Your Says of the Day: Proving Mkhitaryan is too costly for Man Utd

Date published: Wednesday 6th July 2016 1:56

Our readers discuss the over-inflated deal Manchester United have agreed for Henrikh Mkhitaryan, why Michy Batshuayi isn’t all that and Arsene Wenger’s fears on spending big money on a striker.

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United have overspent on Mkhitaryan. Fact!

I know that Mkhitaryan has nothing to do with us anymore considering he’s more or less a Red Devil, but I have been one of the more vocal ones on here regarding why we didn’t go for him.

Now, Bild released the details of Dortmund’s deal with Man U yesterday, summarised below:

– 42m euros (GBP 28m) fee
– 8m euro (GBP 6.7m) sign-on fee
– 240k euros (GBP 200k) a week wages, adding up to 12.5m euros a year

For a four-year deal, running up until 2020, this equates to a total deal value of exactly 100m euros.

Now… Let’s remember that this is for a player who was in the last year of his contract, and it’s starting to make sense how we “missed out” on him to Man U.

This is a crazy deal, and it would’ve been the best use of our money. There is no way the player refuses this in favour for whatever inferior deal we probably would’ve offered him. And I really believe Mourinho would’ve offered anything they needed to – they have the bigger pile of chips!

Well, just wanted to come on and say it and put my hands up. Because it’s easy for me and others to stick the knife in for missing out, but these are probably the sorts of situations where you just have to admit that this is a crazy market and a crazy deal, and move on. Ambition or no ambition, striking a 100m-euro deal for a player in the last year of his contract is really going over the top!

Let’s save our capacity for craziness for if and when a top striker becomes available.



As a United fan I can say with a grin I my face that I am ecstatic with our signings. All done quickly and without fuss. Just pay the price, get the player settled and move on, that’s how modern football works and that’s what I like about Mourinho – he is ruthlessly decisive.

Barcelona were not complaining when they forked out 65 and 70 million for Neymar and Suarez, look at their trophy cabinet now.

I also find it strange how the media always seem to report United transfer fees with wages and signing on fees inclusive while other teams never have wages inclusive on their transfer stories.

In any case I am happy to see a board and manager who aren’t taking any prisoners and are showing proper ambition to win trophies and restore English club football.

Arsenal might not need Mkhitaryan but the fact that Arsenal fans are poring over the details of the deal on their own your-say page is a good sign for me.

Good luck next season, it will be a dogfight among 6 or so clubs for the title.



Wenger frightened to spend big on a striker

Arsene Wenger at City

Afternoon all. Taking into account all of the above talk of fees and how stupid they seem to be lately….it has me wondering whether Wenger is a little frightened of spending big on a striker?

I have just come across a list of the 10 most expensive players signed by Wenger at Arsenal. Its always tricky to know just how accurate the numbers are with our club – just about every deal is ‘undisclosed’.

Top of the lists Ozil….a forward perhaps but not a striker. Sanchez is the same I suppose, more of a wide man. The list has Chambers as the 3rd most expensive (when add ons are considered) – still a deal that baffles me! Next 2 on the list are Reyes and Welbeck, rumoured to be around the 20 million EURO mark. Both players used wide and centrally at times. Others in the top 10 are Santi, Wiltord, Arshavin, Henry and Nasri. Is there an out an out striker in the list? Arguably Henry but only after Wenger turned him into one.

RVP joined Arsenal for 2.75 million and when he joined Wenger said ‘he can play on the left hand side of midfield or just behind the striker!’. We signed Adebayor for a fee believed to be 3 million and Eduardo for around 7 million. Since then we have seen Podolski come in for around 10 million and Giroud for 12. Not forgetting Park and Sanogo of course!

Obviously fees have moved on to crazy levels in recent years but even relatively speaking, Wenger has never been one for spending what at the time would have been big money, on an out and out front man. Is it because he is constantly searching for a diamond in the rough or he is scared of shelling out on a big deal for fearing of it not working out?



