Your Says of the Day: Sanches transfer miss ‘will haunt Man Utd’

Date published: Wednesday 15th June 2016 1:14

Arsenal fans discuss if the Gunners have a chance of winning the League next season, while Man Utd fans ponder if they’ve dropped a major clanger missing out on Renato Sanches.

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What are Arsenal title chances next season?

If we spend the money in the right areas, we will have a great chance but so far not much has changed.
Xhaka will be a big improvement to the team. He will bring a toughness and a positional discipline that is much needed.
For me though, we still have 2 huge areas that we have not addressed yet – CB and CF.

If we went into the season with the same defence we have now then no, I can’t see it being enough. Not unless Gabby has some kind of superhuman development over the summer.
A CB has to come in but the only one we appear to be even remotely close to is this kid from Bolton.
I do think we will sign a striker. We have to surely. Whether Vardy could come and score 25 plus goals, who knows. Last season could have been a fluke. He may not suit our style of play. If we were to sign Mkhitaryan, then whoever plays in front of him, Ozil and Sanchez will certainly get the chances to score 30 goals a season!
Given the money that Pep, Jose and Conte are going to start throwing around, we have to try and fight fire with fire if the players are out there. When a player like Mkhitaryan comes along, you don’t wait and we can worry about it damaging other players progress later!

I’m hoping that Wenger and Ivan realise just how tough CL qualification is going to be this time around and maybe they are going big this window. Only thing is, we have seen nothing in the last 10 years to suggest this might be the case!


Olivier Giroud: Is Arsenal striker unfairly criticised at times?

Andy, this is why I think a striker is so much more important than a CB.

If you look at Giroud last season, what did he get? 15 goals I think? Add the number of chances he missed and I reckon a top striker could have close-on doubled that.

Throw Mkhitaryan into the mix (thanks for spelling it – times like this I LOVE copy & paste!) and I reckon any top striker will hit that 30 goal mark comfortably. Of course, I’m only going on what you and Barber have said about him – never heard of him until a couple of weeks ago – but I’m really excited about this link now.

No question we can improve on defence and if the right players are available, it would be insanity not to go for them, but I really don’t see it as a major issue if we’re taking more of our chances at the other end.

Xhaka will add a bit more defensive solidity and I haven’t completely given up hope on Gabriel, but he has to hit the ground running come August.

Problem is, of course, which Wenger we’ll get this season. The manager who joined Arsenal in ’97 would have walked the league last season, but despite the similarity in looks and accent, I’m sure it’s a different guy running things now.

Barber, I’ve often said the same about Wenger. It wasn’t just his grip on the French market either, but the fact that few top managers ever bothered buying anything but well-established names from top European/South American teams, so Wenger got his pick of all the up and coming talent.

Also with you on how much he’s underachieved even when he’s had a top side. No one can or would want to take away his two doubles and unbeaten season and he deserves all the credit he gets for putting those sides together, but a lot of managers with the same personnel would have won more.

But there is another angle to this. Fact is that he has put together a very good squad – still a few glaring weaknesses but they’re also fixable weaknesses, with just two or three more additions.

And that’s where his real strength was. Yeah, the eye for cheap, upcoming talent was a big part of the teams he used to put together but, in Ozil, Sanchez and Xhaka, he’s now buying the same quality of player, just having to pay top rates for them. One way or the other, he’s still bringing that quality in again.

I don’t know mate – I think I go through this every summer. My memory of the previous season starts to fade a little, I forget all the screw-ups and the blind optimism starts to resurface.

He’ll probably bring me crashing back down to Earth by January or, if he stops at Xhaka and this Nigerian kid, then by the end of August and even if I still haven’t learned my lesson, at least I’m less surprised now when it does all go pear-shaped.



We all know that Pep, Conte and Mourinho will spend like its Monopoly money but we won’t be as ambitious or adventurous. I welcome the addition of Xhaka he’s been impressive when ever I’ve seen him. He will do a decent job for us starting play from deep and has a very good range of passing and a strong presence in midfield we have missed a while although whether he hits the ground running is another thing. On the subject of other players I would be delighted with mickey but think there will be a few clubs and If we can get it done we will have a midfield to match anyone in Europe. If we can’t pull that off I do like Nolito he is very direct and scored loads of goals and always looking to get in behind. So could play Sanchez on one wing and Nolito on the other ok he’s 29 and has not long come back from a injury ravaged season but he will defo improve us. A top striker is a must as anyone decent in front of that midfield will get tons of goals. A decent defender and think we will be well on our way.


