Your Says of the Day: Ramsey booing, the case for & against

Date published: Monday 18th January 2016 5:20

Aaron Ramsey: Bottler?

Also, why the win at Anfield lets Louis van Gaal off the hook, why Adam Lallana isn’t good enough for Liverpool and why Mauricio Pochettino’s work at Spurs is overrated.

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Stoke booing Ramsey a disgrace…

This shows what a nasty club they really are. I never had a problem with them to honest, granted I never was a fan of their play under Pulis. I started finding myself warm towards the club with a new style of play under Hughes.

Then they go show their class by booing Ramsey. As if Ramsey asked his leg to be broke in several places and it facing a complete different direction. Horrible ‘wee little club’ as SAF once famously said.

the bsm walk


…but it was just part of intimidating atmosphere

Thought you might be interested in my views as a Stoke fan.

Firstly, every Arsenal player got booed on the ball yesterday, just like every Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea player gets booed. Some criticise it, but there’s a reason why these clubs rarely win at Stoke – the atmosphere can be very intimidating.

In any case, it’s only panto as Jonny says and hardly anything to get upset about. Likewise the chant – I’ve seen articles written about the ‘he walks with a limp’ chant, but let’s not forget there’s a chant sung by Arsenal fans about Jews when Spurs win and you lose. Hissing at WHL, songs about Adebayor, Hillsborough, Munich…there are much worse things sung by football fans than that chant about Ramsey yesterday. He got his leg broken but is now absolutely fine. Get over it! It’s also worth pointing out it was sung once in the whole game by a few hundred – I couldn’t even hear it from my end of the ground.

As for why there is any bad blood towards Ramsey or Arsenal, blame Arsene Wenger. Plenty of players get their legs broken, but Wenger made a huge deal out of it and vilified Shawcross. He has also made lots and lots of negative comments about the club both before and after the incident.

Throw in Ramsey not accepting an apology (Arsenal fans will say it’s his prerogative, but have you ever heard of any other player not accepting an apology for a mistimed tackle?) and the fact that he (allegedly) told Chris Coleman he didn’t want Shawcross called up to the Wales squad, and yes, there is some bad feeling towards him.

So, no, he really isn’t booed for getting his leg broken.



Rooney is ordinary; Henry was extraordinary

Gotta admit, I was a bit gutted yesterday when I heard Rooney had overtaken Henry’s goal-scoring record. Then I saw the full stats today – it’s taken Rooney 100 games more to do it!

It really puts into perspective just how extraordinary Thierry was, because Rooney isn’t exactly a poor striker.

It also highlights, for me, why Giroud is good, but not good enough. I like the guy and he will always get goals, but you only need look at the goal-scoring charts for this season for some perspective – Watford and Everton each have a striker who has scored more, while Leicester have TWO!

Aguero is two goals behind Ollie, but it’s taken him seven games less to get there and even Kane is on the same stats as Ollie! WTF is going on when the Tiny Totts have a striker comparable to ours???

If I went back through the seasons to check this, I’m reasonably certain that I’d find the Champions of each season had a striker who was head and shoulders above all but their closest rivals.

This is why we need an upgrade. It’s not the most urgent and once Sanchez is back, we’ll have another player who is going to get us plenty of goals, but surely even Ollie’s biggest fan would admit there are better strikers out there and that having one at Arsenal could make all the difference.

Yesterday was a case in point. Giroud had a couple of very good efforts but, between Butland and the Stoke defence, they kept him mostly quiet. An Henry or an Aguero would have had more chance of creating that little bit of magic and, over a season, that can be worth as many points as having a world-class ‘keeper has been for us this season.



Anfield win great – except it lets Van Gaal ‘off the hook’

There is nothing that makes United fans happier than a good ol’ fashioned win at Andfield. van Gaal now has a very impressive record of beating Liverpool on each of the 4 times he has led us against them. When we play the scousers I don’t care about performance, any win is really satisfying – this victory feels even better than usual because Rooney scored the winner, he is undoubtedly the player scousers hate the most.

The problem with this victory is it pretty much means van Gaal is out of the woods and will stay in the job until the end of the season. We are now just 2 points behind Spurs and it also is not completely bonkers to suggest we can win the league because mathematically we are only 7 points adrift.

What is going on on the pitch continues to make our eyes bleed and I would argue we are becoming even more rubbish, especially since the Schweinsteiger injury. We have no sense of control over the games and we have a Fellaini shaped totem pole in the middle of the pitch – he has the turning circle of a cruise ship and is leaving Schneiderlin woefully exposed. Herrera seems to have forgotten how to make a forward pass, Lingard is not of the required level, Memphis is being frozen out by the manager who brought him in, Darmian is being shifted all over the pitch, Martial is wasted on the left, Mata is wasted on the right, and while Rooney is doing the best 2011/12 impression he can, we all know he should not be playing as our no 9 (if he keeps playing like this I am happy for him to play as our 10).

At the end of the day. van Gaal has us playing worse and worse but the crappy opposition in this league is making us look much better than we are. I am very afraid that we will lose out on Mourinho and Guardiola at this rate.

Van Gaal owes his job to David De Gea. Not only this season but last season as well.



Lallana not worthy of place in Liverpool side

Adam Lallana – how he keeps his place at Liverpool is beyond me. No end product is hitting the nail on the head. Our Attack is toothless enough as it is and giving up a slot for him isn’t helping our cause.

I fail to see what he offers us as we have enough grafters in the side. I think people tend to forget he was bought as a replacement for Suarez. He cost us 26mil. We’d be lucky to get 1/2 that money back. A signing that epitomises everything we’re not doing right. No quality but lots of running which hasn’t helped at either end of the pitch.



Liverpool’s Shane Long interest

If we sign Shane Long I’m done. I’m getting a season ticket at Wrexham.

We are being linked and have/are signing to many mediocre players. Lallana, Caulker (albeit on loan) Milner, Henderson, Migolet. The list goes on.
It’s about time we set our sights higher, lets go and get some better quality players. they are out there, its just finding them.



I can’t stand the cheat. He dived to win a pen against us for West Brom and dived again to get Skrtel sent off in the same game. If he comes then my focus will be with TNS.



Delph vindicated by Man City move




Pochettino overrated

I just don’t get the hype around Poch, I mean he is being held as the mesiar and his record ain’t even that great.

He’s only got Spurs into 4th not because Spurs are good but because the other big hitters Liverpool Chelsea and united have shot themselves in the foot in self destructed.

If you think I’m talking rubbish how comes he has a worst record than Harry AVB and Sherwood, AVB got one less point and he played 5 games less.



United still need new additions

With two weeks to go to the end of the January window it doesn’t look as if any one of quality will be signed. However that being the case, I hope the club is lining up players for the summer window.
So who are needed?
A striker, a winger, two MF, a CB, and possibly a RB.
The expediture could be partly funded by getting rid of some of those players who never will be UTD standard – Jones, Fellaini, Mata, Herrera, Schneiderlin.
The players to be signed should good enough to win a CL winners medal – that’s the sort of standard UTD’s new manager should be aiming at. So TOP CLASS footballers are needed, players who have the potential to be better than they are now.
We know who they are and the clubs they are at this moment, but with a charismatic manager in charge I’m sure they’ll want to come to OT.


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