Your Says of the Day: Reina to LFC and Drinkwater axe thoughts

Date published: Wednesday 1st June 2016 1:11

Danny Drinkwater: left out of England squad

Fans share their thoughts on Liverpool’s reported interest in Pepe Reina and whether Danny Drinkwater should be on the plane to France.

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Pepe Reina: Would it be a good move by LFC? 

It would be a great move, he would command the box in a matter of seconds and we know he would do his best to succeed at Anfield but I doubt it will happen, just gossip to sell papers.

It does not add up, unless we were just going to sell or loan out Mignolet. Ward got determination and he might take the number one spot one day but that is not next season so he does not even enter. Bogdan has been disappointing, utterly failing in putting some pressure on Mignolet.

He would command the box and show some much needed leadership. Especially if Skrtel leaves this summer.


I don’t see why not. I think,if a deal could be done,he’d probably love to come back,though if it is as back up,he might not be so keen. Ward and Bogdan are rumoured to both be up for sale,and a 3 of Mignolet, Karius and Reina sounds good to me. The problems will be:

1) If Mignolet is displaced,will he want to stay?

2) If Karius is the new number 1,will Reina want to come here to be back up?

Whatever happens,someone is going to be upset for sure


Henderson over Drinkwater?


Henderson has been distinctly average in an average Liverpool side, klopp will move him on this summer, no matter how hard you try you can’t polish a turd, he won’t make another England side again, put simply he looks busy but produces nowt. Milner and Lalana are also average players but similar safe steady bets. Wilshire shouldn’t be any where near the squad he offers so little even when fit it’s unbelievable, if he can’t pass he just runs into at least two defenders nearly every time. Pellergrini somehow managed to turn Stirling into a far worse player in the space of 4 mths than when he first arrived. I just hope he can return and find some form for England. Only Ali is a potential match winner in midfield unless Rooney can slot in but I bet he won’t play both. Townsend would have gave us something different out wide and is a direct type of player, but we won’t have that option on the bench now, just a bench full of samey type players ffs. Drinkwater is a better player than Henderson, Milner, Wilshire and Lalana but Roy based his choice on media reputation. Barkley tries and is a little more direct than the rest but is far from the finished article. Upfront we look ok to me, but sturridge is a ridiculous liability these days , I would have taken Defoe the lad has been on fire this season and always knows where the goal is. Defence wise Stones has a bad error in him every game but again is a media darling and can play the ball out so Roy and every other stupid pundits overlook what he is supposedly there to do first and foremost Ie defend. The rest look ok. He who dares Roy…..Cheers Jim

Mancity Jim

You are asking for the wrong player to be dropped. It should be why has Drinkwater been dropped for Wilshire? Wilshire who has been injured for the majority of the season, whilst Drinkwater has been in a title winning side.

You look at Spain. Nolito and Aduriz picked ahead of Mata and Costa. Yet again England are picking big name players who play for big clubs ahead of form players. Another lesson not learnt.


Drinkwater is 26 and, before this season, nobody could have recalled his first name, let alone say he deserves to be in England’s World Cup squad. Like Antonio, he’s come off the back of one good season with his club and all of a sudden is deserving of a spot in the squad despite only earning 3 caps? Sorry but that doesn’t fly with me.

Whilst I have nothing against him and think he had a good season for Leicester, I don’t think he was integral to their team the way, say Vardy or Mahrez, were. On top of that I don’t really rate him as a better footballer than Henderson or Wilshere are.

Personally I’m with Hodgson on this one; I too would’ve taken Henderson above Drinkwater.

Sympathy for the Devils

I do find it ironic when us fans complain about the same players being picked despite having distinctly average seasons like Rooney/Sterling/Henderson or even non-seasons like Wilshire yet when players have had a pretty decent injury free season, such as Drinkwater/Noble, are even mentioned are mentioned we have a bit of a melt-down saying they just aren’t good enough. Slight double standards here by all.

Let us also remember we are talking about squad members here, players who are likely to maybe get a couple of sub appearances if lucky.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of picking players on current form rather than past reputations and with regards to comments about a player only having 3 caps, a player has to earn his first 10 caps before he can earn his last 10.


Expectations for the new season?

Still think we have every right to expect our team to perform well, to give 100%, to strengthen our squad, to hold onto our stars….and for our new manager to settle in and improve our style of play. I also think that if our current squad are motivated and relatively injury free, this will allow them to play at a far higher level in comparison to last seasons dross. Yes no one knows who’s staying and who’s going, what our rivals will do, what style or formation Conte will implement or what injury levels the side will suffer. But Chelsea have arguably been the most successful PL team over the last 11 years. We have financial backing and an owner who is passionate about his club. There are plans for a futuristic new 60000 seater stadium and a top manager is joining us. Exciting times ahead. Yes we don’t have the lure of CL football but I’d like to think we can still attract players ahead of the likes of Spurs, Leicester, Arsenal and LFC. Irrespective of what happens over the summer, I’m EXPECTING for us to finish top four and possibly win a cup.


Realistically, top four and a Cup would be a good season from where we are right now, but if Conte starts well, maybe I will have to revise that expectation upwards. There again, if we start in the manner of last season, it would need a downward revision. Basically who knows. We dont know who is staying, who is going, who is coming, how well Conte will do etc, never mind how our competitors clubs seasons might go.


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