Arsene Wenger: Looks set to retain full control at Arsenal

Under Wenger? Our title chances are from very low to Nil. Yes,with the season we had and the team that won it ahead of us,I felt it was inexcusable for Wenger not to win the title with the amount of pressure he was under from a section of the fans to deliver that.

I’m also so sick and tired of hearing people just on and on criticise Giroud and blame him for us not winning the title.Firstly,I just don’t believe he’s missed as many chances as people make out to be.He has missed chances,but he has also scored goals you wouldn’t expect him to.I defend him,yes.Do I think he’s good enough to be first choice?Absolutely not.Do i think He should be blamed solely for lack of winning the title? Absolutely not.
I can list out many games here he hasn’t started, and we didn’t come out with three points.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing.I know we will get a new striker,so let’s just wait and watch if our striker can score more that 25+ goals next season in the PL to match the fans expectations.Either ways,If we don’t win the PL fans will find some excuse or the other blaming a “lack of a certain player in a certain position” for not winning the title other than the main man himself.

the specialone

Al – I’ve been one of those on here who have said that I seriously doubt we will win the league under Wenger. And my reasoning has always been simple – aggregation of marginal gains. Small things that in themselves seem insignificant can add up to a sizable advantage – and we continually neglect such things!

Wenger won titles in an era when he had a comparative advantage – access to talent in France and a head-start on the benefits of acquiring and developing youth, to mention but a couple. I remember at the time criticising Wenger even when he won – which brought me ridicule a few times in the pub – but I remember thinking “This guy is underperforming with this team!”. I felt we should’ve done better in Europe and in the league. Remember 2003 when we blew an 8-point lead to gift Man U the league?

Now these advantages have dissipated and we’re seeing his deficiencies much more clearly. But despite everything that people say about him, the two main reasons I believe we will not (or at least will struggle to) win the league under him again are: his lack of game- (and season-) management (a lot of which point to how he uses the resources available to him and tactics); and the mentality of the team.

The former is something that some might say is more important, but I actually believe the latter is the reason we will continue to bottle it whenever the pressure is on. I believe a team mirrors the manager, and we see different players but the same lack of mental strength in Wenger’s teams over the last decade plus.

Money or no money, I believe that we should’ve gotten over the line on AT LEAST ONE occasion that we were close to winning the league since 2006 – 2008, 2010, 2014, 2016. And the manner in which we have not only missed out but disastrously capitulated is becoming synonymous with Arsenal FC – and that breaks my heart.

Wenger will also never do ENOUGH in identifying our faults and fixing them, as Terry used to say. And so, with the same mistakes season after season going unfixed, with lack of viable options in certain areas, poor mentality, sense of entitlement/complacency, lack of competition, lack of leadership, poor tactics and game management… We continually neglect these “marginal” issues IN ADDITION to our clear financial disadvantage to our main title rivals and think we will win?

So, I don’t see us winning the league in 2017 – and that’s even if we go and get the players we need (which we WON’T!). Wenger’s shortcomings are our most subtle but most influential hindrances to winning the league. Besides, he has never had to face up to the calibre of managers he is up against – Klopp, Pochettino, Conte, Mourinho, Guardiola – has anything about him in the last decade convinced you that he can prevail against them all?



Have Man Utd missed out Renato Sanches?

Renato Sanches

Although this player has great natural talent we must remember he is a) undeveloped/needs guidance and b) is a Bayern Munich player.

40 million Euro rising to 80 million Euro is always a gamble for an 18 year old. We took a gamble with Martial and Memphis we opted out/missed out here. We can’t gamble on every position neither can we sign every single highly rated young player out there.

We can’t have them all fellas.


He got the ball and he powered forward with the ball, and his distribution was excellent. He’s what we’ve been missing for years. Jesus, we’ve got half a dozen established midfielders who can’t do what he did in his brief appearance last night. We can’t buy them all I agree. Maybe some though eh? Maybe the right ones eh? Anyway, he looked good to me.

Having seen the lad’s second half appearance as a substitute for Portugal, I fear not signing him may come back to haunt us.


The English TV commentator on the Iceland v Portugal game where I live said he lives in Portugal and has seen a lot of Sanches in the League and his comment was that Sanches’ performance deteriorated during the season. The TV man suspects the publicity surrounding him may be affecting his performances.


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