Your Says of the Day: Ronaldo & Real should adapt to Rafa

Date published: Monday 23rd November 2015 11:58

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Blame Real Madrid stars, not Benitez; Wenger will cost Arsenal a shot at the title; disappointing Son; and is this the best Barca side ever?

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Wenger’s neglect

I have said it many time before but now is when Arsene Wenger’s gross neglect of his squad will come to the fore.

Arsenal fans and pundits alike have been talking about Arsenal needing a striker and a defensive midfielder for a very, very long time and yet Arsenal were the only team in the top 5 European leagues which failed to sign an outfield player.

Giroud tends to miss important chances like against Spurs but he is playing out his skin currently, scoring very often but one can’t help but feel that a more clinical striker would be top goalscorer in this league with Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla etc around him.

The most criminal neglect by Wenger this last summer was failing to get cover for Coquelin. As soon as Coquelin got injured yesterday (and it looks like a serious ligament injury) you have a look at the Arsenal bench and it’s Arteta or Flamini to come on and anchor an EPL side – criminal. Why did Wenger pick Arteta for this anyway? Flamini surely is a better no 6??

Arsenal will be truly tested in Coquelin’s absence – he is the most irreplaceable player in their squad, playing in the most physically demanding position and yet Wenger failed to identify and rectify this.

If I was an Arsenal fan I would be livid.



Benitez’s job at Real under threat

This is according to Balague, who claimed after El Classico that it was ‘likely’ that Benitez will be sacked. Real Madrid do this year after year. They bring in a big name manager, have a poor result, or a little bit of a blip, then the manager ends up sacked, then they just repeat the whole process again.

It’s embarrassing for a top club to act in this way. Surely it can’t all be the manager’s fault? Surely the players should take responsibility? The rumours are that Ronaldo and Rafa don’t see eye to eye, and Ronaldo feels that Rafa’s style of play doesn’t suit his game. Well, great players should be able to adapt to any system, and Ronaldo is undoubtedly a great player, so I don’t see there should be a problem there.

And if Rafa is sacked, where do Madrid turn? Mourinho? Ancelotti? Guardiola? Laurent Blanc? They must surely be running out of options, given the amount of top managers they have dispensed with over the years. They should stick with Rafa and realize how lucky they are to have him. He’s a top manager, his track record proves that. All this talk of sacking him is ridiculous



Barca’s best ever

Guardiola’s Barcelona team of 2008–12 is regarded by many as the greatest of all times. With Lionel Messi at his absolute peak, that Barcelona team perfected an overwhelming form of total football in a fearsome four-year spell. However, I think this Barca team is the greatest team of all times. The attacking trio of MSN is arguably the best forward line the world has ever seen. Their attacking quality is staggering – 122 goals between them last season speaks for itself.

Telepathic understanding between players, cool and exquisite passing, excellent ball distribution, great defenders, putting pressure in pairs and great recovery of ball from opponents, controlling match and commanding the momentum of the match as their wish. And doing all these things their thirst for winning would never quench. Best thing about this team and players is the humility and connection, caring for each other.

I will be telling tales for my future generation of how amazing this Barcelona team was, and there game is something else. I am not their fan, but I simply love this team and how they go about their games.

Need to see Barca vs Bayern in the CL

the MartialArt


Is Son all that?

As much as I am as a puppy with two tails, my team chugging along like Thomas the Tank engine on a good day before the Fat Controller has a meltdown, one small thing is nagging at me….all this hype over Son.

I’m not for a minute saying he is a waste of space, we’ve certainly had a lot worse over the years, but I am yet to be truly impressed with any of his performances. Maybe I’m missing something, I’ve watched him pay a few times (including yesterday) and I’m a little bit bemused with the comments about him being man of the match. He tracked back well, no issues there, but every time he got the ball in a more attacking position, he seemed to lose it and put the Spuds under a bit of pressure to get the ball back again. I know he’s from a different League and all that settling in stuff but I just don’t feel my tail wagging harder.

Maybe I’m missing something, not too sure what it is, but the jury is still out for me!



Pellegrini getting off lightly?

Seems to me that on any match day in the EPL then any team can be well beaten and it’s normal for the manager to be slagged off on the back of this. It also seems to me that Pellegrini is going nowhere soon, although perhaps a run of poor results will see a change. What we do know is that City doesn’t tend to do well consistently unless there are fully fit first choices in all positions and we don’t have that just now. But would playing Delph, Fernandinho and Otamendi from the off made any difference to the final outcome last Saturday? Maybe, maybe not. On a slightly different tack, it appears that Mourinho hasn’t taken as much stick from Chelsea fans as MP has from City fans so it will be interesting to see how hostile City supporters become if we lose say the next four or five games.

Surrey Blue


Liverpool for the title?

Dear me, after the LFC victory over City, a few forum posters have already started talking about the title. Unbelievable. If a league were decided on how much b******s gets spouted by blinkered fans, LFC would have won it nine of the last ten years.

Get real for goodness sake. This was the same old LFC “mindlessly hound them into submission” strategy – the one that Rodgers used to employ, the one that Benitez used to employ. Chase. Foul. Chase. Shoot. That’s why Dirk Kuyt’s legs are only 5 inches long these days.

It works against City because they can’t be bothered half the time, and Yaya can’t be bothered ever. But when faced with a team like Palace, who have discipline, heart and determination, who comes out on top? And what happens when faced with a team like Man Utd, who prepare specifically to face the hounds? Utd circulate the ball intelligently until and exploit the gaps left, and despite their lack of goal threat, comfortably win the game.

The City victory is one win. It could be the start of a good run if managed right. But pleeease, stop with the title drivel. It’s so incredibly tiresome.

The Horse Botherer


Coutinho or Mata?

I can’t believe people rate Coutinho over Mata. One of the main criticisms of Mata is that he can go missing, yet Coutinho is much more guilty of this. This idea that’s doing the rounds that he’s a Barcelona-standard player is utterly ridiculous.



Magpies’ mistakes

How come we pay over £6m for Anita but we refuse to pay the same for Delle Alli? I know Anita was established for Ajax but potential is potential. I’m afraid I would rather have up coming players with something to prove, than to have foreign mercenaries who are using us as a stepping stone.


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