Your Says of the Day: Rooney one of Man Utd’s ‘greatest ever’

Date published: Wednesday 3rd February 2016 12:32

Wayne Rooney: Striker has returned to form in 2016

Also, Jurgen Klopp is making mistakes at Liverpool, Leicester’s next two matches are vital, and Newcastle are becoming anxious for a win.

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Rivals envious of Rooney

What an absolutely incredible player! Soon to be United’s all-time leading goal scorer, you just cannot argue with Wayne Rooney’s career and why would you? Leave that to rival fans who have been looking on with envy ever since we signed him from Everton all those years ago. He will break Sir Bobby’s record in something like 200 games less than it took the great man to score his goals. Yet he is derided on here year after year. Even though, time and time again he has come back to answer his critics with a fantastic run of form coupled with some amazing goals and assists. We’ve all seen his dips in form and can see he is not the same player he once was but i’ve never understand the abuse he gets. For me he will go down as perhaps our greatest ever player, certainly in the modern era. Now he is redefining himself as Giggs and Scholes did before him and i can see our captain playing on for a few more years yet! Cheers.


Klopp making mistakes at Liverpool

Klopp is definitely 100% the right man but he is making mistakes with the lineup.

However in a few games this season I have seen no coherent patern of play. Yesterday we weren’t terrible but some much sideways passing, reminiscent of the off days under Rodgers (but what did he expect with that personnel in the same team …)

Where I do feel sorry for Klopp is the injuries to key strikers. If Sturridge, Ings, Origi were fit we wouldn’t be where we are (mistakes have always been made but the amount we miss is criminal).

If Sturridge was fit we wouldn’t be where we are. If he can’t stay fit we need a new main man next season. However we can’t scrimp on this striker.


Leicester love

If Leicester can get 6 points out of their next 2 matches, they have a fantastic shot at winning the league. If they lose both, then it will be very difficult for them.
It would be a revelation for the Premier league if they do win it and would finally cement it’s place as the league to watch for the rest of football.
It will also mean that lesser teams will have a chance of signing players that they could not before. They have money but haven’t been able to attract the top players. Leicester have shown that as a top player, you don’t really have to sign for United, City or Arsenal.
This season what has put Leicester apart from others, is the balance of the side. What allows them to play with 2 strikers is the work rate of their central midfielders. Kante plays like 2 players and Drinkwater is intelligent in his passing and positions. Okazaki and Vardy are somehow the perfect pairing and when you have somebody with the talent of Mahrez, you always have the chance to win a match.


Newcastle anxious for a win

B’Mouth won, unfortunately, beating the Eagles, and highlighting the fact that Pardew is a decent manager, no more. We absolutely need to win tonight, to make the most of the other results which are in our favour. The sooner we put a good 6 point between us and the relegation scrap, the better. What do you guys think of Mbabu? He’s quick, and has a decent lecture of the game. Lacks maturity, and needs to build up muscles. He’s full of promises, like Rio Ferdinand at West Ham. I hope he gets over those injuries fast. He looks taller than 6 ft 1/2 in.


Hughes worth the risk

Atletico took a gamble on simeone
Juve took a gamble on conte
Porto took a gamble on Mourinho and AVB
Arsenal took a gamble on Wenger
Utd took a gamble on sir Alex
Dortmund took a gamble on Klopp

Why can’t Utd take a gamble on Hughes?


Pulis: Genius or idiot?

You can’t be surprised. Bizarre team selections and substitutions are simply par for the course with Pulis which makes him either a footballing genius or something close to an idiot. I think the general opinion on this site is quite clear – we can only hope that JP has come to share it? We started with four central defenders and two defensive midfielders and the object of the exercise – as it has been almost all season – was to nick a 1-0 win. No matter what the opposition we encounter this is the one-eyed plan we now pursue relentlessly. But it has stopped working hasn’t it? Everybody scores against us these days and we are left with an inept attacking unit trying to salvage the game? This is usually the cue for another Pulis masterstroke when our most creative player is removed for another non-scoring striker? If this represents the best of modern football management available to us the poor attendance last night will soon have the appearance of a bumper crowd! Its rubbish!

So, we made a team that is bottom of the league and £175M in debt look like Brazil. They were far the better team throughout and passed and moved far better than we did and kept up pinned to the back foot. We were pathetic. We were lucky to be 2-0 up and even more pathetic to lose the lead.


Woeful Wolves

RVLP looked OK ( but tried to over complicate things sometimes), Siggy and the new boy looked OK but were starved of service from a midfield that could not hit a pass.

I’m sorry but Rowe, Coady and Saville give us nothing that Evans, Price and Davis couldn’t. This time last year McDonald was on the verge of a Scotland call up but I wouldn’t pick him for a Shrophire XI right now. I wasn’t sure what Price had done to be dropped and I’m even less sure what Henry has done wrong (apart from not being suited to the wide left role in the wake of (injuries).

The defence just panic – we should not have sold Stearman and Golbourne.

As I was leaving the ground I heard a young girl of about 12-13 say to her Dad, “Please don’t bring me again Dad, I don’t want to come to be cold whilst watching that rubbish”. I think that just about sums it up.


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