Your Says of the day: Pep has had his chance, Jose’s fault

Date published: Monday 7th December 2015 11:57

Pep Guardiola: Bayern Munich boss linked with Premier League clubs

Manchester City should look beyond Pep Guardiola for their next appointment, Liverpool’s transfer exits and why Jose Mourinho is entirely responsible for Chelsea’s misery.

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Defeat in perspective

We always have games like this in us. Hopefully Klopp can stop that mentality and we big games that push us on. We always seem to blow good opportunities. We could have pulled three points back on the teams in the CL spots and we wasted it. That’s fine as we really are a work in progress. There will be slips. No one turned up. It was a bad performance. It will happen. We have good players and good manager. It’s disappointing but Klopp needs his own players in for us to really see his team.



The Reds who need to go

  1. Lovren: A liability who makes poor decisions regularly, and just looks a bag of nerves everytime he is on the pitch. Another thing is the way he says “we must do this, we must do that” in the press all the time, as if he’s been playing like Jamie Carragher every week. He needs to knock that on the head. £20m we paid for him. Everton paid £3m for John Stones. Scary.
  2. Allen: Rodgers favourite, who doesn’t play a lot, and when he does, you can see why. No quality to his game whatsoever, just passes the ball sideways and backwards like Lucas used to. It summed him up for me yesterday when he ran into Lucas and stopped him getting possession. I’d rather sell him and give someone like Rossiter a chance personally
  3. Moreno: Can’t defend to save his life, which is what we bought him for. Costs us goals by constantly ballwatching or being caught the wrong side. Yesterday, he did his ‘put my arms behind my back’ trick again. He needs to cut that out.
  4. Toure: Another one who doesn’t play much, and when he does, he gets injured. His best days are behind him. He may be good to have in the dressing room, but we pay him to play football.
  5. Enrique: What’s the point in him being at LFC? He gets paid for doing nothing, then goes off on holiday. Get rid

Players who are yet to convince: Firmino, Milner, Origi, Benteke, Mignolet.



Pep has had his chance with City

Last season Demichelis was good – this year it just seems that this is a season too far. Why on earth Pellegrini sold Rekik and sent Denayer away is a complete mystery. Spending all that money on Mangala was simply daft. If we could persuade Ancelotti to come out of semi-retirement that would be good. Guardiola has had his chance. With Pellegrini in charge we will not finish in the top 4. We are leaking goals just as we did when we had Hughes as the manager (Mancini soon put a stop to that). Kompany’s injury record needs to be examined – I suppose that’s why Otamendi was purchased. But we are also weak at left back and Sagna can’t play all these games (surely there is a right back in EDS?).

dr ian


Mourinho responsible for Chelsea woe

Awful, embarrassing performance. Just when you think you’ve turned a corner eh? We are actually no better now than we have been all season.

How can a team consisting of Hazard, Oscar, Willian, Pedro and Fabregas have so little movement, be so devoid of ideas and create so few opportunities? I’m sorry but this HAS to come down to coaching, and Jose has to carry the can.

I wanted Jose to turn things around as much as anyone and believed he had earned the right to be given the chance to do so, but its painfully obvious that he can’t. I hate to say it but I have to be honest with myself – I hold him 100% solely responsible for the failures of this season. Both his tactics and selections on the pitch, and his behaviour off of it are the reason we are where we are now.



Gourlay exit key?

Ever since Ron Gourlay left the club our transfer policy has been sinking. Could his departure had any effect on the working relationship with both the manager and director of football? Ever since he was appointed we have been winning in the transfer market. Under his leadership we have signed some of our most important players. Could this have anything to do with our failure in the transfer market last summer? its an open question for Chelsea FC fans.


Pardew’s ambition

Wants the England job, wants to manage abroad. Really selling himself, doesn’t sound like a permanent fixture does he. Thought he would be satisfied, would love a successful long term manager who would grow with us.

Punch Metz


No goals, some improvement

There were some positive signs. Twenty shots on goal far exceeds our average for the year. One on target was more like the average. In the second half particularly there was some good interplay and some near misses. They are the positives. It is particularly galling that old boys and loanees are scoring around the world. A goal yesterday would have given the team and crowd a huge boost but clinical finishing only occurs when confidence is high. When the manager publically castigates a player for daring to attack or missing an opportunity it is not surprising that paralysis sets in. LVG would be advised to set his team free for a few games – he has to against Wolfsburg. He might be agreeably surprised – or is the damage done?

Big K


Newcastle’s triumph

Amazing what can be achieved when the players put some effort in. I saw Janmaat make 2/3 sliding tackles, that must be a record. I saw anita closing down, made some good passers, some shocking ones aswell, but closing down was excellent. Amazing what results we can get when our two weakest players in the team actually decide to play. Cisse also did well holding up the ball. Man of the match for me, Mr Janmaat, closing down, giving 90%, defended well and attack well, he got the balance right




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