Your Says of the Day: Sakho’s blunder list; United’s best yet?

Date published: Monday 26th September 2016 1:37

Mamadou Sakho: From bad to worse at Liverpool

Our readers debate Mamadou Sakho’s catalogue of errors at Liverpool, Man Utd’s destruction of Leicester and why Arsenal can be considered Premier League title dark horses.

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Sakho’s situation going from bad to worst

After his Friday night Snapchat woes, it goes from bad to worse for Mamadou Sakho….

He missed a few sessions or was late, interrupted Klopp’s interview, was taking slimming tables (admittedly he got off). It’s not just a once off. He was then given an option to leave for another club which he appeared not to want.

If the club doesn’t want you, then they have a reason and that rarely changes. Sakho could be playing at another club but he was never going to be played at Liverpool.

It’s pretty much the same as when a player wants to leave, invariably he will. The club rarely manage to keep them for more than a season when the decision is made. Honestly, I couldn’t give a toss about Sakho or what his side of the story is. The warning signs were there for him in a situation that he created for himself. I care about the rest of the squad who are dedicated and doing great for us at the moment. Sakho is now a liability we don’t need.



In Sakho’s defence (if there is one), what is he supposed to do? Is he involved in the day-to-day training.

He has a grievance that’s at risk of escalating, hence not being able to mix up with different squad members; can you imagine the effect in the dressing room?

There would be those understandably reluctant to be involved, but others prepared to lend a sympathetic ear; was he quite close to Kalo Toure?

He’s not obviously done himself any favours with the social media thing, but one way or another, the club I feel has a duty of care to resolve this matter.


Matic not mobile enough for Conte at Chelsea

Nemanja Matic: Thinks Chelsea can fight for the title

Conte has an issue. Being quite a pragmatic manager I’d say he’s currently hitting round pegs into Triangular holes. My major bone of contention isn’t actually the defence. It’s those in front of them and behind the strikers. The issue is midfield. Kate’s signing goes some way to addressing one hole in midfield. Sadly the other is Matic. In order for a Conte system to work, there needs to be hideous amounts of energy in the centre of the park.

Conte, when playing, was in a side with Sousa and Deschamps in the middle of the park. Vailli was up top, both Deschamp and Sousa we’re no slouches.

Fast forward to his all conquering Juve side. Yep, that midfield was based on big energy. Marcchisio and Vidal giving Juve serious power in the middle.

His Italian side had Veratti (who when playing us murdered every single piece of grass in Stamford Bridge) and De Rossi… Players who put in a shift.

So far at Chelsea, he has Kante. Potentially Oscar who can run… But Im not sure Matic is the answer, he’s not a player who can pick a pass going forward and when forward struggles to get back. And this is the dilemma… Which is why Naigolian and other names were mentioned.

A conte side has always been blessed with slower centre backs… But his midfields, including the ones he’s played for have all had energy. Still, I reckon he’ll work with what he has until he can get it right or walk away. Big task ahead for the Italian… I had forgotten he played alongside Vialli and Deschamps. 999… Deschamps is my next chelsea candidate for life after Conte.



Arsenal can win title in Wenger’s last season

Delighted for Arsene Wenger; a Gentleman and a fine servant to game marking today 20 years with a fabulous win.

Sheer delightful football; 64/65; he looks in great shape and the hunger is still there in his eyes.

He’s gotta win a Premier League Title or a European Trophy before he finally hands over his resignation.



Arsenal are dark horses for me. They probably won’t get taken seriously because of what’s happened in recent seasons, but they have been holding on to their best players for some time now and have strengthened in several important areas. They’re going about their business very tidily at the moment.



Man Utd’s best display for years

Paul Pogba: Celebrates his goal with Jesse Lingard

Genius team selection from Jose Mourinho against Leicester and a brilliant first half performance from the team. This is what happens when you drop Rooney.

We haven’t played football of this quality in a very long time.



Now that was the sort of response they should have given last week against Palace. As others have said there’s still work to be done but it shows what’s possible when the foot is on accelerator not brake.

Will this spell the end of Rooney is it is just a blip with normal service to be resumed as soon as possible? We should get the answer to that next week.



Really liked the movement of the team today. Thought Herrera, Pogba, and Mata were brilliant together.

Herrera is a must start for us. Blind completely silenced the POTY and one of the fastest players in the league, for all those who go on about his lack of pace, and he put in some excellent service. Shaw will have a tough time getting back in the side. Excellent game overall. Glad I can enjoy the rest of my weekend.



Liverpool ‘hold no grudges’ to Sterling

Raheem Sterling: In fine form for Man City this season

Since Guardiola has gone to City,he seems to have revitalised Sterling. Under Pellegrini,Sterling was playing with little confidence,and his form suffered as a result. Now Guardiola has gone there,he has clearly had a positive impact on Raheem,and you can see that with his performances on the pitch. The lad is playing really well at present,credit where it’s due. I think the transfer has worked out for both clubs. Man City needed an injection of pace into their side,and he’s fitting in well there. With the way our lads are currently playing,you have to say that he hasn’t really been missed. I genuinely didn’t think he’d get much game time under Pep,but he’s certainly getting the best out of him at the moment.

