Your Says of the Day: Pogba coming home? Henderson just average?

Date published: Thursday 9th June 2016 1:07

Jordan Henderson: Making great strides this season

Liverpool fans appear torn over Jordan Henderson, while Manchester United fans debate a potential move for former player Paul Pogba.

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Is Pogba coming home?

If we can get Pogba for 30m and Darmian it’s a steal… I feel bad saying it but Darmian just hasn’t kicked on since his good start to the season – Valencia is a better right back than him even though it’s not his natural position and Fosu-Mensah is already better than him and he’s younger.

If Pogba comes in we’d need to let a midfielder go – my money would be on Schweinsteiger which would be unfair on him given he never got going, but given his age and injury issues the signing in itself last year was crazy.

Sympathy for the Devils


Darmian and 30+ would be a steal, that why I wrote 30m+. if we could offer them Mata too, you never know!! Its all about what Pogba want.
Does he really want a return to United what is in his heart, even that we play Europa League or CL football with Real Madrid or Barca. We could dream, that why the summer is there. During the European Championship they want be deals made, unless they are not playing in it.

I agree what you said about Fuso-Mensah he is a beast and still young and def better then Darmian.



Darmian + £30 million for Pogba, hell yeah, where do we sign! However, in the real world I can’t see Juve going for that.
I actually think Darmian is a good player, certainly deserves a 2nd season, perhaps with a manager that won’t strip him of all his confidence.
As has been done to death on this forum, Valencia is crap, he is not and never will be of the required standard. If you’re not sure ask yourself this: can you name a team from England, France, Germany, Italy or Spain that’s qualified for the champions league next season that would sign Valencia?
The level of player we need should always positively answer that question!



Fans love to offer players in (part) exchange but how often does it happen, especially for top players. And seems to me United only go for players where there is no serious interest from another top club. United will back out if a rich club is in the bidding. Can’t see Pogba coming or even him being this summer’s red herring.



Jordan ‘oh so slightly above average’ Henderson

Personally i see the negative comments on Henderson very harsh and short sighted in which many fans are not analysing him correctly. the facts are that since 2005 the majority of the epl has either deployed a 4-3-3 or the 4-2-3-1 in which both systems rely on the functional capabilities of the central midfield players. with Jordan Henderson; when he was at Sunderland he was either played on the right or in a more advanced midfield position he was never a true Holding or 2 man central midfield player.

Under Rodgers we saw Henderson develop as RCM player in a 3 man midfield which was proven to be very effective as shown in the 13/14 season. the season after BR changed the formation and deployed him in the holding role with Steven Gerrard which was a huge disaster as both players were not holding midfield players. he did show improvement when Lucas was introduced to the team however that was because we actually deployed a holding midfielder that provided better cover and confidence for Henderson to go forward, that being said it still restricted the best part of his game.

Playing him in a 2 man midfield restricts his overall game as we don’t get the key attacking attributes we get from him in a 3 man midfield. Yet to mention his defensive instinct is pressing and counter pressing rather than sitting back and allowing play to come on to him. without a doubt in a 3 man midfield he is one of the most effective players you will see in the RCM position (either in a 4-3-3- or a 4-4-2 diamond) due to his work rate, awareness, pressing ability and alternate attack play as he knows when to press, go into the box or go wide on the overlap, all of which cannot be executed when deployed in a holding role or a 2 man CM role.

For me when BR deployed the 4-2-3-1 formation I always thought Henderson was best suited to the right attacking spot emulating the role Kuyt played during benitez’s tenure as we would have got some of the key attacking and defending attributes that were so effective for us in the 13/14 season. Bottom line is to get the best out of Henderson we have to play a 3 man midfield and if Klopp does not play with a 3 man midfield then he will be surplus to requirements as there a better players out there more suited to the 2 man CM roles.



Here’s the thing. We NEED players like Henderson but not in the first eleven. Henderson would be a great player to bring on but as a first team starter, no.

But Klopp being a trainer/coach type of manager I wouldn’t be surprised if he raises Henderson’s game next season, but I’m not holding my breath on that one lol.



Will be interesting to see if he plays for England and if he does then how he gets on.
I for one think he’s very limited as a midfielder but I’m serious when I say he would be a very good RB.
Would be happy to be proved wrong but if he continues for us next season as captain and CM then I think we’ll struggle. Despite lacking pace Lucas is a far better player – in CM or defence!
Gerrard carried him and Suarez made him look good.



Milner’s deadball is better but he’s not a better CM, if he’s proven anything this season it’s that City were right to use him out wide. Lucas hasn’t put together consistent and consecutive good starting performances since…..well, ever. He’s turned into a good utility, squad player, very good to have on your bench but limited.
Not for a moment am I suggesting that Henderson is a world beater, I’m suggesting that currently when fit he is the first name on our starting midfield. That’s far from ideal which is why we are targeting players for this area. But even if we sign some higher standard CM’s Henderson will still be a very useful asset to us.
As for the captaincy, we’ve all been through this again and again, the simple fact is we are seriously lacking in terms of leadership all across the park. Currently none of our starters fit the bill, Henderson comes marginally closer so is our default captain.

The Fulcrum

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