tough jobs

Date published: Monday 1st February 2016 5:27

Pep Guardiola: Favourite to take over at Manchester City

Pep Guardiola will bring European glory to Manchester City, but it is another easy job for the Bayern Munich coach. Also: John Terry, Man Utd and Mario Balotelli.

City will win Champions League under Pep

City’s current squad + their financial might+ plus their infra structure + Guardiola looks nigh on unstoppable to me over the next few seasons.

I will be truly amazed if City don’t win the CL over the next three seasons. Good luck to them though the likes of Big Jim etc have lived through the bad times too!

nine nine nine


Pep the coward

Cant say I was too interested in him coming to the Bridge. But Pep has been confirmed as City’s new manager. I think he’s had a charmed existence in football to date. He has inherited two world class sides and will inherit another very good quality squad at city. He’s taken the easy option on both occasions and is taking a third. Lets face it, Pellegrini won a title with City and has struggled since. Discuss.



Pressure on Pep

It’s a shame that he doesn’t feel the need to challenge himself. Walking into ready made club after ready made club. I’m still in the “he’s not all that” camp until he proves himself at a non-elite club and makes them into an elite club. It’s not sour grapes either by the way. I think Utd was the perfect project for him and the ideal opportunity to show that he can do more than keep an elite club elite. Maybe he has a fear of failure.

Ironically he’ll have more pressure on him at City. Anything less than a league title and a challenge for the CL and fans will want Pellegrini back.



What next for United?

City got Guardiola and we are stuck with LVG, who is making United go backwards then forwards. He’s saying United needs three years to get everything in order…. Just think what would happen when the new manager will come. New ideas, new players, new style of play… Just cannot believe Woodward is backing LVG to come all good, well everyone else is seeing that the club is going backwards!!



Dour deadline day

seems quieter this year than previous – each year we expect very few big money signings but they still happen – but this year there seems little prospect of any major moves?

Hopefully I’m wrong as the excitement of deadline day is excellent when the merry go round starts.



Terry’s next move

Will he go to Galaxy with Gerrard and Cole, or maybe even try another European league? I’m not a fan of John Terry the person, but as a player,you can’t knock him really. Like Gerrard and Carragher at Liverpool, he’d run through a brick wall for his club,and I respect that. Not a lot of players like him around anymore unfortunately. Now it seems that players just go to whoever pays them more money. The rumour is that Cahill wants to go as well. If Chelsea lost them both, that’d be catastrophic in my opinion. Yes, they’ve got that lad in from Red Bulls, but who knows whether he will adapt to the Prem, or find it a struggle? With Abramovich’s financial backing, they could always make a bid for a Marquinhos or a Varane (John Stones anyone?) but I think they’d struggle to attract players like that if they finish low down in the table,and that’s not an impossibility is it, given their form this season?



How do you solve a problem like Mario?

Balotelli played and scored recently from the penalty spot in a 1-0 win. He hasn’t played since September as his coach said he simply isn’t fit enough. There’s a few people that still argue in his defence but the reality is that there’s no real defending him at this stage. He’s at the club that he dreamed of playing at for the second time and still can’t get it together. The question is, what the hell do you do with him? He’s due back in the summer. Do you keep him in the squad, do you offload him free of charge to get rid of his wage if someone would take him? Would anyone even take him on loan again? We’re stuck paying his wage once he comes back but would we be better just paying him and telling him to stay at home?


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