Your Says of the Day: Sanchez to Man Utd talk crazy

Date published: Wednesday 11th November 2015 1:23

Alexis Sanchez: Arsenal forward linked with Manchester United

Also, has Jose Mourinho been sussed out? Or are Chelsea’s players to blame? Plus, could Liverpool sign Cristian Tello from Barcelona?

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Mourinho sussed out

Tired debate, yes, but asking who could do a better job, well take a look guys, pretty much every manager/coach out there has Jose’s number in regards style and tactics, so to keep on track where we are going probably quite a few could do a better job me thinks.

TBH all I want to see with the calibre of players we have is some decent football with some entertainment. Really we should not be struggling every week in the PL, in particular at SB. God, teams used to hate coming to SB, now they are all confident of a result.

For what its worth I would love it to be Pep Guardiola. probably not going to happen, but sorry guys I have zero confindence the current manager and coaching team are going to improve on this disastrous season.

But eh, would luv to be proved wrong and will be the first to hold my hands up.


Or are the Chelsea players to blame?

I am actually believing that the players we have are not really good enough even though they all have their own little special abilities – we have not really performed from the latter part of last season despite winning the league – you cannot be off-form for such a long period of time so it must be they cannot go over to the next level. The manager can only do what he can with what he’s got, but I’m not excusing his off the field behaviour which is a different issue.


Sanchez to Man Utd rumours ridiculous

Blimey, what’s all this chat about Alexis Sanchez about chaps? I said at the time of his transfer that he was a far better bet for us than that gutless waste of space Di Maria would ever be. That was our one and only chance to sign him at the peak of his powers, and that ship has now well and truly sailed forever. He may well leave Arsenal for pastures new in a couple of years’ time, but he will be pushing 30 years old by then and will have a limited shelf life anyway, simple as that.


Cristian Tello to Liverpool?

Out of the three recent transfer rumours, I think Rues is linked purely for the Klopp – Dortmund connection. No Chance. Ter Stegen – 56.8M for a keeper, not a cat in hell’s chance that we will be paying that.

Cristian Tello, this is the only one I feel is credible, always looked like he was good enough to play for Barca when he came on, but the way Barca play with a front three of Neymar Messi and Suarez, it is always going to be difficult to break into that trio. We need some pace on the wings and a goal threat and Tello is both and shouldn’t break the bank.I think this one is most likely and would be ever so excited to see him in a Liverpool shirt.


Injuries no excuse for Arsenal

When we are going to stop blaming injuries rather than question how we are getting them. I think it was a decent result (against Tottenham) considering the amount of injuries we’ve had. But I’m not going to use it as an excuse because it’s Wenger’s fault he failed to sign an outfield player. City are much stronger than us and will win the league if we don’t take advantage of situations where they drop points. It’s as simple as that.

the specialone

Time to credit Wilshere

So, with Xavi continuously heaping praise on JW, I wonder if anybody will take him seriously. I have repeatedly claimed on here that Jack Wilshere is in a class of his own but all the responses (usually bitter, jealous Chelsea and Spuds fans) have laughed and ridiculed me for it.

As far as I’m concerned, Wenger regards Wilshere as his top talent and tries to build the entire team around him, but unfortunately he keeps getting injured and ends up being a small part of things.

Hopefully he’ll stay healthy for a while and prove all his doubters wrong by playing pivotal roles in success for both club and country…


Club or international form most important to England?

I’m just playing devil’s advocate here, but why does nobody ever consider international ‘form’ if you can call it that? Say someone like Welbeck or Milner were fit but not regularly starting for their clubs; if those players have contributed a lot for the England manager in the past, he should surely take that into account.

If, say, a Welbeck had scored five in his last five for England and helped England so far in qualifying but, as someone else put it, is kept out by a foreigner, why shouldn’t he be entitled to pick them? He’s paid to do a job and is bound to stick with certain players who have delivered for him previously or players who he knows he can rely on. They may be a really big dressing room influence or a great example to younger players. If he’s only supposed to go on form and players who are regularly playing, we may as well let a computer pick the team based on whoscored rankings!

Another factor to consider. Imagine, for argument’s sake, Andy Carroll, Rickie Lambert and any other big strong target man were the three top performing strikers in the league but someone like Sturridge was not quite playing as well but still scoring a few. You’d be silly to take three of the same type of player as you want balance in your team so even there, you’re going against the form books. It’s not as simple as to say pick the 23 players who are regularly playing and are most on form as there are too many other factors to consider.


Unsporting Aston Villa

Didn’t post this right away as I hoped after a couple of days I wouldn’t mind as much – but I’ve got to say something about Rudy Gestede

There’s so much in football that irks the average fan these days with the diving and going down under contact, but at least this stuff is borderline, Suarez-style behaviour which some can at least try to justify as a competitive edge. What happened with the Gestede throw-in was so unsporting it really was disgraceful.

Joe miscontrolling it is irrelevant; the only reason that situation occurred is that we kicked the ball out so that their player could get treatment; they should immediately have kicked the corner out for a goalkick and I’m surprised Richards didnt intervene.

In general I don’t think anyone should ever kick the ball out for someone on the other team’ the referee should stop the game and if you do it for your own team then the opposition should keep the ball. Serious incidents of injury and danger on the football field are blatantly obvious (eg Muamba and the one that we all remember that ended in the worst possible way). Anytime the ball is kicked out it’s for a feigned injury or cramp!

Finally … when was the six-second rule for goalkeepers removed from the rule book? Watch the clock anytime the opposition goalkeeper gets the ball in his hands at 0-0…


Time for Erwin to get Leeds chance?

It seems to be a smart move on the part of Steve Evans to get this match in during the international fortnight. I agree that Lee Erwin should get a chance to show what he can do, but he needs to be nurtured into the first team rather than thrown in at the deep end and be expected to play whole matches and start scoring goals immediately.

It can’t all be like the Alan Smith arrival who was fantastic from the beginning and in any case was cast alongside Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink to show him the way. Unfortunately for young Erwin he will not have a proven goal scorer to help him along unless we get a loan player in.


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