Your Says of the Day: Rooney no England great; Xhaka best signing

Date published: Friday 2nd September 2016 1:02

Our readers question Wayne Rooney’s continued selection for England and also debate which club made the signing of the summer.

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Time to go, Wayne

Rooney says the world cup in Russia will be his last major tournament. Well, we’ll have to qualify first, Wayne. As an England fan I almost don’t want us to qualify, to spare the embarrassment.

Also, you’ll have to be selected. And I for one really hope he isn’t selected. Hea not had a good tournament for 12 years. The passion and fire has gone from his game, he isn’t a team player at all.

Tournament after tournament he does nothing of note at all yet seems to get a free pass. He’s been a massive disappointment for England, Rooney, you are not an England great. Close the door on your way out.


He’s been selected on his name and reputation for years. He’s not good enough anymore,and I think even Man United fans would admit that.


Signings of the summer?

Xhaka – what Arsenal having been crying out for, combative midfielder who can play a pass, lets Ozil stay further up the field knowing the ball can be played at the back without him.

Kante – Absoulte engine, the guy has 3 lungs

Zlatan – Class!!!!!!! and experience, will make others up their game.

Lower down I don’t think you can over look Bony and Negredo. Both have goals in them.


Lucas Perez: Completes Arsenal move

Perez patience

Really don’t get Paul Merson at times. He questions the signing of Perez given the fact the national team (Spain) don’t pick him when they are crying out for one. My answer to Paul is simple: good/great team players don’t always make it at international level.

Merson, Keown, Winterburn, Bould, Dixon, Parlour, Rocastle were hardly first choice for England but were great players for afc. Let’s judge Perez over a period of time and give him the chance to prove himself. I personally don’t give a toss if any afc player gets picked for their country but more what they do for afc. To think I named my boy after him.


John Henry: The right owner for Liverpool?

FSG hindering Liverpool

The more that both sides start falling over themselves to deny any such rumours, the more you start believing that something is brewing behind the scenes. As I said earlier on this thread, the transfer window activity points towards a general tightening and tidying up of accounts with the intention of making a future deal more attractive. Of course, the other element to this is the status of the Anfield Road development which received outline planning permission along with that of the main stand.

The corporate communication said that this would be put on-hold to see whether we would be selling out the extra capacity in the main stand before making a commitment to proceed. This is absolute bollards, because with market research, season ticket waiting lists, they already know whether we can fill a 59k stadium. Just look at WHU, they didn’t have any problem in upping their capacity from (approx.) 35 – 55k overnight; and Spurs are launching into a stadium with a 25k capacity increase; so harbouring any doubt about us stretching from 54 – 59k is just a total red herring!

No, FSG have done a good job in upping our value and making us more desirable to acquire, but they are now stopping any further investment and are most likely waiting for and/or negotiating the price. I’m not knocking them because they haven’t done a bad job, but don’t be so naive to think that they came in for the love of the club or the sport of “soccer”; but the ultimate objective must always have been to pick us up on the cheap from the the previous failing regime, and make the right level of investment that could turn the maximum profit – so the job is just about done as we are being listed on Forbes as now having a value over 1 billion GBP.

Interesting that the reports are stating that Everbright are working in partnership with PCP Capital Investments which is Amanda Staveley’s company who was involved in the failed Dubai bid in 2008 and also brokered the Sheikh Mansour acquisition of Man City. Think we may be on the Business pages as much as the back pages over the coming months

Red Herring

Joe Hart: Could play in Champions League

Hart to Hart

Lots of interpretations can be put forward. My view is that somebody did not like Joe even before Pep came but knowing preference for a foot wise keeper hastened the exit, whatever, I do not think City handled it well. Joe had done little wrong at the club as far as we know, Being a footballing keeper does not have to be with feet, good distribution with a throw is just as good, however, conspiracy theories aside, I am sorry he is not our No2 and challenging for No1 again.

Brian Blue

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