Your Says of the Day: Reds’ Deadline Day woes; Hart best ever?

Date published: Wednesday 31st August 2016 12:03

Mamadou Sako: Wanted at Southampton

There is little optimism around on Deadline Day, with Liverpool, Arsenal and West Brom fans all having a moan. There’s excitement at Spurs, though…

Deadline Day despair

Anyone pulling a sickie? Got the fridge stocked full of ale for the no doubt exciting deadline day we’ve got in store? Or is it going to be much the same as any other with nothing happening apart from selling and loaning out squad players? I don’t even know why Sky send a reporter to Liverpool every year. It’s a complete waste of time. They stand outside all day with a cameraman and nothing exciting ever happens. Plus, the kids are off school, they’re all standing outside waiting for something to happen,and does it? Nah. ‘Nothing to see here’. Sorry, I know I sound miserable but I fear that we’re all set up for disappointment again. We all know where the squad needs an upgrade,we have been banging on about it all summer, and yet nothing has been done, and nothing will be done either. Oh,and if Sakho leaves,I’ll lose my s*** completely.



Joe Hart: Heading for City exit

Goodbye to City’s best ever?

Joe Hart leaving and listening to Blue Tuesday on Radio Manchester got me thinking who the best goalie Inever saw play for the blues… now I’m too young to remember Trautman and Swift. Corrigan was my idol in my youth (but not as good as Clemence or Shilton)… I loved TC (especially his clapping behind the back to certain songs) and who can forget the Weaver penalty save in 99… course there was James, Seaman and Schmeichel (all world class goalies)

Honestly though, I think Joe Hart is the best city keeper I have witnessed (even over Corrigan) – seen him make miraculous saves, single handily defy Barca, Madrid and Dortmund

Who’s yours ???



West Brom woe

Oh well, here we are. just hours to go. Can’t believe Watford will sell Ighalo, at any price – Not on transfer deadline day. It’s going to be hard to persuade any club to sell one of their better players today. I really fear for us. Wickham was mentioned yesterday from Palace – Er, no thanks, not better than what we already have, and according to TP we won’t buy players just for the sake of it. But here’s the thing – come 5pm don’t be surprised when we are linked with all sorts of mediocre players.



Moussa Sissoko: Left France camp on Wednesday

Sissoko to Spurs

Sissoko would be awesome. He was fantastic when we played Newcastle, as well as what he did at Euros!

If he comes, would rate our midfield options as the best in the league (or very close to it). Just would not feel there was a fear of injury as cover would be equally as good. This means good competition for places. It will push players to perform.

Think it will help Dele a bit also!



Grumbling Gunners

Ludicrous, worst transfer window ever! I’m not defending Arsene but how can we expect to compete with the likes of Juventus who have signed Higuain for £76 million or Real Madrid who are expected to sign Aubameyang for £70million. We have failed in our bid for Manolas, rumours are Roma asking much more than £30million for him. Even £40million is not enough for Lacazette! I’m rather optimistic with our transfer signings of Mustafi and Perez but yes I expected more than that. I just hope they’ll be able to adapt well to the league and perform up to our expectations.



Sakho and Sturridge sagas

It’s quite bizarre as Jurgen has said we need to trim the squad but aren’t we going to leave ourselves short if Sahko goes? It looks like Lucas will be cover for centre back. The rumours are that Sahko really wants to stay but Klopp has made his mind up. Rumours are the club are annoyed that he took a fat-burning substance without consulting the club. Might all be bulls***. If his attitude is wrong that the manager is right. I’ll be disappointed if he goes.

Sturridge is our best player. His goals per game record is unreal. It will be interesting to see if he starts the Leicester and Chelsea games. He will probably get injured on England duty…

Sean the sailor




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