Your Says of the Day: Rooney ‘can make the difference’

Date published: Thursday 28th January 2016 12:40

Wayne Rooney: Striker starting to win over critics

Also, Jordan Henderson is better than Philippe Coutinho, Steve McClaren is losing in the transfer market and Saido Berahino is not worth the fuss.

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Manchester United squad report

OK so a lot of people have a lot of different opinions about who’s top class, who’s worth keeping and who isn’t worth a packet of crisps from our squad, so – let’s all give our thoughts in one thread shall we? I’ll go first:

De Gea – Our only world class player. Definitely keep.
Jones – As I said on another thread, think he should be given another 2 years to get over injuries and get a run in the team. After that, if he doesn’t manage, sell him.
Rojo – Worth keeping as a back-up player.
Depay – Still too early to judge, after next season we will know whether a dud or whether now is just the adaptation period.
Mata – Though I never enjoy watching him play, he usually turns up with a number of goals and assists, so worth keeping as a back-up player in the number 10 position.
Martial – Just behind De Gea as our best player. Definitely keep.
Rooney – 2 months ago I would’ve said to get rid of him but he’s proven that, when he has the confidence, he can make the difference. I’d say keep him for another year or two and then see who’s available in the market should we sell him.
Januzaj – Is not up to standard due to him being selfish however, given his age, I think we should keep him as a back-up player to see how he improves over the next 2 years.
Smalling – One of our most important players. Keep.
Carrick – Despite his age, still has better vision and passing ability than anyone in our squad. Give him another year.
Blind – Doing a reasonably good job, even though I don’t see him as a centre back. Should be kept as a back-up due to his adaptability.
Young – Like Blind, should be kept as a back-up due to his adaptability.
Wilson – Don’t have much faith in him making it but, due to a lack of options up front, needs to be kept until we find a replacement.
Romero – Decent back-up keeper I guess, not really a problem keeping him in the squad.
Herrera – I like him even though I think he’s overrated by a number of United fans. At least he shows passion though. Another squad player who should be kept and can hopefully find a place in our first team once he improves.
Powell – Had high hopes for him but it seems his attitude has let him down. Can be sold.
Shaw – Hopefully his horrific injury won’t affect his excellent early season performances. Keep.
Valencia – Personally I think that he should be our first choice right winger when fit, should be kept as an option for the near future however we should look into signing a winger in any case.
Fellaini – Sell.
Schneiderlin – Has good potential. Keep.
Varela – We can sell, nothing special.
Schweinsteiger – Can stick around for another year or two, but not the player I was expecting to be honest so won’t shed any tears should he leave.
McNair – Good potential for the future. Keep.
Lingard – Vastly overrated. Sell and make a tidy amount off him before he’s found out by the general public.
Darmian – Can be kept as a back-up for right back but we’d still need to find a good solution for this position.
Blackett – Good potential. Keep.
Borthwick-Jackson – Good potential. Keep.
Pereira – Good potential. Keep.

So finally my squad would look like this:

Current players to keep as first teamers: De Gea, Martial, Smalling, Shaw

Current players who could make the first team if they play with confidence: Jones, Depay, Rooney, Herrera, Valencia, Schneiderlin, Darmian

Current players to keep as squad members: Rojo, Mata, Januzaj, Carrick, Blind, Young, Romero, Schweinsteiger, McNair, Blackett, Borthwick-Jackson, Pereira, Wilson

Sympathy for the Devils


Henderson better than Coutinho

Henderson is really growing on me, I’m sure he will start delivering in double digits soon enough, both in assists and goals.

Henderson is our best midfielder, Coutinho does not come close to him, way too inconsistent for that. The captain also gives us more over the season, then I’m not just talking about goals and assists cause there are very few midfielders in the league that have as much energy as Jordan.



McClaren the “loser” of the transfer market

So Steve McClaren has gone and spunked 12 million quid for Andros Townsend. That is about the same price Palace paid for Cabaye and a million more than what they paid for Zaha. Riyad Mahrez cost 400 000 quid for Leicester a while Andre Ayew was free for the Swans. 12 million for Andros Townsend.

Chelsea just sold Ramirez for 25 million, a player who has hardly played for them this season. Ramirez will be 29 very soon and is a water carrier really, he’s gone for the same price as Schneiderlin and Memphis Depay (he was very hot property when he signed for United), Suarez was also around the same price as well. How the hell do Chelsea keep doing this?

Can anyone else remember any of the greatest muggings of their clubs? Maroune Fellaini at 27 million comes to mind.

Anyways, kudos to the transfer negotiators at Spurs and Chelsea – something tells me the biggest loser here is McClaren,



Berahino not worth the price

If the Baggies insist on £25 million or more for Berahino, whose value will have dropped because of his poor displays in the first half of the season, Daniel Levy should give his WBA counterpart a short, curt message: Peace off!



Pochettino part of the Spurs revolution

Poch is doing a fantabulous job at Spurs. It’s only right his achievements are recognised and that people want him.

Would he go? Let’s hope not!

Let’s hope he wants to stay and build a legacy at Spurs and be a part of the revolution to the new stadium, and the development of this young squad and where they may go in the next few years. It is a really good thing (Spurs) at the moment and it would be something special for him to look back on. I don’t think there is anything he cannot achieve here, in time.



Referees need help

In one of todays papers they are talking of offering top level assistant referees to turn professional on an annual wages of 35k to try and raise the standards

We all know that the game is much faster than it has ever been plus with so much incentive to win at all costs we continue to see time wasting, diving, appealing for all and any fouls etc.etc. so it is a really tough job and IMO all 3 officials need to be on the same wavelength as for a single person (just the ref) it is virtually impossible not to get a decision wrong at some stage

Yes, I feel for Martinez but it has to be said that Everton were hardly in the game and the way it was going a goal was due to come at some stage anyway. KTBFFH


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