I know a lot of Liverpool fans have no time for the lad,for obvious reasons,but I genuinely wish him well at City,and I think he’ll go on to fulfill the potential that he showed at Liverpool,and in the future,he has every chance of becoming a world class player. For me,time has healed the wounds that were opened with the way he went about getting his move to Man City. He was naïve,with the BBC interview,the shisha pipe stuff,but at the end of the day,his agent’s a bit of a dick,and clearly has a massive influence on the lad,and had a lot to do with the way that interview came about (in my opinion). We were upset,but if we Liverpool fans are honest with ourselves,he left because he saw City as the place to help him win trophies regularly,while we were pissing about in 7th/8th position. We were stagnating under Rodgers,Sterling saw that,and wanted out. It would have been interesting to see how he would have got on under Klopp,but that chance never came about (his agent said that if Klopp had been appointed earlier,Sterling would have stayed).

Raheem has been in the goals of late,and is clearly enjoying his football. His goal against Bournemouth reminded me of the Sterling we saw at Liverpool (not enough power on his shot,and the ball just creeped over the line),but his goal vs Swansea was fantastic. He could easily have played Aguero in for his hat trick,but decided to take it himself after a great bit of skill to fool the defender.

It’ll be interesting to see how he gets on vs Celtic in midweek,and whether he can carry on his good form on the European stage. It’s funny how his agent blamed his Liverpool exit on a breakdown of his relationship with Rodgers,yet Sterling has always been complimentary about the role that Brendan has played in his career (as has Luis Suarez),and has reiterated that again today ahead of the game this week.

Let’s hope Sterling continues his good form. He certainly has the ability,it’s all about doing it on a consistent basis for him now



Spurs are second – and deservedly so

Well lads – 2nd in league. Nice one. We fully deserve it. Now lets see if we can beat Man City and throw a right spanner into the works of the big spenders!




Milner v Henderson

J Milner

Milner and Hendo are both great professionals and set a great example to team mates in that respect. Milner is mr reliable and has been selected penalty taker. I don’t think Hendo would shy away from them if he was the nominated player (2 seasons ago balotelli stealing his penalty aside).

I think, personally, it would have killed Hendo being captain. Last season and not getting to actually have any influence. He started this season strong, and he doesn’t seem afraid to turn up around the box and have a go from distance (most of his efforts have also been pretty well struck). I think he is growing into the role and wouldn’t change anything right now.

I’m not sure Milner is that much more vocal? (I could very well be wrong there, as I’m a bit of an armchair fan and rarely have the luck of being pitch side).

In a way, having those two as captain and vice captain is quite consistent. I think they’re similar characters in a way and so the leadership style within the team doesn’t change much…(?)



Forget Giroud, Alexis Sanchez is our ‘striker’ now

We would have never scored that first goal with Giroud up front. I’ve been a massive advocate of sanchez in recent weeks, simply because he makes our attack in the final third so unpredictable.

You can see how walcott benefits from playing with him, he’s like a diffetent player.

Massive shout out to owobi too, he gives us the balance in attack, and causes massive probems to teams – he’s also so calm on the ball. Hopefully a big future beckons for him.

Wenger got his tactics spot on, shout out to kos as well, he was immense today, and he looks like he’s forming a solid partnership with mastafi.

Great win for us, lets be positive and not dwell on any negatives



BT Sports commentary a ‘disgrace’

Did anyone else find the BT commentary biased and one sided last night. All Hoddle & McManaman mostly
talked about was chelski and give very little credit to our great team performance.

I thought Walcott had the best first half I’ve probably ever seen him have and yet all those two muppets could talk about was hazard. OK, I’m sure none of us care too much given the fact we give them a good hiding but bit more fair
play from the BT boys would more enjoyable to listen too than the same old grind every sentence.



Zeki shock for Palace fans

Did my eyes deceive me or did Zeki Fryers actually get on the pitch yesterday !!!! A left footer playing at left back — never!

Perhaps Pardew has been reading my remarks.

What a cross for the equalising goal. Lets hope he gets a bit of a run in the team at last.

I don’t think that Kelly is a left back in fact he has been disappointing to be honest. Not as bad as Cabaye though the man has had his day im afraid!!!!




Liverpool’s worst-ever Premier League XI

Jose Enrique: Ends five years at Liverpool

Inspired by the Arsenal thread, I had a quick thought on what would be our worst XI.
My criteria:
– Min 20 games played
– PL era only
– No current players
– 4-3-3 formation

GK: Friedel
DEF: Jose Enrique, Kyrgiakos, Djimi Traore, Kvarme
MID: Biscan, Joe Cole, Salif Diao
ATT: Borini, Voronin, Ngog
MGR: Woy

Bench: Cheyrou, diouf, Carroll, Adam, Meijer, Nunes, Aquilani

Anyone I missed?


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