Firstly a point on the Asano signing. I don’t think we should read too much into it as it has to go down as either a PR stunt looking at the Far East market and commercial deals or maybe he is just a player with talent for the future.

On the subject of a striker as we all know there’s not many top top strikers out there and even the ones that are available are going at astronomical prices. As for targets and opinion if lukaku or morata was to sign under or around the £40 million mark I wouldn’t mind that.

Morata I expected him to push on but he doesn’t seem to have done since we we’re interested in him before joining juve, on lukaku same age as morata but loads of premier league experience considering his age. Yes he can be a bit hit and miss but I guess playing for Everton how many players can turn it on every game. He has all the tools just need to try get it out of him week in week out.

On Lacazette I’m not sure he will cut it considering the price Lyon are demanding a upgrade on Giroud for sure more mobile and a threat but he would be better suited playing alongside giroud then the top man leading our attack unlike the other two mentioned.

Another option I have mentioned previously is playing Sanchez up top he works tirelessly and comes to life in the final third and has great movement and would eliminate losing the ball like he does during games.

Finally on Milik I’m not overly convinced he would cost around 20 million and Jansen looks like going to spuds for around the same price just look at Fulham wanting more then 15 mil for Ross McCormack.


Batshuayi not good enough to lead line for Chelsea

Michy Batshuayi: Palace have big bid accepted

Have to say that what little I saw of him at the Euro’s makes me think he is unlikely to be considered the man to lead our line

I would expect him to be no.2 with either Costa or Morata as the main man. If we are interested in Pelle as rumoured I can live with that so long as the fee is reasonable and he would also push young Michy and I would expect Traore to make up the four

Obviously a lot does depend on whether or not Costa stays or goes…? KTBFFH



Praying Bilic doesn’t consider England job

I can’t believe some of the names being bandied about for the England job. Beckham, Shearer? What a joke, great footballers but not an ounce of management, tactics or inspiration between them. The FA are idiots at best, they passed over the best manager available at the time with Cloughie and did the same again appointing Uncle Woy instead of H. I don’t think its any coincidence that the 3 most successful managers we have had, Ramsey, Robson and Venables all got to semi finals because besides being tactically astute they had the players respect and were able to create a real team spirit. Those teams of 66, 90 and 96 were playing for the managers as much as each other in my opinion. Thats what we need to recreate, and I doubt, Beckham, Shearer, Southgate, Lampard et al are capable of doing it.

I hope to God Bilic is not mad enough to ever consider it, despite the fact that he ticks most of the boxes!!



Tomkins deal? Silly season has started

Just as I thought, the new Sky money is going towards ridiculous transfer fees and player wages. James Tomkins and Andros Townsend to Crystal Palace for £10million and £13million, they are both only worth £10million combined.

Sky should have insisted on 10% of the monies going towards improvements for fans. It’s too late now. I can see a storm a brewing. Good that we have managed to sign Matt Phillips, and for less than he was up for last season.

I can now see McManaman leaving along with Berahino and look forward to getting another decent striker to work alongside Rondon plus a left and right back.



Rashford’s reduced role under Mourinho

You can’t honestly tell me Marcus Rashford will see as much game time next season with Zlatan in the team and Mourinho’s preference of experience over youth. Two signing….so far.

The likes of the recent links with Ricardo Rodriguez will reduce Shaw’s playing time and furthermore Borthwick-Jackson. Don’t get me wrong I know you needed to recruit but it would be good to see some outgoings and then see Mourinho utilise the younger players too.

Everyone loves an academy player/local lad coming good. Here’s hoping Rashford can learn from the legend of Zlatan and develop into a legend himself for club and country.



Does Barthez have a point?

David Seaman: Believes England should remain unchanged

Does Barthez have a point? I mean who was the last British keeper to be considered World Class? It’s been a while since any country in the British Isles can claim to have produced a keeper who was truly brilliant, Seaman perhaps?


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