Your Says of the Day: Pogba worth attention; Man City slated

Date published: Friday 22nd July 2016 1:25

Hector Bellerin: Subject of transfer speculation

Our readers debate whether Sam Allardyce is a good fit for England while one Arsenal fan is scathing over Manchester City’s pursuit of Hector Bellerin.

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Big Sam dividing fans

As for Big Sam? Why not? What have we got to lose? The last 3 or 4 managers have all been, shall we say, of a supposed higher calibre than Big Sam and they didn’t exactly pull up trees. I think Big Sam will certainly get the fans onside, and will certainly give those overpaid primadonnas a kick up the backside…starting to quite look forward to seeing how he does and I havenøt thought that about qualifying games in years!

What has Allardyce achieved in football management? Got Bolton promoted,and kept West Ham up. That’s it. And he’s going to get the England job. Why? Because the geniuses at the FA have decided that the new manager has to be English,and have deemed him the best option. Isn’t that a damning indictment of the lack of top English managers? This fella has won a play off final. That’s it. Exactly the same as Brendan Rodgers,who has what,15-20 years less experience than Allardyce in the game? The people running the game in this country are fucking idiots,seriously. If Sam Allardyce is the best they can do,then God help the future of the England national team
What I was saying was bring a manager from abroad, one that doesn’t have the bias of being in the English game for ages, one that can look at things with fresh eyes, I too didn’t like Capello which is why I said one that can speak the language, for example if we had gone for Koeman after the last world cup I think we would have performed better at the Euro’s. I didn’t think Sven was that bad until his final year. I understand the will to have an English manager but the reality is there isn’t anyone good enough. At least Sam getting will have made one person happy, Andy Carroll will pretty much have his place in the side sealed. ?

 Paul Pogba Juventus

Pogba worthy of the hype

If Liverpool were linked with James Rodriguez after the world cup and if you did not see him, yet you heard great things about him from fellow fans, journalists, fellow pros, would you not be just as excited. Pogba is not some unknown, I judged him after his 1st 2 years at Juventus, 2 years later people are still raving about him. Some players are household names, Pogba is one of them. It is no different to when I said Liverpool would be getting a good player in Firminho last summer, that is because I saw him in the Bundesliga and I was providing my opinion on him, I am sure that would have got you a little excited in the player you was getting.

I have always held a stance on not to judge a player after a international tournament, I am not judging Pogba on the back of the Euros, I am judging him from what journalists, fellow pros and fellow fans have said about him. That is what some have to resort to if they cannot watch the player.


We are going around in circles here. Pogba is going to Utd. He is no were near the complete midfielder yet but he can become top top class and I fully expect him to under Jose. Its been a good summer so far for Utd fans. I’ve said my piece on this and I’m done.

Sean the sailor

Jurgen Klopp: Tipped for the chop

Mixed transfer business for Liverpool

Joe Allen played well in 2014 when he played left in a diamond. its a good deal for us but i think Swansea still might come in for him. £28m him for him and ibe is good buisness.

Nout sure about Wijnaldum, as hatters says we have alot of no 10’s. hes a good player but were will he play? If Firminio and Coutinho want out get rid of them. we have no real stars. Only player I’d hate us to lose would be Sturridge. No doubt he will get injured in pre-season

hatters, it’s a player Klopp wants so we have to see but I’ve no idea were he will play. I’m not sure gurjic is ready to start beside Can in a 2 man midfield. Maybe Henderson will play there. I would go out and buy another a big powerful central midfielder but there is no one we can really attract.

the Estonia lad can play full but Moreno cannot start as our 1st choice left back. The reports coming out are that Klopp thinks he can develop him??? The chap is a brainless footballer.

Sean the sailor

Bellerin to Man City criticism

This is the type of behavior indicative of Barcelona and Real Madrid. Refusing to give up pursuit of a player who is not for sale. I think now City think they have Gaurdiola they can behave in their manner. I think City think they are being clever, trying to unsettle Bellerin. However in the end they will look like mugs when he doesn’t sign.

No good City academy players then? I’m swear the City academy was erected before Bellerin made his Arsenal debut. Guess the City academy is nothing more than fancy plumbing and impressive infrastructure. Like a state of the art university with no intellectuals inside.



New rules to prove ineffective

It will never happen, they said a few years ago that only the players concerned and the two captains should approach the referee and if anyone else did they would get yellow, but then a whole team surrounds a ref and he is scared to book everyone except two players ?

Also a match gets abandoned if a team goes down to six men.


The only way is zero tolerance, and for that to take effect we’d have to have a few games where a stupid number of players got carded/sent off in order to lay the law down for all to see.

Personally I don’t think English refs are strong enough to carry such an initiative through with the consistency required to change current poor behaviour.


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