Your Says of the Day: Rooney should follow Robbo’s lead

Date published: Thursday 22nd September 2016 2:10

Wayne Rooney should follow the example set by Man Utd predesessor Bryan Robson, while Liverpool fans are told not to get too carried away…

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Follow Robbo’s example

For over a decade, when he was fit, Bryan Robson was our beating heart and driving force in many a very poor Manchester United team. Christ he deserved to play in a better side than the dross he more often than not had around him. With Norman Whiteside, Paul McGrath, Mark Hughes and wee Gordon Strachan he was the ultimate Scouse Buster, our very own Captain Marvel, one of the best players I ever saw and a bona fide club legend.

In his latter years though, when injuries really had taken their toll and he was a shadow of the rampaging beast we all remembered…a decision needed to be taken by Fergie. He’d already showed no qualms about shifting some of the other scouse busters I mentioned and later flogging Mark Hughes.

Robson was treated with the respect and dignity he’d earned and in return he behaved with humility whilst retaining his pride. Robbo remained club captain but Steve Bruce was team captain. He rarely started games but he made a decent amount appearances from the bench although he needed special dispensation for a medal. He was on the pitch when Brucey scored the 90th minute equaliser against Sheffield Wednesday (following the ball over the line and clattering Nigel Pearson just in case). But Bryan Robson was an absolute inspiration around the club as we chased down that elusive first championship in 26 years. He knew his body wasn’t what it was, he reluctantly accepted it and his ego didn’t try and take him to places he shouldn’t be, namely a first team starter. And on that beautiful balmy May evening when we had won the league, team captain Bruce and club captain Robson jointly picked up the trophy…a difficult situation handled with class and a genuine club legend was allowed to enjoy his latter years with dignity.

Now, about that heffalump in the room Wayne Rooney…



Joey Barton: Tried to hurt Xabi Alonso during 3-0 defeat

Barton all bluster

Having heard a few excerpts from Joey Barton’s autobiography, he desperately trys to portray himself as the tough guy he wishes he was. But he’s no Roy Keane that’s for sure. When Roy had a problem with somebody you could see in his eyes he meant it, but with Joey it was all just a deliberate act. I never once saw him intimidate anybody on the pitch.

Maybe he can intimidate members of the public during a night out, but not his fellow peers. He wasn’t a hard man, just petulant, and his bad attitude damaged what could have been a better career.

The title of his biography might be ‘No Nonsense’… but as for what’s inside, well they do say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

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Courtois Chelsea

Chelsea concerns

It is becoming clearer that Cahill and Ivanovic and both our keepers lack of conviction/communication is why our defence is flimsy. Both our current keepers seem timid, a keeper should be barking orders because they see the whole picture.

I feel like this is a doubled-edge sword with Fabregas because when he plays in the forward role and has no impact everyone is like “he should playing deeper” and then when he looks bad in the deeper role everyone is like “he should be playing number 10”.

I personally think Fab should be playing the inbetween role which exists in this 4-1-4-1 formation, get forward and back like Lampard did.



Jurgen Klopp: Fighting talk from Reds boss

Rein it in, Reds

At this point Liverpool certainly look like one of a number of teams with potential to compete but it’s just typical of how everyone reacts to a good run of games. We’ve had a great start and the squad looks a lot stronger but in another month or so with a couple of dodgy results behind us, the attitude can very quickly change.

Take United and Mourinho for example. Three weeks ago Mourinho was crowing about how strong a squad he had and what a great mentality to boot. The media were loving every moment of it as they tend to do with Mourinho.

Three weeks later and the media are on his back questioning whether he’s got it anymore whilst Mourinho is lashing out at Shaw and Mkhitaryan for not having the mentality for it. You genuinely couldn’t make the stuff up! Man City are 8/13 to win the league after 5 games of the Premier League. There’s only 33 games left!!!

We might have a chance but so do City, Everton, Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea United and Leicester. We’re not quite there yet!!



Jordan Henderson: A divisive yet under-appreciated figure

Henderson can lead

What I had hoped Henderson would ultimately bring to the table was a bit different from our former captains, I wanted work rate from him, that he would marshal the rest of the lads into on unit that would approach the game much the same way he does.

He is never going to be a midfielder that scores 20 goals a season, or supply 20 assists but what he can do is build the platform for other player to do so. The high workrate game we are witnessing right now is perfect for him and only a handful of players could play in the same way.

He might not be a world beater but he can lead his team into being world beaters.


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