Your Says of the Day: Sell Zlatan; Arsenal don’t get transfer market

Date published: Thursday 17th November 2016 1:33

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Looking off the pace

One Manchester United fan has run the rule over the whole squad and says Zlatan Ibrahimovic should be sold, while Arsenal are accused of not understanding the transfer market.

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Arsenal ‘don’t understand’ the transfer market

I think a lot of people overreacting on the situation with Gnabry.

The situation is not that tough to understand. Always touted with a great potential, he’s had some impressive displays for the club but he’s never really done enough to break into the first team and there’s always been a surplus of talent to choose from in that position.

He went out on loan to west brom,and failed to impress.I think Wenger had a simple choice between Gnabry and Ox and he chose the latter.To be really honest with you,I would too.

My only criticism here is that we sold him for such a less amount especially in the going market. That’s a ridiculous fee for a player with such huge potential.

Remember,more than anything a club pays for the potential.The club didn’t sort out his contract properly, and consequently sold him for a less amount.

If you see some of the players moving for fees it’s actually laughable what Gnabry went for. Arsenal don’t understand today’s market. It’s been proved time and again.

The specialone


‘If we can’t beat United we should give up’

If we can’t beat this Man Utd side we ought to give up.

Problem is I said the same thing last season when as Jeff states we just turned up meekly and surrendered. We all know Mourinho treats Wenger like his bunny, Wenger can’t beat him, never has and I’m inclined to think never will.

As usual Wenger’s team selection and tactics will be key. He never gets either right at Old Trafford, after The Spuds rubbish performance he has to set out a side with some guts, who want to win, and believe they can win.

live in hope but I’m not confident, after all it’s Mourinho v Wenger, and we all know how that ends. Come on Wenger, buck the trend, go there and hammer them, put them totally out of the race for the top4 and establish Arsenal as a contender.

No more excuses, you must not fail us again, we will not accept it.

The Oracle


No role for Gerrard at Liverpool, he’s ‘finished as a player’

The club is on the crest of a wave at the moment and that is down to Jurgen Klopp and his personality and expertise. Why then would we wish to bring in another big personality with the potential for disruption and distraction? Steven Gerrard is finished as a player – that’s a fact whether people like it or not. He has no coaching experience, and we wouldn’t appoint anybody else as a coach with no experience so why would we appoint him?

LFC is a top class club. If Steven Gerrard wants to coach here he should gain some experience first at a lesser club – we are not here to train junior coaches. Let’s just leave it – there is no role for him here as things stand.

And please don’t play the “we owe him” card. We don’t .. he was extremely well paid when he played here so we owe him nothing.

Derek Wirral

Steven Gerrard

A matter of time when Gerrard returns…

I think if Klopp managed it correctly… ie if he makes clear the role (probably not much playing time) to Gerrard and the rest of the squad, and they’re all happy with it… Then I don’t see why it would be a distraction?

Seems more a matter of when Gerrard will be back rather than if.


Wayne Rooney Manchester United

‘Cretinous’ Rooney must be sold

@happyhurling. I can see you performing impressive feats of mental gymnastics to defend what Rooney has done here.

The fact is that at this moment in the club’s history, in Rooney’s career, and in a crucial part of the season. What he has done is purely cretinous. Not only has he got pissed a few days before the Arsenal game when we are without Ibrahimovic and in dire need of his “experience”, he also has got himself photographed in his drunken stupor.

All he has done is perpetuate the joke status of this club and create more trouble for his under pressure manager.

I don’t care if Darron Gibson, Gascoigne, Arturo Vidal, or jm1502 also like to get pissed. That’s besides the point. The point is that this club is currently in dire straits and needs players with their balls screwed on tight for a serious challenge. Just as Mourinho tries to send out a rallying call to get his soldiers ready for battle his captain and “talisman” is paralytic at 5am in front of the media – perfect timing.

Rooney must be sold. He is as poisonous to this club as Ronaldinho was at Barcelona just before Guardiola removed him, difference is Ronaldinho is possibly the most gifted player ever to live while Rooney is built like a boxer.



‘Sell Zlatan, he’s holding back Rashford and Martial’

About time I got in on this…
1 De Gea – World Class – Keep

3 Bailly – Finally a replacement for Vidic – Keep

4 Jones – Needs a run of games ASAP. If he doesn’t get that chance now that Bailly is out needs loaned out immediately to show what he can do – Loan (unless he performs a miracle over next 6 weeks)

5 Rojo – Never going to be world class. I’d prefer academy players like CBJ, Williams and Tuanzebe to provide backup to the first team – Sell

6 Pogba – When played to his strengths world class. We should play 4-3-3 to get the most out of him – Keep

7 Memphis – I’ve always likened him to Nani. Has all the natural talent but does he have the professionalism? Needs a run of games to show what he can do – Loan or Sell with Buy Back Clause

8 Mata – Great no. 10 but a bit of a luxury. Needs to be played with pacy players around him – Keep

9 Ibrahimovic – Good player but another season will only hold back the likes of Rashford and Martial – Sell

10 Rooney – Past his best. Doesn’t justify his high wages. Mata and Mkhitaryan are both better no.10’s – Sell

11 Martial – Struggling to live up to last year’s performances. Seems to be stifled a little by Mourinho. Potential to be a world class game changer – Keep

12 Smalling – Has massively improved in last 18 months – Keep

14 Lingard – Good homegrown squad player. – Keep

16 Carrick – We are a different team when he plays. Obviously his time is almost over but I’m happy to have him as long as he is fit – Keep

17 Blind – One of my favourite United players. Professional and very intelligent footballers. Would like to see him playing DM with Herrera and Pogba ahead – Keep

18 Young – Good pro. Can play anywhere you ask. We need better though – Sell

19 Rashford – Great young player. Needs more game time upfront though – Keep

20 Romero – Backup keepers are a difficult one – Keep

21 Herrera – Very good midfielder – Keep

22 Mkhitaryan – Looked world class last season. He’ll come good if given the chance – Keep

23 Shaw – Has the potential to be a world class LB. His professionalism has been questioned. I think he’ll prove the doubters wrong – Keep

24 Fosu-Mensah – Beast of a player. Gonna be great. – Keep

25 Valencia – Good pro and squad player – Keep

27 Fellaini – Not good enough United – Sell

28 Schneiderlin – Good (squad player) defensive mid. No better than McNair mind you – Sell if we get a decent offer

31 Schweinsteiger – Better than Fellaini but doesn’t have a chance under Mourinho – Sell

36 Darmian – Good defender. Potentially very good if he can settle. Hopefully he has the mentality to make that RB position his own – Keep

Borthwick Jackson- Not sure why he’s not getting much game time at Wolves. Was very impressed with him last season. Very good squad player – Keep

Pereira – Loads of potential – Keep

Januzaj- If he can’t force his way into a poor Sunderland team I don’t hold much hope for home – Sell with buy back clause


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