Your Says of the Day: PFA system flawed; Sakho causes stir

Date published: Monday 25th April 2016 4:36

Riyad Mahrez: PFA Player of the Year can net at Manchester United

Also, Leicester’s march towards a famous title win and the job Rafael Benitez is doing at Newcastle also come up for discussion.

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PFA classification divides fans

Mahrez is fully deserving of the award, top top man. What front if anything this afternoon in stepping up to the plate and setting an example.

Just a wonderfully talented bloke to have in the team that delivers consistently.



Congratulations to both Mahrez and Alli. Both have been very good and consistent this season. That’s the fourth year out of five that the young player of the year has played for Spurs.

I also find the system slightly flawed. Harry Kane was considered to be in the top six performers in the league this season. He was also on the shortlist for young player of the year. He won neither, but surely if he is considered to be in top six players all season and none of the other young players made the list, then Kane was the best young player. Not complaining about Alli winning it, as he has been excellent, but I just find the system weird.



Congrats to all winners.

I mentioned it on another thread, I think the whole young player award is a bit of nonsense to be honest. I think the six nominated players have played about 700 first class games between them. Surely it should be changed to “Rookie” of the year, somebody who’s played less than 50 games or something? That would make far more sense in my world.



I don’t agree with the classification of a young player being 24 or under. To me that’s a fully fledged professional player and is not “young” anymore. I think the young player cut-off age should be 22 or 21. That will give the properly young players in this league the recognition they deserve instead of wasted nominations going to players like Coutinho.

In any case, the actual winners are fully deserving of their awards. Mahrez has scored and assisted a lot of pivotal goals in Leicester’s title assault while Alli is in a class of his own for a young player.

Congratulations to both players.



Sakho causes a stir

This might just be an innocent mistake. Obviously, we will know more after all the proper procedures are followed. Important thing to note is,he hasn’t actually been banned from playing. The club have decided that he won’t play while the investigation is ongoing



It always amazes me when I read about football players taking drugs. What for? Has it helped Sakho to read the game? Has his positioning been better? Is he timing the tackles better?
Football is just so much more than a horse race. You wonder when reading about players taking drugs, that they’re admitting to lack of football brainpower by taking those drugs.



Seemingly there’s another test to come and damning Sakho now is premature and a tad unfair. If the 2nd test is positive he will be rightly banned and will have plenty of time to reflect on the foolishness of his actions.

Shame for Liverpool FC at a very positive time for them and a shame for the player who has lifted his game of late and has looked a very good defender, but if the second test is proved positive I am sure Sakho will be big enough to admit his mistake and apologise to all and will come back from the unfortunate position he’s put himself in.



Is Rafa the right man?

Benitez is too much of a theoretical manager for me, who like Wenger, is more reliant on quality but for different reasons, e.g. he’s naive when expecting many rotations in a finely tuned system to have little effect on results. He’s that bit too cautious too.

He was apparently ready to sign for West Ham when Madrid came calling. You’ve got to ask yourself, would he have done a better job than Bilic? I’m not sure he would have. He doesn’t really work by making teams better than the sum of their parts – where he does well is organisation together with tactics. In finely balanced games that works very well, i.e. in cups. But when applied over a league season it’s just not suited as well.



Newcastle really needed a manager of Rafa’s stature, they have been out so long that they don’t know what professionalism is anymore. If he stays there he will reshape the club from the bottom up.

He does not need that much time to implement his plan as he already has a plan in place for a club like Newcastle, otherwise he would not have taken the job. I can still see them staying up, its not a big chance but its there and whether the club will go down or not they will reap the benefits of Rafa´s tenure no matter how short it will be.



Foxes close to the finish line

Just the result Leicester needed given Spurs momentum although I expect Spurs to win against West Brom and pull back the points lead to five points. Five points from three games needed to be sure but you wouldn’t choose United away, Everton at home and Chelsea away as the three games you needed to take five points from.

Next weekend could be a big weekend in the title race with Leicester at United and Spurs at Chelsea and it looks like Spurs might need to win all four of their remaining games to secure the title and even that might not be enough.

Great for the Premier League though!

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