Your Says of the Day: Reds angry at UEFA; Cech questioned

Date published: Monday 9th May 2016 12:54

Petr Cech: A cause of concern for Arsenal

Liverpool fans are less than impressed with the situation surrounding the Europa League final in Basel, while Fabian Delph and Petr Cech divide opinions.

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Liverpool angry over Europa final stadium

You can’t have a backup stadium, “just in case”. Stadium security, hotels, catering, local businesses have been gearing up and laying plans down since the stadium was selected. People buy air tickets and book hotels, etc well in advance. Imagine the total and absolute chaos pulling the plug and switching venues with 3 weeks notice?

Saying all that, if UEFA want the national FA’s to treat the EL with respect, then perhaps, they should stop treating it like a the less favoured child by deliberately selecting smaller stadiums so the EL final won’t overshadow the CL final.

UEFA don’t do “fair”, other wise 90% of tickets would have been split between the two teams. Sod knows who “really” gets the rest of the tickets. UEFA corrupt? Ummmm…



I still think it’s wrong. The fans without tickets can obviously still go, and watch it on a big screen somewhere, but it’s obviously not as good as actually being inside the stadium. It’s scandalous that fans are excluded from watching their team in this way, just to accommodate neutral fans and the UEFA ‘family’ as they call it.

The Europa League has now grown in stature, given the prize that’s on offer for the winners, and UEFA should treat it on a par with the CL final. After all, CL teams will play in the tournament in the latter stages, and obviously these clubs will have a pretty sizeable fanbase to cater for, and UEFA can’t realistically do that if they select ‘smaller’ stadia. Fans are and will miss out.



This isn’t new, it’s been going on for years and in the 2013 final in Amsterdam in a stadium which had a bigger capacity than the Basel Stadium, Chelsea were allocated even less tickets than Liverpool are going to be allocated.

But it’s not right and UEFA seem to purposefully choose smaller Stadiums for the Europa League final in order to highlight the Champions League and the Champions League Final as the major competition and the major final. The CL final is always played after the EL final and with the EL final being midweek versus the CL final being now on a Saturday and always in a significantly bigger Stadium than the EL final.

On the positive side as Sean rightly says Liverpool will still have plenty of support in the stadium and probably two thirds of the stadium will still be taken up by Liverpool fans cheering you home.

nine nine nine


Cech a cause for concern

Nowhere near the keeper he was at Chelsea. There is no communication with his defenders,and neither is there any command.No leadership as well.

It’s getting a bit ridiculous now,I blame the club for that.Whoever seems to join the club is only going backwards.Wenger seems to be taking the players backwards.

Giroud, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey and Sanchez have all had lesser impressive seasons. Wenger needs to go,we need a new manager to change the whole mentality of this club.

The specialone


The day he signed, I said he wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference for us. Not because we would go on to regress him but because it was obvious he was already past his best. Might as well have stuck with Ospina. He would’ve been just as good over the season, if not better.



Watching the highlights and thats about all I can go on unless I sit and watch Cech only for the 90+mins of a game I would say he is just about the same as he was with Chelsea.

When you watch earlier in the season the save against Benteke springs to mind and there have been others doted about the season then you can see he is high-fiving fist bumping or whatever the term is with players.

Lately this has diminished but then so has a lot of our other what people would term bravado or camaraderie. This is to do with how the team collectively has performed as a whole. By team I also include us the fans as we can make a difference to performance and the prawn sandwich brigade really do not help us in that regard.



A story of wasted potential?

Just seen the Delph has rarely played much this season. I do not know his injury record this season, but if he has only been a bit part player, then moving City was a massive mistake a year before the Euros.

He was tremendous at Villa and his performances warranted him starting a few games for England, which he did well in. Has moving to City jeopardised his chances of playing for England or making the Euro 2016 squad.

This is not a dig at City, but the only reason they signed him was to fill the English quota at the club. That would have been a sign for Delph that he was just there to fill a number because they certainly would not have gone for him if that was not the case.



It’s been happening for ages – Chelsea did it with Wright Phillips, Parker, Sidwell, Sturridge (though thankfully he left before he could get totally ruined), Moses, I’m sure there are others I didn’t mention.

Then City did the same with Johnson, Sinclair, Rodwell and Delph…hopefully won’t happen with Roberts and Sterling too. You look at these players and the massive amount of potential they had and you wonder what could’ve been for them as individuals and also for the English national team had they stayed at their clubs or made moves for footballing reasons rather than to pick up a fat cheque and sit on the bench.

Sympathy for the Devils


I’m a fan of Delph, I’d definitely have him in the side over Yaya Toure right now, given that he just ambles around and looks disinterested. That said, when City play a midfield two, Fernando and Fernandinho are better.

The latter especially is hugely underrated and a genuinely great player. Delph is a good player, but he’s still got it all to prove on a bigger stage than Aston Villa. For me, Fernando/Fernandinho have more to offer right now.

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