Your Says of the Day: Sanchez ‘joke’, Rashford yet to convince all

Date published: Friday 9th September 2016 12:39

Alexis Sanchez’s claim that he belongs in the same bracket as Messi and Ronaldo hasn’t gone down well, while Marcus Rashford is a flat-track bully, apparently.

Sanchez warning


Sanchez, a player I absolutely love, has just dropped a bit in my estimation.

He’s claimed that he’s on the same level as Messi and Ronaldo and sorry, as good as he is, he’s not even in the same league.

I really hope it was tongue in cheek. Of all the players at Arsenal, he’s always struck me as one of the more modest and humble, but I’m reminded of Bergkamp (who I think was in the same league as Messi and Ronaldo). He was invariably the last player to leave the training pitch, because no matter how good everyone else thought he was, it never went to his head and he never rested on his laurels, which is arguably exactly why he was as good as he was.

As I said, of all our players, Sanchez is one of the last I would have expected to come out with a comment like that and I really hope that he was either joking, or it’s been poorly translated, because (as Nick Bendtner must be coming to realise) the moment you think you’ve made it and can’t get any better, is often the moment your career starts to grind to a halt.

Al The Gooner


Mr Motivator

So now Tony Pulis has come out and said that the five players we signed weren’t the five he wanted. Well that should boost their confidence, and help them settle into the team. Another own goal. I’m sure I’d be busting a gut if I was one of the five.


Loic Remy: Frozen out by Chelsea boss Antonio Conte

Ropey Remy

I really like Remy and it should be remembered he scored a lot of important goals when we won the league in 14/15. I would have been happy for him to remain as our back up striker, behind Costa and Batshuyai, but for his appalling injury record. It often seemed he was injured, just when he was needed. Sadly it has happened again, but this time for Palace.




So a group of economists at a German university have concluded that FFP has actually created a bigger gap between clubs than before it was implemented. This will be music to Man Utd’s ears as they were the club which would truly benefit by stopping other clubs with new found wealth. We all know this was the most flawed legislation to come into the game and basically flew in the face of fair economics despite being allegedly created to promote same. The fact that they were supported by Platini says all you need to know given he was as corrupt as Blatter. Time to turn off the life support on FFP methinks. Dead in the water.



Marcus Rashford

Overrated Rashford

Why is nobody talking about the s**t opposition Rashford has scored against? Yeah he got the winner against a s***e Hull team (which he just tapped in because Rooney actually made the goal) and then scored a hat-trick against some kids from Norway. Ok! There’s no way he should be starting the Derby ahead of Zlatan. If we need pace in the second half then he’s a good option from the bench.


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